ADULT!!! ;)

1)Why do women not keep cellphones in their T-shirt pockets?
Ans : There is no range in the mountains.

2)Why do guy keep their cellphones in the pants?
Ans : There is always signal near towers.

3)In a lift, a man’s elbow touched a lady’s b*.
Man : If you heart is as soft as your b*, then you’d forgive me for that
Lady : If you d* is as hard as your elbow, then join me in Room #501.

4)Husband : If you cook well, we can fire the cook and save 300 bucks.
Wife : And if you fuck properly, we can fire and driver, gardener and watchman and save 15000 bucks.

5)A woman in a bar walks to the bartender and puts her finger in his mouth. The guy then kisses and licks each and every one of her fingers. Then she says, “Good. Now tell your manager there is no toilet paper…”

6)Teacher : What is common between Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi?
Student (after a lot of thought) : Nipples of both were sucked by Rajiv Gandhi.

7)Gynecology is the worlds only profession where you can ask a woman to take of her underwear, touch her b*, push your finger in and make her husband pay.

8)Mallkia Sherawat wanted to commit suicide. So she went to a railway track and lay down with her legs spread apart. Next days newspaper headline “Rajdhani Missing!!”

9)Guy takes his son to the doctor.
Guy : Doc my son has made all my female servants pregnant
Doc : How??
Guy : He made holes in all the condoms i wear.

10) An 85 year old lady wanted her gravestone to read “Born and died a virgin”. The sculptor shortened it to “Parcel returned unopened”

11) Monkeys and Girls both are the same : They fight only for banana’s.
Guys and rats are the same : They are always searching for holes.

12) Sexy tourist : I heard Mallus have the biggest d*, Bengali‘s are the best lovers and Sardars have the most stamina. Is that true?
Guide : Yes Ma’am my name is Ganguli Singh Nair

About Butt Chocolate

Perennially jobless. Eternally Vetti. Totally Awesome.

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