Fast : Forward

So the good Anna Hazare has ended his fast after the Government accepted to his terms and conditions as to who should constitute the committee that makes the Jan Lokpal bill.

That was the whole point of the fast, you know. Because the Government was being unresponsive about the whole passing the law that has been stagnant for 42 years part. Mr. Hazare got pissed and declared he would start his fast in April, way back in December.

To think they actually wanted to use politicians to draft the law.

So I actually do not accept the view that this is a “victory” for the citizens of India and Mr. Hazare. If it is, its just a small battle won. There’s a much steeper mountain to climb.

Using my mind-blowing metaphorical talent, I shall put it this way : we have climbed just one flight of stairs in the crusade against corruption. We still have to climb Mt. Everest : getting the bill passed, enacting it and using it fruitfully.

Therefore for all those who think “wohoo we kicked some Government ass”, that is true, but not enough. I mean seriously, I’m pissed with the whole paying bribes thing. I want some sense of accountability in the Government and until that happens, I’m going to be unhappy and frustrated. India sucks. We got to change that. You can’t deny it. I won’t deny it.

But yes, this is a new phenomenon. We chokeslammed the Government into doing what we want. I say we keep pushing that so that the Government knows who’s truly boss in a democracy : the people.

Obviously people won’t be as interested, since the media focus will drop, the IPL will start and everyone has their normal lives to resume. That’s just how India is. Apathetic.

So don’t ask “what more do you want??“. I want the law to be passed. Do you HONESTLY think the Government will do that?

Sure there are 5 members of civil society of which Anna Hazare is a part. He is also co-Chair of the committee. So they’ll draft it. The Government can pass it in the Lok Sabha on June 30th. Remember, this is not a money bill. It’s a regular old law, which means both the Lok and Rajya Sabha have to pass it. How the fuck is that going to happen?

It went to that stage earlier and was rejected by the Rajya Sabha after being passed by the Lok Sabha. Oh, it was also pretty damn watered down. If the law is 10/10 ideally, it was maybe 2/10 and it was STILL rejected.

Quite disturbing.

I also think the Lok and Rajya sabhas have the power to modify the bill to get it to pass. I’m not really sure. So if that’s true, then fucked again.

Let me repeat : this is just a “battle” that is won, and nothing more. We “moved” the Government from its state of utter dormancy, but that is all.

So I’m not going to appeal to people reading this to be something they’re not : interested in their country politically. That’s fine. Every man to his own. I’m not even kind-of trying to send you on a guilt trip here.

All I’m saying is, keep June 30 on your mind as the day the Congress promised on national TV to introduce the bill in the Monsoon session. We’ll say if push comes to shove then.



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