A very angry post : I don’t care if you don’t read

As the title suggests, this is a very VERY angry post written by me when I am VERY disgusted with the state of affairs in India. I was born here and I am DISGUSTED to be its citizen. This comes just 3 days after we won the Cricket World Cup and I was the proudest Indian there was. Fuck that shit, I’ll get straight to the point.

Anna Hazare is a 73 year old crusader who helped develop a village in Maharashtra called Ralegan Siddhi, establishing it as a model village (source : Wikipedia), for which he was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the GoI in 1992.

He’s been making the news lately because he has undertaken a fast unto death to make sure a proper anti-corruption mechanism falls into place in India, as opposed to the one the Government wants. I’ll just cut to the chase here.

By Government, I mean the Congress and their DIRTY DIRTY SOILED HANDS : 2G, Aadarsh, Commonwealth Games, cash-for-votes, food-scam in Bihar etc. They have LITERALLY robbed India of money. Literally.

And they’re sitting pretty because of the absence of any law, or procedure that can throw their sorry asses in jail. It’s our money you bastards!!


I HATE smug bastards, and I hate the Congress and every other vile being that calls itself a politician just as much as I hate the Australians. Arrogance will be your downfall you dirtbags!!

The CBI, you say. Well the CBI needs approval from the Government for every single thing they do. It’s a fact. CBI bosses have been trying to get this changed right from the 70’s. They get stonewalled whatever they try to do, wherever it is that they try to do. For example, the CBI needs approval from the TN Government headed by that fucking old relic called “Karunanidhi”, to investigate Raja. If this was a smaller scam (Note : 2G IS NOT SMALL), they would have probably blocked the investigation. They can’t block it due to its scale and enormity. So, Karunanidhi is busy being an asswipe about it. He knows hes going down.

Similarly the Enforcement Directorate also needs powers. They cannot PROSECUTE anyone. They can investigate, but with “prior permission”. They can do little to less afterwards.

The rest is upto the police (The criminals will be bailed out in no time) or the judiciary (The judicial process will take its own sweet time. Remember Bofors or Bhopal?).

The CAG is an advisory board that investigates the accounts of the Government and releases its info. The Government gives a fuck about advisory boards, which is what they’re trying to make the Lokpal into.

What’s the Lokpal?

Well the Lokpal is what is going to be formed if the Lokpal bill is passed into an Act. According to Wikipedia, it will be an independent body like the Election Commission that can prosecute the fucking life out of politicians and throw them in jail. Without Governmental interference or approval. They can do it. Just like that. Legally within Constitutional bounds of course, but this is a step forward.

Ideally speaking.

OF course, those assholes that form the Congress want to make this into an Advisory board, without police powers or prosecuting powers, with a mild punishment IF AT ALL ANY CONVICTION OCCURS, and no direct action. It can only investigate on the orders of the LS Speaker or the RS Chairman(who is also the VP of India).

Also, it has not been passed for FORTY TWO years. People have tried and failed. The Government is desperate to protect itself, man.

See, the Government is notorious for doing this, atleast within the circles of those who know whatever is happening. The police are not central. The CBI has no power. The NIA is the only thing with any kind of power and they can only investigate terrorism and nothing else. The FUCKING IDIOTS in power right from day one have done everything to protect themselves. The law is created for protection of the asshole in power and not the common man. That’s how it is. You can’t deny it. Tell me ONE BIG NAME that has rolled TILL NOW, after all these scams? (Rolled = sitting in jail). Go.


I thought so.

And that’s why bureaucracy in India is so bad : because there is no accountability. They give a fuck because they know nothing can happen to them. They’re trying to get this Act passed the way I’ve underlined it, because they’re desperate to protect their thieving asses.

And that’s what Anna Hazare is trying to change. If he was younger and a little angrier, he’d probably give them the finger and say, “Fuck you, you fucking idiots. Give me what I want or GTFO”. Unfortunately, he is in no position to do that. He is a Gandhian. He is fasting to death because that’s what he can do.

India is beginning to take note only because of his stature plus the hype the media is playing into this. Otherwise, people would give a fuck right?

Here is some nice food for thought for all of you who think we can’t do ANY THING : India has lost $1 trillion. In absolute figures : $1,000,000,000,000. From 1947. To corruption and stashing money away abroad. Those sniveling assholes.

Do you know how much that is? It’s our entire GDP per capita. So if we got back all that money (which is what Anna Hazare hopes the Bill will do when enacted), we have 2 times our GDP, out of the blue.

I don’t really know what to say.

Oh wait, I do.

So he is fasting unto death and as I look around, I don’t see people bothered. Right? You’re reactions are all “WTF can we do dude?” or “I don’t want trouble” or “Nothing can happen” or “How is one person going to change anything?” or “Be real…what do you know about this”


Every Indian is an asshole because he doesn’t care about anything but himself. Here is an 73 year old man, who will probably die of natural causes in the next decade (God bless him), who is fasting to see his country improve. He is SEVENTY THREE. Why the fuck should he fast? Why should he even care? Why can’t he just sit at home and watch T.V, read newspapers and sleep? Why is he doing this? This is toward the twilight of his life, remember. HE is not 50. He is 73.

Why can’t we care? Why can’t we throw the ABOMINATION that is the Congress OUT… why can’t we CHANGE THE SYSTEM? Why do you want to pay a bribe to every cop who catches you illegally? Why should you pay a bribe to the driving school official to make him DO HIS JOB? Why?

If people are happy and satisfied with this, India is doomed. Like, bigtime. If they are happy getting their food and TV and car and electricity, then we are THE MOST SELFISH civilization on Earth.

Do you know why the Government is being SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE? Because people who matter (YOU) don’t bother. You just don’t fucking care. I don’t know shit about what’s happening, atleast my blood is boiling and yes, you’re right, one person can’t do shit. If people cared, maybe something could happen.

People have NOT bothered for a long time. People will continue to NOT bother.

That’s why the fucking cops can get away with “encounter killings” and utter brutality in jails. That’s why every fucking civil servant will continue to be slow and apathetic and stuffing their faces with food till we give them extra money to their job properly. That’s what Anna Hazare is unable to tolerate. He’s attacking corruption at the top level, so that the bottom level idiots also GET IT IN THEIR HEAD that they are accountable and their asses are on the line.

Because when you complain against an erring government official, what do you think happens to him? Nothing. He may get suspended, but not fired. But that’s probably it.

Anna Hazare is trying to bring accountability into the Indian system, and the bloody Congress is trying to stonewall him.

Manish Tewary, the GENIUS spokesperson for the Congress, says, “He is an RSS agent”

WTF dude, seriously? GET FUCKING REAL!! On the televised debates at 9pm daily, when Manish Tewary appeared, he used to accuse the BJP of being just as corrupt in the Yedurappa case and the Manish Koda scam. When the BJP was clamoring for a Joint Parliamentary Comission, this is what he said.

“You’re just as corrupt, so fuck you” I have paraphrased it, obviously.

And about Kiran Bedi, he has this to say : “She is searching for an identity after retirement.” Kiran Bedi is supporting Anna Hazare. She is the first female commissioner of Delhi till she was forced out of her job by the corrupt neta’s. She was also honest, by the way.

This shows you the mindset of the Congress. They’re archaic, unaware that they do not have dominance over India like the 60’s and 50’s, and they’re arrogant. Makings of a collapse.

And I’m not absolving any other party or person of any crimes. They’re all assholes. First class, first level, with distinction, they get the certificate of “asshole” from me.

PS : Oh, and an Egypt type revolution can never occur in India. India is just a politically defined state, but not a nation. There’s no sense of nationhood where it matters. No one cares. Our levels of apathy are too high for nationhood, as are the differences. It’s too diverse and different to be a nation. It can be a country with people living in it and electing their own officials. All well and good. “Nation” is a more abstract and philosophical concept and that does not exist in India.

PPS : The most I can do is ramble. Probably you read this, probably you did not, probably you laughed at this. You know what I want to do? Leave. For my own peace of mind. I’ll keep trying to do that until I succeed.

Some useful links:

Anna Hazares letter to the PM : http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/anna-hazares-5-point-letter-to-pm-96844

Anna Hazare : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Hazare

The Jan Lokpal Bill : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Lokpal_Bill

And to read my views on the government AFTER I finished hyperventilating and hulking out, check out https://badabingbadabambadaboom.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/5-reasons-why-indian-politicians-are-babies/click to like our page

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  1. Arvindh Santhosh

    people..pls realize that all d governments formed till now have been corrupt…if good governments were formed..they had been dissolved in a few months by corrupt forces..the only chance for India to revive from such a bad situ.. is to have a government with out cong n bjp..a govt led by left parties.. a communist govt..wich is strict n severely condemns corruption n having property which is more than required.. does Ambani need a 23 floor skyscrapper to live???


    Who the Bloody hell is exempted frm tax..not the poor who earn very little..its d big business men n stars who have more money than required…



    The YOUTH of India can and must change its fate..

    • wisetongue19

      are you absolutely mad? do you know what the communists did in west bengal? nothing except beat up all opposition for 34 years. even the people of west bengal believed what you said right there and voted them into power post-emergency. then it was downhill. do you know why west bengal is crumbling? because of the communists. please check ur facts : communism = authoritarianism. look at china. no freedoms. so please, i enjoy my democracy and FUCK COMMUNISM.

    • wisetongue19

      and im also guessing ur very immature. communism = irrelevant in todays world. only on paper is everyone supposed to be equal. but some people will be “more equal” than others in real life.

  2. According to the Indian constitution, it is mandatory to have an option saying “No Candidate is Fit”.. you guys might be voting this year. I have never got the opportunity so i don’t know. But as far as my parents, grandparents, relatives etc remember, There is no such option available to choose.
    the poor people living around have been paid 10,000 rupees to vote for DMK. they are so stupid that they will fall for for even just 100 bucks and a bottle of “Foreign Sarakku”.
    We see so many useless subways and flyovers coming up. The one over north usman road is hardly used!! there is this subway that they are building on my road, a few yards away. Its been 5 years since they started it but they haven’t even finished digging. There is a gonna be a subway and they have just finished building a flyover directly over the subway..stupid idea..both lead to the same place almost.. And of course the metro rail thing..its been blocking traffic..and thats all..why not they make roadways more efficient?? why so many projects just like that?!! Now here is the reason..
    Stalin owns a steel factory. He normally exports everything. I’m sure it is running illegally. Now when he has too much to export and doesn’t know what to do, he builds a flyover wherever he feels. Its stalin’s factory where most of the steel rods come from.
    My dad told me long back that there was an article in Outlook about Stalin. Its like he goes to London every year on an un-official personal trip. He pays from his own pocket(our money of course).. He goes to meet some doctors and has some sort of blood transfusion and all that. The article indirectly implied that he has AIDS :P..and the only way he might have got that thing is obvious. and he is leading us 😐
    DMK fellows are no better than useless rowdies. Not only here. Its the same all over our nation. i got a nice forward. it said :
    The First class of Indian population study well and become doctors and engineers. The second class manage to pass, do an MBA, get into administrative posts and control the first class.
    The third class dont study properly because their level of thinking is poor. They get into politics and control both the above.
    The fourth class doesn’t even know what education is. They join the underworld and control all the above.
    It reminds me of Manmohan. He is highly qualified and intelligent. Was in the first class. Then got into political administration and came down to the second class. Then joined congress and came down to the third class. Now he is the puppet of the fourth class. Poor man.
    ok i have some exam in school..dont even know what to study..its late..bye.Cheers. Jai Hind!!

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Stalin’s got Blood Cancer da. Thts y he keeps going to London. Before his every visit you can see a frail stalin but when he comes back he seems fit. Yeah,its the blood transfusion.
      And yea,DMK is just a bunch of rogues. The other parties are no better. Vijaykanth drinks and then only he talks on stage,half the time he blabbers some shit.
      We need awareness. A movement. A revolution. And ANNA HAZARE has startd it. Now its time for us to join it and spread the word !

  3. Trust me it could not get worse. High time we stir some salt in our blood and boil it on gas stove if even this cannot evoke some sense of solidarity in us and we are still apathetic. We could eat our own shit instead of food if we are indifferent to what Anna is doing. Even if 70 per cent of this country is illiterate, let the 30 per cent rise and show that we can make a difference. Let us wake up guyz!

  4. Siddharth Krishnan

    I completely agree . The one reason you can’t even stop corruption might be because you might have to bribe the anti corruption squad.. but one thing that could be the cause of this would be the reluctance of people to pay taxes. Here in england everyone pays a hell of a lot which goes towards council tax( amenities like roads ,lights, libraries that have cds and books to rent FREE and towards the national health service which pays for your treatment( which is top class) and the salaries of the doctors) Everything is done by the government and it benefits the masses.. And I’ve also seen that you pay your fines and no one evades them since they know it’s for them…… But all in all people in india need to find their identity and understand what’s good for them and the country in the long run and do the right .
    they should vote for a decent person in the election or us young people who can vote should take it into our hands and vote and use the option saying no one is fit enough to get elected….

  5. Am totally with you in this… And we need a revolution. Need to involv a lotta ppl… Some 2 or 3 of us cant do anything. And yea,ppl are least bothered. Ppl dont giv a fuck. Ppl hav accepted the fact that you need to bribe some1 to get work done. Fuck the govt and every1 associate wit it… Its a fucking disgrace.

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