Rankings That Matter : Where India Sucks

I’m sure most of you would have gotten that email about Indians heading literally every multinational in the world. You know, about the founders of Hotmail and IBM and Sun Microsystems and all?

I’m not denying any of that ever happened, but it was a long time ago. Things have changed now.

And also, if you got the forward about “Indian national anthem being voted the best national anthem by the UN”, and believed it, then you have been rickrolled. It’s not true. The UN does not select “Best National Anthems”.

Anyway, where I’m coming from is that Indians need a small, tiny reason to start feeling proud about themselves, right?

I do. I’m sure other Indians do too. We just jump at every opportunity to feel proud of our nation. Clearly we are ignoring a lot of things we should feel ashamed of in the process. Like..

One of the worst average incomes in the world

According to the World Bank, India has an average salary of $1265 a year and is ranked 138 in the world. According to the IMF, India has an average salary of $1130 with a ranking of 123 and according to the CIA Factbook, India’s average salary is 1200 and it is ranked 143 in the world.

That’s something to be very proud of, right? Sure, you can say $1265 ~ a lakh rupees which is a fucking lot of money.

That’s not my point. India has a billion people. We know the extent of poverty in India. It’s there for everyone to see. There’s even a fucking film about it.

So if the average salary is $1265, why are the poor people still around? Obviously they’re poor because they don’t make any money. That means the middle class and the rich make a LOT of money. There’s a word for this shitty phenomenon, and its called disparity. In India, due to the multiple vices of utter corruption, apathy, netagiri, votebank cultivation and capitalism’s evil nature, this disparity is as big as the ego of the common neta. By that I mean very big.

When you land in Mumbai, for example, the first thing you see is the slums around the airport. Really? India’s supposedly richest city has slums around its airport. No wonder foreigners have a poor impression of India.

We can make the slums “go away” by solving the slum tenants’ problems. Right? It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done.

It’s very true : The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Among the group of most corrupt countries in the world

India is among the most corrupt countries in the world.

If you’re human and have been following the events of the past year, then you would agree with me, unless you’re a politician or in any way related to the Government at all.

India’s score in Transparency International ratings is 3.3, compared to Singapores 9.3 and even Chile’s 7.2. The closer the score is to zero, the more corrupt the country is.

This is pretty self explanatory and is absolutely nothing to be proud of. You can see for yourself here.

Malnutrition still exists in “8% growth rate” India.

India actually TOPS this list, with 217 million of its people who are malnourished. Closest to India in this list is China, with 154 million people, or the entire continent of Africa, which has more malnourished people than India. An entire continent has more malnourished people than India. Go figure.

How come we are not aware of this? Everyone just pushes this info to the back of their heads right. It’s all fine as long as YOU can eat at McDonalds, because fuck it, what can you do about hungry villagers in some district in some state?

So who’s fault is it then? Don’t blame the idiot British. They’ve long gone. They started it. How come it hasn’t ended?

My conclusion is : Successive governments in India have failed its citizens.

This is a horrible statistic to look at, and if you have a heart, this statistic represents people who don’t, who can’t eat food. 217 million people. My God. If this isn’t enough to provoke some serious change next elections, then I don’t know what is.

Oh and just for your info : that’s 1/5 of our population. Who don’t get ONE square meal a day.

Literacy is abysmal

India is 134 on the list of literate countries, with an average literacy rate of 74%, which varies from 100% in the Union Territories to 50% in the northern States.

I really want to know just one thing : How do they measure literacy? Do they consider school enrollment? Do they see how many people can sign their names? Do they see whether a person can read/write his mother tongue, or English? How do they measure it?

That is really puzzling, but apart from that, India is hobnobbing with Comoros and Uganda in literacy levels. Botswana, St. Vincent and Grenadines and Panama are more literate than us.

This is just absolutely pathetic and shameful. Whats the use of an 8% annual growth rate if even this doesn’t change?

See for yourself here.

India has the 3rd largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS

Do you accept that the world has 191 countries? You should, because it does. Of those countries, India has the rather sad distinction of being number 3 in the list of HIV+ people living in it. It has 2 million HIV+ people. The stigma associated with AIDS has not changed. Those people are probably fearing for their very lives all the time.

And who’s ahead of India? South Africa and Nigeria. Some very model states to emulate? Or disgusting countries who are not to be emulated? This is up to “The Man” to take care of, right?

Probably. Hopefully.

Very high number of pending cases in its courts.

Unfortunately I do not possess the rankings for this unfortunate fact, but I do have numbers to make up for it. In 2007, there were about 30 million cases pending in courts all over the country, including 3 million in the country’s highest courts and 26 million in subordinate courts.

A very good example of this would be the shockingly long time it took to even kind of get compensation for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims : 25 years.

Just because it happened before I was born doesn’t mean it did not happen. 25000 people died because of what bullshit I don’t know, and the compensation is a paltry Rs.20000 per person affected. The initial compensation was supposed to be $ 1 billion, which reduced to $300 million in the 25 years it took to even get a verdict. TWENTY FIVE YEARS to compensate innocent people who did absolutely nothing.

This country is pathetic.

It’s all good for the Supreme Court to take part in Judicial activism, but when its subordinate courts sit and mess even something even this simple up, you really have to take time off and wonder where things are headed. An example of this would be my post about Binayak Sen.

You decide, and comment if you think I’m wrong.

And an irrelevant but important statistic : India has the one of the worst broadband penetrations in the world of .21% with an average broadband speed of 1.81 Mbps.

Note that Mb refers to megabits and not megabytes. That is MB. Do not get confused or ripped off by telecom providers. They don’t make any effort to make this fact clear, but I just want to make it absolutely known that megabits is not megabytes. Go google for more info.

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  1. I’m gonna comment cause almost everything’s right..
    Its been a year since u’ve posted n nothing has changed..
    brilliant post..

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