I cracked some koduram mokka about Kaushik, which is not even close to the “PJ level” Swarun operates on, let alone Niraj. So I was shocked when I got a reply from the very man himself, and our subsequent SMS conversation went thus :

Niraj : WORST FLO! Now I kno how vetti u r

Me : Freeya vidu maaps

Niraj : You and your cow mokka 😐 moo out da

Me : That’s all I do in moo-mbai da

Niraj : ayayo moosama podadhe da

Me : Moo-ve on with life da

Niraj : oho. apidiya. serra. your fav cricketer is moorali da

Niraj : Your fav politician is mooka stalin da

Niraj(blitz mode) : Favorite actor s roger moore da

Niraj : Fav juice is moosambi da

Me : stop this BULLSHIT da. i am mood out now

Niraj : heard of mooraji desai? he drank his own piss and called it shiva-moo

Me : Ayayoo *facepalm*

Niraj : of course, i dont like any other party except dravida moo-netra kazhagam

Niraj : Mookaalaa mookabulla laila ooh oh laila

Me : Dei, go and see some moovie da

Niraj : I have already seen everything da mootal

Me : Then go to kau’s house and eat moorsadham da.

Niraj : work out aala da. moove over da. i am undisputed king of mokkai da


Niraj : vidu vidu, it is all my moolai


Niraj : nalla illa da

Me : This goes on fb da

Niraj : dei, moodu da

Me : now definitely da…

And he stopped replying.

About Butt Chocolate

Perennially jobless. Eternally Vetti. Totally Awesome.

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