The Curious Case Of Binayak Sen

Dr. Binayak Sen. Who has heard of him? His story is so utterly ridiculous and pathetic that it makes you wonder if good people can exist in today’s world at all.
A little background on the man. He is a doctor, who specializes in treating TB. He gave up his life for serving the people in villages across India, especially those denied basic services. Unfortunately, those very people he is trying to help also happen to live in Maoist infested areas.
His story brings out the worst in today’s Indian society : vengeance, contrivance, corruption, disregard for laws, misuse of laws et al. The laws of the land have been turned around on their heads and have been used and misused to prosecute this man, who happens to be nothing but a civil rights activist, by the right wing Chattisgarh Government.

The Government of Chattisgarh used a draconian British era law of “sedition” to prosecute and throw him in jail.
His crime?
He was accused of being a courier for the Maoists, but we all know what that means. He was belittling the Government by helping out the villagers in Maoist infested areas.

How dare he help them?
The judgment made two things absolutely clear :
1) Given the repeated delays in the trail, its validity and legality are questionable. The judgment itself is based on exceptionally dubious evidence, leading one to believe the Judiciary of India is not as honest as it claims to be. Due process of the law MY ASS because, clearly, the laws have been violated by the Goverment of India and Chattisgarh, and therefore the judgment is a mockery of the Constitution of India. You cannot misuse laws to your likes.
2) It ignored the legal protocol for convicting people and went against international protocol as well, making it somewhat clear that the Chattisgarh Government is just interested in getting rid of him and also scaring away people like him. How else do you explain the numerous appeals that have been turned down? Who examined the case? This is almost unreal, almost movielike. But it’s true. Unfortunately.

So why was he arrested?

He was exposing a dangerous collusion between State and corporations and their unrestrained near-civil war situation with the Maoists. The villagers are caught helplessly inbetween. The Villagers have formed a small army of their own, called the Salva Judum. The Maoists and other Communists in the area are claiming the Salva Judum is actually funded for by the Government(making it State sponsored), and also armed by the Government, both Central and State. Also, apparently, the Corporations are funding them too. They are also alleged to have recruited mercenaries to fight against the Maoists.
The Government claims that the Salva Judum is JUST the villages fighting back after growing some balls. I do not think that could be true.

The villagers’ lives are pathetic as it is. These are THE MOST unrepresented people in India. They have been left out of the much praised 8% growth rate that is there for everyone to see, in cities like Mumbai and even Ranchi. Now, its just becoming worse with this alleged tussle between the Government and corporations on one side, and the Maoists on the other.
So what is it that the corporations want so much with the heartland in India? Rich, mineral ores.
Chattisgarh is literally the mineral hotbed in India. It has voluminous quantities of essential ores, like iron and coal and bauxite. The money the corporations stand to make from mining the hell out of Chattisgarh is just HUGE.

It makes one think.

Sedition, anyway, has no place in today’s society. What Sen was doing was absolutely and Constitutionally legal. He was not “waging war against the State” or “trying to overthrow it”. He is just being a whistle-blower. Because of his stature, it is nearly impossible to “finish him off” as has happened to many whistle-blowers before him. But if they become desperate, they will do that too. Money rules the evil mind. By serving the villagers and helping or attempting to expose a possible dangerous nexus, he was being patriotic and not seditious.

Of course, all the laws are there for the idiots with power to misuse. The term “accountability” just does NOT exist in their dictionary. They are accountable to no one except their senior party members.

India is fast becoming a kleptocratic republic, where the State and other powerful institutions are breaking the very laws they are expected to uphold because of the lack of fear of punishment, because of the absence of sense of accountability.
They control everything : the bureaucracy, the police, the legislature, the judiciary, the executive, and possibly the army as well. It is just a scary, scary situation here. Binayak Sen is its most prominent victim. Countless, faceless others have died doing “what is right” because “right” is “wrong” in todays India. This is a truly alarming situation.
Also, it is amazing, stunning, even spectacularly astonishing as to how the usually frothing-in-their-mouths media has conveniently failed to report anything on this issue. It’s like they don’t care, which leads me to think even the media is in collusion with the fucking idiots in power. It is just so, so surprising.

Dr. Binayak Sen is currently under trial.

This situation can be poignantly summed up by saying thus :
Mandela was jailed by racists, Suu Kyi was jailed by dictators, Sen was jailed by the worlds largest democracy.

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  1. Binayak Sen is a paediatrician from the Christian Medical College, Vellore, and not “a doctor, who specializes in treating TB”.

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