View/Counterview : Libya

So, the US and its coalition have decided to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, because that crazy bastard Gadaffi is attacking his own people with his air force and shooting them down with tanks. But should they do it? Is it justified? Decide.


Muammar Gadaffi has been in power for as long as anyone can remember. He grabbed power by overthrowing the Libyan Government in 1969, and has stayed in power since. He was widely hated in the late 80’s because of the role of Libyan terrorists in the downing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in Ireland, which killed about 300 people on the ground and from the plane. In 2003, Libya finally said “yeah, Libyans did it” but did not accept guilt for it.

He was also crazy enough to try and procure nuclear weapons, with some nice help from Pakistani scientist A.Q.Khan, North Korea and China, but backed off after the 2003 War on Iraq.

He has always been viewed as a despot who is desperate to cling on to power, at whatever cost.After the “Jasmine Revolution” was triggered off by a man burning himself in Tunisia, and the subsequent collapse of Egypt, it was only a matter of time before it reached Libya itself, and Gadaffi knew this all too well.

He is also aware that he has never been in the “good books” of the West, continuously irritating the United States, the UK and France. He is known for his political repression, making Libya one of the most heavily censored States in the World, on par with North Korea and China.

An example of his utter craziness is when his agents killed a British policewoman and 10 other people who were protesting his rule, in London.

The world must be rid of men like him, because dictatorships and totalitarianism is passe. It’s “so yesterday”. Everyone in the world is entitled to free speech and freedom to legally do whatever they want.

He lost all credibility and respect after using his airforce against the common, unarmed man protesting against him. In contrast, its like the IAF’s Sukhois attacking people protesting near Rajghat in Delhi. Its a crime, its horrific, and its wrong. This man has to go.

Also, the foreign forces are not launching a ground assault, but just enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya, where they will shoot down Libyan jets. Also, any sign of Libyan aggression towards its own people will be eliminated.

The only way this is wrong, is the timing. This should have been done a fortnight ago. Innumerable innocent lives have been lost in the meanwhile because of NATO’s and UN’s hesitation toward doing this very thing.


Muammar Gadaffi is a dictator much like Kim Jong-il of North Korea, who has been in power for a similar time period. North Korea was ruined when the Soviet Union collapsed and Kim Jong-il has done literally everything in the “Dictatorship for Dummies” book, if it exists, to stay in power. He has oppressed his people, he has massacred them, he has been the King of Propaganda and he has even kidnapped Americans and Japanese to spread his propaganda and the fact that he would not like to be messed with.

Many parallels can be drawn between Libya, Myanmar and North Korea. The ultimate fact of the matter is, however, it is NOT in the US’ or NATO’s geopolitical interest to intervene in either Myanmar or North Korea.

They won’t militarily intervene in Myanmar because of it’s historically close ties with China(the new badboy in the world). Also, experience in Vietnam keeps them away from Myanmar, which is heavily forested and tropical. They just wont do it. If they do, they risk jeopardizing their respective economic and political relationships with China. It must be noted that Myanmar supplies huge amounts of natural gas to China.

Similarly, they will not attack North Korea because North Korea has nukes, or is claiming that it does. That is exactly why even South Korea is hesitant to retaliate towards the North, even when the North torpedoes and sinks it boats and kills sailors. That is why it wont retaliate even when the North shoots soldiers from across the DMZ. That is why the US, despite its huge military presence in the area, with over 100 bases in Japan and South Korea, just wont attack North Korea.

North Korea is worse off than Libya. Its people do not get any food whatsoever. It has a continuously aggressive stance towards the world, having one of the largest standing armies with over 3 million soldiers. It has repeated famines while Kim Jong-il wastes whatever little money they get via aid on himself, his party and his nuclear program. The US will simply not attack North Korea because they have the risk of “dirty” nuclear bombs being thrown at them.

So why Libya? Libya is significantly better. The man is a despot, but compared to other regimes(even Zimbabwe), he is relatively better. The reason why NATO and the UN are acting, is because of a sense of pressure on them.

Basically, the US claims to be the protector of democratic values, but has not acted on any “non-democratic” rulers anywhere in the world unless it went against their interests.

Egypts Hosni Mubarak, was a staunch US ally and the only Arabian leader to have diplomatic relations with Israel. Two reasons why the US did not attack Egypt. Egypt also controls the Suez Canal. Any armed resolution could have had the same results as seen in Iraq, which is not desirable, considering Egypt’s location. Yet, Mubarak was not even kind of democratic, and enjoyed American patronage.

That’s the same reason why the US and NATO kept quiet for so long. Now they have been forced into action in Libya. They must not forget that they are infringing on a nations sovereignty by enforcing a no-fly rule over Libya. Its simply not allowed. This is why Russia and China abstained from the UN Resolution a couple of days back. Also, if they’re so bothered about democracy, then what about Myanmar, Zimbabwe and North Korea? What about China?

This is clear hypocrisy, and is morally wrong. They must stop all action and wait for the issue to get solved on its own. Or if they do something, they should do it fully and remove the North Korean, Burmese and Zimbabwean regimes too.

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