Why you should not trust the Indian media

Ok the trending topic of the last three days has been Anna Hazare, and I am going to rant about that eventually, but first let me explain what I’m on about here.

The Indian media : televised and paper, have been pretty notoriously biased about whatever topic has been trending at the time. Indians attacked in Australia? They replayed the same grainy 5 second video again and again and again till your blood started boiling. What they failed to note was what the Indians actually do over there.

You know, like how they skipped the whole “you don’t go to another country and behave like Indians there part”? Indian’s don’t behave like Romans in Rome. So they get beaten up. They attract too much attention. I’m not justifying any nonsense that happened in the Earth’s butt(also known as Australia), but I’m trying to say it’s not entirely the Australians’ fault.

They also conveniently left out the fact that we are actually the most racist country on Earth. I’m not sure if fairness products exist anywhere else, but there is SUCH a great emphasis on fairness products (and basically being fair, because brown is not cool :S) here, that you see the ads and don’t even realize how utterly ridiculous they are.

A girl plays tennis, loses, coach gives her fairness cream, she wins due to confidence of being fair and all, gets sponsorship and fame and all is good. Because thats exactly why sportspersons succeed and want to succeed. To look good and make money. Riiiight.

They overlook this very disturbing trend and point fingers at a country that has never been introduced so such a mass exodus of “different looking people” at one time, at a time when those “different looking people” are better than them at their jobs and at a time when they don’t have jobs.

I’m not saying the Earths butt is any less smelly, but part cause of that smell is us geniuses.

Anyway, that’s the Indian media for you : Guys screaming hoarse into the camera from the street or from some office. They are literally(ok “figuratively”, for all you grammar Nazis) frothing at their mouths.

Where does that leave us now?

Here is Anna Hazare, fasting because he has had enough of stupid corruption and stupid governmental apathy and arrogance. He has got support because that’s the sentiment of people now. People have had enough, and I hope I can confidently say “It’s over when the people say its over”.

Not according to the Indian media. Case in point, the NDTV report 20 minutes ago..

The way that guy was asking questions made it seem like Anna Hazare is actually wrong, and that the Government is helpless and correct. Here are some of the pure golden gems he (some stupid anchor) uttered :

1. Does this count as moral blackmail? How can you fast to get things from the Government? Is undermining the whole point of representative democracy the way to go?

My retort : FUCK YOU!! Its a representative democracy you idiot! The Government represents citizens. IDEALLY. It should not even have come to this level, if it was a proper representative democracy. But it has. We will fast and even walk naked in the Parliament campus if that’s what it takes to get those fat asses of their high pedestals and actually into doing something good.

2. The Government says it can include civil society in the committee for forming the Jan Lokpal bill, and half the people will be normal citizens. What more do you want?

My retort : OH WOW!! GO HAVE A BROWNIE, NDTV. Is that how you report stuff? Seriously? They KNOW the effect weasel words and implied statements can have. Did they report as to how the Government said it will include normal people in the committee? I’ll tell you, based on what Arvind Kejriwal argued back.

The Government did not give that in writing. It’s a simple, 2 minute thing, saying “yeah, totally, you can be a part of our group” in writing, right?

They are reluctant to do it. The thing is, words in writing have a lot more value than words spoken. They Government cannot renege on stuff that is given in writing. Their reluctance does not imply they are planning to go back on their word. Their reluctance comes from the fact that the Government feels it would set a “precedent” for people to demand and get stuff from them.

OF COURSE! That’s the basis of a democracy!! We vote you into power and we cannot leave you for FIVE YEARS just like that. If things don’t go our way, then we WILL demand and get stuff. Thats popular opinion. THATS DEMOCRACY!! To the Government, precedent = bad, and obviously NDTV wants everyone else who was watching to understand it that way. Precedent is not necessarily bad. It’s also good.

That’s why you should not trust the media. They take words out of context, they manipulate sentences to their suiting and feed us garbage. It’s good to know facts, the basic news roundup of what’s happening, but that’s it.

Even I don’t know what’s happening until I see it for myself. I am also the media (medium, actually :P), so you don’t need to trust me. I write what I want to write, and what I want you to know, and I don’t expect you to agree with me. I also don’t have the reach that NDTV has, and their formation of questions and sentences can easily affect people into thinking otherwise. I’m not trying to stir up emotions here, on the contrary, I vent my own outside. If you agree with me, good. If you don’t, good.

Also, my motive is not views alone. It’s 20% of my aim because of course I want people to read whatever I write. But typing this stuff is an outlet for me. I don’t want to make money with this, neither do I want popularity. It’s just an outlet. Why should I be neutral with my “outlet”?

But that’s not the role of the general media, is it? They are expected to be responsible and neutral in reporting. If they are biased and twist events to garner TRP’s, how responsible is that?

You cannot push human emotion so low you try to make money even out of common, general dissent. That’s what the media is attempting to do. In my opinion anyway.

The Indian media thrives on conspiracy and controversy, you see. They’re trying to make everything look like its a big drama. Remember when India was going to face Pakistan in the CWC? They made it look like war, man. That just sucks.

So, just don’t believe everything you read and hear. Look at all the facts from all over the place, see what’s common and believe that. The Indian media is out to fuck with your heads.

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