Right To Education : How good is it?

Wikipedia has a surprisingly small article on the RTE, and says that it was implemented on April 1st this year.
I’m going to ignore all the other provisions the RTE has, and focus on just 3 :

1) Every damned kid from 1st to 8th, cannot be expelled or detained. Even if they screw up continuously in academics, they HAVE to be promoted. Till 8th standard.
2) Private, unaided schools (such as my school), have to admit kids in 1st standard and provide them with a free and compulsory education till they finish elementary school. Not only that, but 25% of the seats have to be reserved for the “disadvantaged group, and weaker section”
3) The schools that don’t comply will be derecognized, and have to pay a fine of 10K/day, till they accept and implement these laws.

On one hand, I can be accused of being “jobless” or “elitist” or “just boring”, but its freaking disturbing to think that one day, my school will have a bunch of rowdies roaming around in the corridors just because the Government sees it fucking ok (un-Constitutionally) to impose their views on every school across India.

Cons :

If you can’t expel/detain a kid because he’s doing badly, you’re actually going against what the fucking act wants : Right to Education. If he’s doing badly, he is not getting educated. That’s simple enough (without having to consider “him” being some kind of mini-goonda.)

They want 25% of the seats to be reserved for poor people who are from the neighborhood of that school. Reservation? In schools now? Its a very well meaning act, but its started off on a stupid note. All the politicians want is “mass”. They honestly have no clue about the consequences this Act can have.

And punishing the schools? Seriously?

Hypothetical worst-case scenario situation
A kid and his friends beat up another kid for ratting them out to the teacher. So said teacher, reprimands the suspects. Then she gets paid a visit from the goonda brother of one of the suspects, and is threatened to fucking layoff. She is powerless, because she can’t expel them. This happens (apparently), more than frequently in Government schools, where the teachers are routinely threatened. If that starts happening in PSBB, then its time for some serious shit to go down.

Anyway, this Act is vague as to on what grounds you can expel/detain a student. All it says is you shouldn’t do it. Surely you can expel rowdy elements? Imagine girls in the so-called “elite schools” with rowdies who leer at them right in school. Or the same guys stealing/breaking stuff frequently. Or fight regularly. Or smoking and other “vices”. The list is endless. And I am not exaggerating when i say all this could happen. COULD.

It’s not like none of this has happened as yet in any school. It’s just that it will become worse. That’s something no one wants.

Pros :

None. I can see none, atleast. They have managed to earn the badwill of a lot of so called “elitist” institutions and people, me included. I believe the Government has implemented this law to cover up for its own failure as far as the Government schools go. Those schools have no teachers, no toilets, and are used as cattle sheds. Even in cities.
Because they don’t have the urge/means/interest to go behind facilities or teachers, they decide to target the people who already have said facilities/teachers : Private schools.

Its a fair law in idea, and over 135 countries have implemented it. But our implementation is different : We have left the fate of kids in the hands of the Government, not in that of the parents. That is one fucked up flaw. It’s no secret as to what the Government wants. I honestly don’t see this being all that positive.


It’s not like schools don’t have bad elements. Our school had some. But going from “bad” elements to “worst” elements is no improvement.
Think about the numerous “non-disadvantaged, non-weak” section(The fucking Middle Class) families, who want their kids to get the best education, but have to compete with some stupid Law which enables people who MAY NOT deserve it, to study just for free. And other families like them. And the rich people.

I don’t care how elitist or whatever, this sounds. This Act needs to be repealed, and a better Act put in place. I’ve been in my school from ’94 all the way to ’09. I cannot imagine the school’s quality going down due to this. Maybe it won’t, maybe it will. All I’m sure about is that no-one cares.

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