Where India should learn from Israel

Hostages and India don’t mix.

It’s true. Our Government crumbles whenever there’s a hostage situation, or just ignores it altogether.

Remember Kandahar?

Let’s recap.

An Indian Airlines flight operating on the Kathmandu-New Delhi route was hijacked by militants who made it land at Amritsar, where it dramatically missed a loaded fuel tanker, then at Lahore, where it nearly landed on a road before landing at the airport.

It refueled at Lahore then landed at Dubai, where an Indian stabbed by the hijackers died. Then it went to Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Taliban militants surrounded the aircraft in pickup trucks. They were armed to the teeth. India did not officially recognize the Taliban Government who had toppled the earlier Afghanistani government. So negotiations were becoming a bit of a pain in the arse.

Obviously, the Taliban were lying when they claimed they surrounded the aircraft to protect the passengers from the hijackers. Actually, they surrounded the aircraft to protect it from what they thought would be an Indian special forces assault.

So what happened? The hijackers demanded the release of a number of jailed Pakistani militants and also a large amount of cash. Indian negotiators “succeeded” in bringing down their demands to just 3 : Maulana Azhar, Omar Saeed Sheikh and Musthak Zargar.

The hostages were released and all was well.

Or was it?

Actually, no.

Maulana Azhar masterminded the fucking attack on our Parliament. Omar Saeed played a crucial role in 9/11 and also killed American journalist Daniel Pearl.

So where am I getting at with this? I’ll tell you in a bit.

Currently there are a number of Indians being held hostage by pirates in Somalia or on ships near Somalia.

Yes, pirates. Yes, Somalia.

It's right below Yemen, or above Madagascar

There have been a spate of piracy attacks on a variety of ships going to the Suez, and if you look at Somalias position on the map, it’s pretty convenient for the pirates to carry out their operations from.

For example, they took a huge Greek oil supertanker hostage and released it after getting paid money. Frail men with guns on dhows taking over a huge ship.

So India decided to go badass on them, and rightly so, and now 60 of their stupid asses are in Indian jails in Mumbai.

Now, they kidnapped Indian men from various ships registered to various countries because they want their own pirate friends to be released from jails in return for the Indians.

And by the way, the ransom has already been paid.

What is the Governments plan of action? I don’t know. The Minister of Shipping released a statement yesterday. Are they going to negotiate with pirates?

That would be a real low. I’m not asking the Government to ignore 7 citizens or bow to their retarded demands, but there is a 3rd alternative, also known as “Being like Israel” :

Send in a small army after them, destroy whatever they have, extract our men and return.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the 3rd most powerful nation on the planet can afford to do some unethical albeit risky things from time to time.

Yeah that’s what Israel totally does. Let me entertain you with a couple of examples :

In 27 June 1976, an Air France plane was hijacked and diverted to Uganda. All non-Jewish hostages were released. That left a substantial number of Jewish passengers, most of whom were Israeli.

The hijacking was carried out by terrorist organizations opposed to the very existence of Israel.

But Israel gave a fuck. Not bothered about the distance between Israel and Uganda, they sent out an airborne team of 100 commandoes.

The commander of the operation and 5 commandos were killed along with 4 hostages.

Also, all the hijackers and 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed, and 17 Ugandan military aircraft were destroyed.

It was kind-of successful, and you can read about it here.

We all know about the initiative taken by Mossad to finish off individuals linked with the Munich Massacre, and in case you haven’t seen the film “Munich” or don’t know what I’m on about, then read about it here.

Basically, Israeli athletes were killed by Islamic terror organizations in Munich where the Summer Olympics was happening.

This was so outrageous that Israel simply hulked out and sent the Mossad after the men responsible for the atrocity.

So what’s my point?

India needs to develop a solid extraction team that can assist in times like this. Maybe that exists. Maybe it doesn’t. The way things are going now, I think its safe to say we don’t have any such team.

I had no idea that the MARCOS even existed until the fucked up attacks in Mumbai in 2008

Officially the most badassed, coolest Indian guy. + Respect, man.

If such a team existed, we could “bring back” Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim (among others) and also rescue Indian citizens in peril across the world.

If Israel can do it, why can’t we?

Israel is much, much smaller BUT  its existence unarguably depends on the way it handles issues like this. It is seriously surrounded by unfriendlies and enemies.

India is not yet in such a scenario, but we could be headed there : Nepal is beginning to be antagonistic towards India (they just chucked out an Indian power company yesterday), Bhutan doesn’t care, we all know about China and Pakistan, Myanmar is fickle and dangerous and Sri Lanka has its own issues with us.

And even if it doesn’t directly involve our neighbors, its always good to have a specific group who are capable of just giving the metaphorical finger to enemies of India.

I mean, if Kandahar had happened the way Entebbe occurred, then our image in the world would have tremendously improved, Daniel Pearl would still be alive, the Parliament may not have been attacked and who knows, even 9/11 may have not occurred.

Yes I do live in a very idealistic world.

Right now though, the Governments utmost priority should be arm twisting the hell out of the Somali pirates (no functioning Government exists in Somalia) and making sure they give us back our men.

7 innocent men.

Unfortunately though, as always, they are focusing on all the wrong issues. 😡

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