India is going down and here’s why – Part-1

Reason 1:


India is being ruled by money. Money speaks everywhere. Corruption is on the rampage. It starts from the lowest level and extends all the way to the upper-most levels.

In the past one year and four months, a total of 4 scams, all of which involved several crores of our money, the Aam Aadmi’s money, have been exposed. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other scams which are going on everyday in every office, Government or otherwise.

The only reason why these four have been publicised is because of the enormous amount of money involved.

Case in point:

2G Spectrum Scam: A.Raja, the Communications and IT Minister of India caused the largest political corruption case in modern Indian history, causing a loss of $40 Billlion to the Government of India. $40 Billion which could have been used to provide free food and education to all those who lack it. $40 Billion which could have repaid a part of our loan to the World Bank. $40 Billion which could have been used to improve the country’s infrastructure and get rid of the “Developing Nation” tag. A.Raja is currently in jail. But don’t worry, he will be out soon. The “Artist” will bring him out. After all, he was a DMK Minister.

Adarsh Housing Society Scam: The Adarsh Housing Society is a Cooperative society in Mumbai. It was reserved for the war widows and veterans of the Kargil War. In 2010, questions were raised on the way in which apartments were allocated to bureaucrats, politicos and army personnel who were probably sleeping when the Kargil War was going on and the way in which clearances were obtained for the construction. The Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh sent a show-cause notice to Adarsh society and ordered the immediate demolition of the building. Hell, there is no respect for a true patriot who gives up his life for his Motherland. All they worship is money.

Commonwealth Games Scandal: To put it shortly, it was a fiasco. Agreed, the Games went on smoothly, but not before India’s international image had been reduced to that of a corrupt, ill-managed nation. Which it is, by the way .

There are several more incidents that can be quoted.


There is still hope.

Hope Beacon 1:




















The best Chief Minister any state could wish for. Efficient,diplomatic and extremely shrewd. Welcomed the Tatas with open arms when the Left rejected them in West Bengal.

Hope Beacon 2:











Finally, a voice that has dared to challenge the way things are being run in this country. Has undertaken a fast unto death until the Lokpal Bill’s various discrepancies are sorted out.

Looks like his efforts will be in vain, though :

And several other true Indians.

Who else are you looking for?

The answer is you, me and everyone else who wants India to change and is ready to do something about it.


Lamenting on the state of affairs is NOT going to help. Sure, people will notice and maybe think about it but will they hold that thought for long? NO. We are too busy to do anything about it. We don’t hesitate to pay a cop 50 Rupees to let us go when we ride without the proper documents. We don’t mind paying 100 Rupees to get in front of the line at the Passport Office. We pay people to not do their jobs. And we lament that nothing happens properly in this country. We have to change.

First step, VOTE. Vote for change. Vote for who you think is the best person for the job. If you think none of them are worthy, vote for any independent candidate. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose. What matters is, you were part of an effort. An effort to usher in a new, corruption-free India.

To hell with politicians and bureaucrats. To hell with the UPA. To hell with corruption.


The second reason, coming soon.

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  1. Jai Hind… we need to get rid of these blood sucking parasites… our mother land needs to honest, law abiding and those who have a feeling of nationalism…

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