Finger to you, Australia

Before this article gets underway, let me make absolutely clear that I detest Australians in any form, shape, country, gender, color, type…etc. I really do not like them. They are racist, they have a huge superiority complex and they’re dumb. Purely stupid. Such pure stupidity can only be found in Australia.

Considering my hatred towards Australians, I was jubilant when India defeated the Windies to face Australia in the Q/F.

So when India finally did play against Australia on 24th March, 2011, I was just waiting for Sachin and Dhoni to start hammering them like they did against RSA. That was a monumentally incredible match, where South Africa were annihilated and blown away by Sachin’s mind-blowing 200.

I just wanted something similar to happen, to put Ponting and his smug little players and smug little racist fans in their place.

Unfortunately, things did not go as I had planned. Australia won the toss, which was not good, and though wickets fell at mostly regular intervals, they did not seem to even bother about the Indian bowling attack. I lamented the total absence of any bowler who can hurl a ball at a batsman and sledge him afterwards, in the Indian team. We were not causing ANY problems what-so-ever for the Aussies.

We let them put up 260 on the board, completely unacceptable considering how this is probably India’s best team ever, save Munaf Patel and Piyush Chawla.

Suddenly, I was tensed. WHAT IF 260 was too much to surmount? WHAT IF we had another batting collapse like two previous times? Knowing India, which made such a big deal out of a small target vs Ireland, let England tie with it, let Bangladesh come really close to its target and finally lost to South Africa, I was beginning to have second thoughts. Maybe this could go horribly wrong. Maybe Sachin will have to retire without the World Cup in his illustrious kitty of awards.

The initial overs gave me some hope. Sehwag was fluid as ever, and Sachin was Sachin, the Master who seriously just seems to be getting better everyday. When he was given out in a suspicious manner, I nearly lost hope. Kohli joined Gambhir until both of them fell aswell and were joined subsequently by the quite-out of form Captain.

By now, I had exactly zero nails in my fingers. Another collapse? Was it possible? The target always looked very much in reach : so many runs to get of so many balls. It was possible. But what IF we collapsed?

Unusually, Yuvraj steadied the innings, probably for the fourth time in a row. This contrasts the Yuvraj of before, who was a swashbuckling, ball-smashing, rash middle-order batsman. The fact is, he has settled down nicely into the role he is playing and he is doing it awesomely. He swatted the ball around occasionally with the severity and confidence of a man who is out to prove his critics wrong.

When Raina joined him, my initial apprehensions about Raina’s inability to face short balls vanished, and I was suddenly feeling more confident, yet not that confident.

I’m not sure if you get what I mean.

Let me put it this way. India needed so many runs of a lot more balls. But WHAT IF, WHAT IF we lost a wicket then? WHAT IF Raina or Yuvraj fell? Maybe then it may not have been such a piece of cake. Crossing my fingers, I just prayed to heaven, hell and everything inbetween that both batsmen stay at the crease.

When Raina smashed Lee for a six, I knew the Aussies’ time was up. They put on their best game face, but it’s not hard to see through that. Of course they were going to lose. When it got to 4 runs required of 3 overs, I was extremely happy.

That actually sums it up. I was just happy. I was happy those morons had been defeated. I was happy India had won with time to spare. I was happy that that stupid arrogant Ricky Ponting reacted the way he did. He had it coming. I was happy, because when Tait sledged even Tendulkar, I was seething. I wanted to see them go DOWN. Which they did.

Tendulkar was already playing like a madman when Tait was just a fucking kid. You do NOT sledge players of that class and quality. What a FUCKING loser. He is SO much more senior to Tait, and still got sledged. Not that Tendulkar cared. But that’s not something you do.

That’s something the Aussies got to learn. Humility. And yesterday, they got served an extra-large portion of humble pie by the Indians. I care not about the Aussies’ record. I just don’t. They’re arrogant, therefore must go down. And they went down.

That’s why I was happy. That the worst boys in cricket, the Aussies, lost. No more smug faces. No more smug fans.

And apparently, I was not the only one with that feeling. After Yuvraj smashed the winning four, I heard metal utensils being banged from houses around me.

People were screaming and yelling and hooting. Guys were going around on bikes, screaming and yelling and hooting. Crackers were being burst.

Even the security guard in my building, who was listening on the radio, whacked his metal baton really hard on the ground, making a loud clang.

You would think India had won the World Cup already (and the good ICC Cricket World Cup page on Wikipedia confirms it :P), but no. India had defeated its new nemesis in cricket. The Aussies.

Revenge is so, so sweet, especially when served with knockout punch.

I am still happy.

This was the collective finger of all Indian fans to Australia, saying in no uncertain terms : take us seriously and respect us or just fuck off.

Next up : Pakistan. Bring it, dudes.

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