Ok first a little background on what I’m going to rant about here. Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan, in the United States. It is the HQ to GM, Ford and Chrysler : The Big Three American car makers.

It is also the bastion of the Democratic party. It is also home to UAW, or United Auto Workers. They are the Union for most employees in Detroit. Because of their strength, they’ve been able to get a LOT of benefits from their employers and the Government of USA alike. A lot.

Cutting to the chase, the Democratic party is unable to put Detroits economy back on track because of this Union. You see, they have been in power because the people who voted for them were also in the UAW. If they try shit now, they’ll not get votes. So, for the sake of votes, they’re letting the Union squeeze the car companies dry. The car companies, are being squeezed so dry, they don’t have money for R&D, to develop better cars. So they build the same crap. They lay off people. They sell whatever cars they make.

The situation is so bad, what was a city of 1.2 million people at its peak(the Metro area alone), has reduced dramatically and Detroit is a shadow’s shadow of what it was. Seriously, people are actually leaving. It’s a horrible, horrible situation there. Imagine if that happened to Chennai, a so-called “Detroit” of south Asia.

SO why the FUCK should you know this? Let the Americans deal with their own issues, right?

Let me recap :

1) Boomtime

2) Union formed

3) No more boomtime

4) Government fails to act because of the power of Unions. Massive votebank right there.

Where have we heard that before?


In a country where civil servants give a fuck about losing their jobs (they can’t, its prohibited), and where they must be paid “extra” to DO their job (also known as bribe), we can only wonder what will happen once “boomtime” ends for India as well. It has happened for every other country, bar none.

Literally every country has gone up, and gone down. India will also “go down”, because this hopeless messy mixture of capitalism and socialism is FAIL.

India may become many multiple Detroits. Seriously, to see how bad Detroit is, just Google some images of it. It’s hair raising. Every American city has a CBD, or Central Business District. This is also known as “Downtown”. In Detroits Downtown area, of the 22 tall skyscrapers, 15 are unoccupied. THATS how bad it is.

This can obviously be attributed to the mass politics and socialist tendencies of the Democratic party, who are completely inactive on the whole issue. Something much similar but on a larger scale is being played out in India. With the government succumbing to just worrying about the downtrodden workers (which is what socialism is all about, I guess) and forgetting about being a “Welfare State” (which is not defined in the Indian Constitution, probably), they will ironically be controlled by the power of the people, because people = votes.

When and if the economy collapses, this won’t change. They will still be controlled by the same people because those people would not have lost their jobs because they CANT lose their jobs because they’re government employees. The Unions will squeeze everything from the Government, and the Government will give everything to the Unions and essentially it’ll be another Detroit.

I’m not saying I’m a professed expert in economics or anything, but if you Google around a bit and learn a little history about Indian politics and economics, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I’m not even trying to sound ominous here. I’m just predicting the ultimate and inevitable downfall of our current fucked up policymakers.

To me this sounds and looks very logical. Think about it.

Why are employees in factories so carefree? Why is Air India failing? Why is any Government job not preferred at the IIMs, even though PSUs go there? Why?

This is because of the impression that the government employees have given us : They SUCK, and they don’t care about it. Nothing can be done about it. They won’t be dismissed for any wrongdoing or ineffectiveness. Maximum they’ll be reprimanded or suspended. It happens all the time.

There’s just nothing more really to say about this, except “wait and watch”. I’m pretty much guaranteeing that this will happen. It’s a very similar situation. The trend of giving up good policies to mass politics is going to continue. India will probably crumble under its own stupid corrupt weight.

Communism and socialism are passe. They should really really not be there. Not now. Not in India.

I understand very rudimentary Indian politics and economics, but even I can see that India has quite a lot of people who don’t even get to eat. Instead of trying to actually bring those people to a decent level and standard of living, all politicians care about are votes. And I’m not trying to be an idealist here.

As far as the corporates go, they want money. Their main aim is money. They love the “ka-ching ka-ching’ sound. If an employee is detrimental to their search for money, that employee will be laid off. Productivity is the key word for corporates, no matter how much they claim otherwise. More productivity = more money. That’s why corporates mostly don’t encourage Unions. That is a waste of productivity. I’m not asking India to ‘corporatize’ (HELL NO).


More to come on my rather fiery views on Indian politics. Check out the article on Binayak Sen too.

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