Bored? I recommend 11 badass movies.

So it’s holiday time for most people. For the other poor bastards who have exams, keep studying “HAW HAW HAW”.

For those who don’t have exams and are bored to levels approaching 100 on the Epic Boredom Scale, I have compiled a list of THE MOST BADASS movies over the past decade, which you may want to see again or see for the first time.


Stars : Liam Neeson

IMDB rating : 7.9/10

The daughter of an ex-CIA agent is kidnapped by a human-trafficking ring when she goes to Paris with her friend. The ex-CIA agent talks to the kidnapper who challenges him to hunt him down. This forms the exciting and bullet filled basis for the storyline.

The Boondock Saints(1999)

Stars : William Dafoe

IMDB Rating : 7.8/10

A couple of Irish brothers kill some Mafia thugs. After being hailed as heroes and released when they turned themselves in, they consider it their God-given duty to finish off all Mafia gang members one by one. The detective on the tail of the killings does nothing to stop them, as he wants the same thing himself.

The Transporter(2002)

Stars : Jason Sthatham

IMDB Rating : 6.6/10

Jason Sthatham stars as an ex-Special Forces who becomes a transporter with 3 basic rules

  • Never change the deal
  • Never ask who he’s working for
  • Never look at whatever he is transporting

However, on one particular operation, he notices his “good” moving and investigates to find a gagged woman. What follows makes up the rest of the movie.


Stars : Mark Walhberg

IMDB Rating : 7.1/10

Mark Walhberg is a exceptional sniper, and a loner living in the Rockies, USA. He is approached for help by a serving member of the United States Army to find a way to prevent the impending assassination of the President.


Stars : Brad Pitt, Jason Sthatham

IMDB Rating : 8.3/10

A Guy Ritchie classic. This involves multiple parallel storylines, including a bunch of ruffian gypsies, the mafia that controls underground illegal boxing, a bunch of crooks trying to make money, Jews trying to steal diamonds and a dog. I can’t possibly explain what happens, just that you should check it out yourself.

Oh, and if you do, please watch with subtitles…

Ong Bak(2003)

Stars : Phanom Yeeram

IMDB Rating :7.2/10

Basically, a statue is stolen and the star is sent to find the guy who stole it. He uses his stunning muay thai skills and beats the bejesus out of his enemies. If you want some raw, mindless action, then this is it.

Shoot Em Up(2007)

Stars : Clive Owen

IMDB Rating : 6.9/10

A guy at a bus rescues a pregnant woman being chased by a gang shooting at her. Why they want the baby that is calmed by heavy metal music is the entire story. It’s interesting, its bullets and its Clive Owen. Win.

The Departed(2006)

Stars : Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson

IMDB Rating : 8.5/10

One word : rats. Mix the Irish mafia and the Boston City Police Department with rats, and you have a very bloody and shocking movie. Exceptional movie, at that.

The Bourne Trilogy(Various years)

Stars : Matt Damon

IMDB Rating : 23/30

Mindless, raw action. The best ever, especially the Bourne Ultimatun. Matt Damon is AWESOME as Jason Bourne, the man without an identity and the trilogy goes through how he finds out who did what to him and why. You are utterly useless if you do not watch the trilogy.

The Fight Club(1999)

Stars : Brad Pitt, Edward Norton

IMDB Rating : 8.8/10

Mind-blowing movie. When a guy who can’t sleep gets together with a suave and smooth talking salesman and starts “Fight Club”, things are not really what they seem to be.

Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels(1998)

Stars : Jason Sthatham, Vinnie Jones

IMDB Rating : 8.2/10

Another Guy Ritchie classic. Another movie with parallel story-lines and dark humor. Just watch it to see what I mean. I don’t need to remind you about the subtitles thing right?

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