Bigotry in the Earth’s butt

The earths butt.

I wonder where THAT is.

It’ll probably in the bottom of the earth..somewhere down under. But the Earth is a sphe…..DOWN UNDER?!?! YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT AUSTRALIA?!

Butt jokes can begin now


So. Australia. The land so selected, so chosen, that criminals don’t escape via water. Its a freaking island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The land so selected, so chosen, that criminals don’t escape inland because of the curious and astonishing assortment of evil, dangerous critters : scorpions, spiders, snakes, fucking kangaroos, evil koalas, spontaneously self-burning trees.

The land so selected, so chosen, that no one can survive there. It has a horridly hot climate. It has a desert smack right in the middle of it. Little to no water.

So. What is with these attacks on Indians?

Aussies are very patriotic by nature. See the thing is, they don’t quite have anything to be arrogantly patriotic about. The French do. They have a culture and flaunt it. Ditto with most European countries. China does, more than any other country. Japan too. But not Australia. Nope. They were created as a state for, by and of the prisoners and thieves. And by thieves I mean the fucking British.

Ashamed of their history and their subsequent sucking up to the Crown and the head it rests on(Queen, King whatever), they decided the only thing they can do to be patriotic is bring out the one single thing that unifies them : their whiteness, and beat the crap out of every non-white person there.

They are continuously in denial of their history. They have to be. I would be, if fucking Alexander sent his prisoners to mate and reproduce here in India. AND if I was a descendant of afore-mentioned prisoners. I would walk around with a bag on my face all the time, except while meeting my fellow prisoner-descendant “homies”.

Anyway their patriotism douchebaggery involves “curry bashing” and “beating up those fucking stinking slave boys curry munching Indians” and “eliminating those slumdog slaves”. Really I swear to God…these are all the things people (Note : Aussies) have said to me on relevant YouTube videos while India bashing. I call what I do trolling. They call it being patriotic. Whatever, losers.

And if you want to see it for yourselves, just YouTube search any cricket video involving India and Australia, or any news report at all involving attacks on Indian students. Then you’ll see.

5 Things to Note Here :

1) I am definitely not blaming the whites alone for this. Whites also, but not just the whites. ANYONE who denies this is a fucking bigot living in denial as well. The whites are fucking responsible for this mess. Freaks.

2) I am also blaming the freaking middle-east trash from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and all other generic Muslim countries who also do this, for the LULZ. Seriously. They look somewhat white. They are presumably bored, drunk out of their ass (Also note : Alcohol banned in Islam) and jealous. So, lets beat up some Indians.

3) I am also blaming the Indians for not integrating properly into Aussie society. If they stayed 4 people a room, were a little less conspicuous, and made some local friends, things would be cool. What Indians do is just randomly walk into a country, stay with Indians, leave with Indians. Be Romans in Rome, people.

4) I am also noting that Australian society isn’t entirely white. The Aussies will acknowledge that as far as the Aborigines go, but not anyone else. They are still in denial. Man those crazy nuts have SO MANY ISSUES to deal with.

5) And this leads us to the final point. The exact same thing happening to Indians now, in Buttland, happened in the 80’s in Post-Racist USA. In New Jersey, a group of people called the “Dot-busters” started attacking Indians there(because Indian women wear “dots” on their heads). I don’t think Indians wimped out of there. We just continued going in the droves to the US. Now we are the richest immigrant group to the US and the second richest after the whites. We are the most qualified, the ones with the most Ph.D’s(more than those Chinese bitches) and so on.

It’s not something that makes me so proud that I feel India is the best(It definitely is not even close to being the best) but my personal feeling is, Indians should continue going to Australia. Study, work part-time, whatever and succeed and then show those ignorant bigots with their beer-bellies who’s boss. It’s happened before. It can happen again.

Another reason why Indians are so particularly hated upon in the “First World Countries” is basic. They don’t have fucking jobs. We have jobs. Their jobs. In their country. For lesser pay. And more time.

OR their jobs. In our country. For even lesser pay. And even more time.

SO. They naturally hate us. I’d hate the day when fucking Filipinos take over whatever we’re doing. But I won’t attack them, rape them, beat them up in trains with gangs of people, knife them, and in general behave like an asshole. I’d just really hate them, but I’d stay in my limits.

When these guys crossed their limits, they asked us to “bring it” and if I were “Indian Students Going to Australia”, I would keep going to Australia. They asked for it, right?

I think we should keep “butt-ing” into their fucking desert-shit country and taking away all their jobs.

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  1. Amen* nevertheless. 🙂

  2. Why go to any other country at all.
    Why not just stay here.
    Its hard but if enough of us make an effort change can be brought about pretty quickly.

  3. My uncle lives in Melbourne. He doesn’t have any problem with any natives over there. That’s probably ’cause he followed point number 3 to the letter. As you said, alienating yourself from the natives is sure to piss them off. Add to that an inferiority complex and an ‘I’m white, you’re shite’ complex and things can only get bad. For us.

    • wisetongue19

      yeah if i saw a group of chinese guys just walking around talking in chinese eating chinese food and generally staying chinese and aloof, in mumbai, where i live, id surely get pissed. indians are collectively stupid, but harmless. emphasis on the word stupid.

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