What the fuck is going on?

News : Kapil Sibal has said NO ONE from the civil society (Read : You or me) will be included in the committee that drafts the Jan Lokpal bill

News : The Government has rejected 2 Supreme Court judges’ request to be part of the committee that forms the bill

News : Pranab Mukherjee will head the group that forms the bill

News : MMS or Manmohan Singh is keeping quiet as usual (which is FUCKING ANNOYING…JUST OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY SOMETHING MAN, YOU’RE THE PM) and Sonia Gandhi is nowhere to be seen in the picture as well.

News : Government has promised a bill that will “wow” the nation by August 15th

News : Government has given us, citizens of India, the finger. That’s what this is.

WHAT THE FUCK is going on?

Anna Hazare wanted the exact opposite of what is happening! We want the anti-corruption agency to be decentralized!! Ministers are forming this bill? LOL?

That’s like asking your employees to decide their own salary (assuming you are the CEO of some company). The Government has done even that : They have tripled their own salary, passing the bill without any hesitation!! It was done last year, for those with a weak memory and/or a disinterest in politics. THOSE FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

Are they actually trying to fuck us over AGAIN? WHY ISN’T INDIA GETTING INVOLVED MAN? Why should I sit behind a monitor, hyperventilating on my keyboard, utterly frustrated about this? Who the fuck do those bastards think they are?

Ok, the Congress sucks, let vote them out of power next time and vote for the BJP.

Is that what you want to say?

The BJP isn’t very clean or great in this matter either. They have seen political opportunity in this “kind-of” movement, and say they will support Hazare. FUCK YOU, BJP. YOU rejected the bill twice when you were in power (1999, 2002). Who do you think you’re messing around with? EVERYTHING IS NOT A POLITICAL GAME!! GET THAT IN YOUR HEADS!!!

This is serious SHIT. I already articulated in my own explicit way that we have lost a shitload of money. An elephants shitload of money. If that elephant is as big as Mt. Everest.

Japans GDP is 5 trillion. India’s is 1 trillion. If we got back all our money, we suddenly increase it to 2 trillion.

ShitshitshitshitSHIT that’s so much money. And they’re being so arrogant, with so much impunity and an “I dont care” attitude. Oh man.

They’re actually going to form the bill that was supposed to be their demise (here, I have assumed politicians = corruption). This is a joke. India is a joke. A stupid, fucking joke no one enjoys, but bears anyway.


As for every other politician : STOP TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR SORRY ASSES!! Where’s the “young” Rahul Gandhi now? Sitting at home, I presume. Why isn’t he saying anything, when a Congress ally like Omar Abdullah (also “young” in Indian political terms), pledged full support to Anna Hazare? Why man? Where are you?

I hope to heaven that the Government doesn’t think of the educated, literate classes that are doing all the whining and yelling now, as idiots. We are not idiots.

Right now, Anna Hazare has called for Jail Bharo Andolan. In simple terms, it means he’s inviting arrest, courting arrest. He also wants the “youth” of India to get involved. Remember, India has the youngest population in the world, with the average age not crossing 30, if my memory serves my right.

So youth, where are you? Watching IPL? Interested in just that but not anything else? Wondering what the fuck you can do about this? I mean, the politicians are dirty. Everyone knows that. Nothing will change, right?


Anna Hazare is trying to change just one thing : the absence of accountability and integrity in the Indian political sphere. I know its a lost cause, I have a big feeling it will be if it’s not already. But FUCKIT he’s trying. The LEAST anyone can do is support him.

And you know the real sad thing here? The people who get affected by politicians the most, the poor, rural people, are not even kind of interested in this. Seriously. Did you hear of any protests happening in a generic Indian village?

And the top of the spectrum people, all the Sachins and the Amitabhs and the Rajinikanths, are also staying away from this. Weird. With the pull of people that they have, if they went and sat next to Anna Hazare, then that’s it.

Imagine the possibilities.

Aren’t they Indians? They exist because of the common man, right? The same common man who is protesting now also pays for their matches and movies. If we did not pay, they would amount to nothing. Isn’t it time to pay the common man back? Do they even consider themselves as Indian? Responsible Indians? Why aren’t they doing anything?

Is there something better to do than this? Seriously? Wow. Then I’m sorry for bringing in their names. Everyone protesting is bored and jobless, everyone else has better things to do.

Or are they worried of how their “contacts” will treat them afterwards? Really? GROW a fucking pair of balls!!!

And lastly, assuming “ceterus paribus” and a possible improvement in this entire movement, can India afford anarchy?

In simple language, if things remained the way they are, and improved to the point where riots break out (God forbid), can India afford anarchy? Can we afford a revolution? If so, why? How?

Comment below. I’d really like to know.

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  1. Fukin congress

  2. Amrutha Kuber

    News: pm’s office has claimed BJP has given money to mr. Hazare for doing this. Lol where can i go bang my head for this? Its simply lamely funny maybe they really are trying to make a joke outta this n make that poor man look like a fool.

    I think boycotting will help. Boycotting tamilnadu elections might help. Boycotting something crucial to the congress govt will help (i cant remember anything right now!)

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Boycotting’s not gonna help at all. IF you dont go to the polling booth and vote,someone will just vote insted of you. And boycotting the elections is not a very good idea. We need to vote. The next best option to boycotting the election is the 49O rule !
      Which says,”If a voter finds the candidates are not up to the mark,voter can opt for a ‘negative/neutral vote’.” Yeah. It has been defined way back in 1961 ! We need to publicize this rule ! Very few people know about this !

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