Osama is dead

Im posting this from my Android phone as my computer is totally busted.
So….Osama bin Laden is dead. He was in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.
Q1 : Lolwut. What was he doing there?
Im especially happy not because he’s dead, but because of the way he corrupted a religion and killed innocent people.
I was in standard five when those planes crashed into the WTC. I remember having a literature exam the following day.
My dad came from work and said some big accident had happened in NYC.
So we switched on the TV and watched the horrifying events unfold.
I was 9 then. After YouTube became a household access website, I watched tons and tons of videos of 9/11.
All are disturbing and moving and horrifying and shocking.
Ill link those videos later on, by tomorrow.
There’s this one video where a woman who survived the initial plane crash into her building is waving her shirt trying to attract attention and be rescued.
She lived only to die when the building itself collapsed 30 min later.
Some people desperately tried to exit the burning skyscraper by climbing out, only to plunge to their unfortunate deaths later.
Would they have known on September 10 that they would be dead in less than a day?

You call this fate?
I call it FUCKEDUP bullshit.
That’s why I wanted Bin Laden or whatever his fucking name is, to die after suffering for a long time. That’s why its too bad that he was not captured alive. Torturing his smugassed face would have been cool.
“What! Why?” you ask.
So that he knows the value of life.
Unlike that dead sonofamotherfuckingbitch, I know the value of life. I saw it so many times over.
I can empathize. I saw the horror those people felt on video. It is obviously not even kind of comparable to what they felt in real life.
If I can feel so much disgust, rage and helplessness after just watching the videos, imagine how the victims felt in real life, when it actually happened.
Good that he’s dead.
Nearly a decade later.
Too bad he did not suffer while dying.

Dead? Alive? Now there are a lot of mindblowing questions flying about, such as :
1. How the Fuck was he in Pakistan?
2. Was he really in Pakistan for five years?
3. How could no one know of his presence there? Its hard to believe that the ISI or the military just side not know.
4. Why did the Americans bury him so fast? Why should we believe them when there are claims of the image being doctored all over?
5. Even if they did bury him, why dump him in the Arabian sea? Why not on land, or preserve him in a secret high security American location? They’ve got plenty of those.

These are some freaking hairraising questions. Ill elaborate from the computer. In the meanwhile, don’t watch Indian newschannels.
The BBC and CNN have absolutely not dramatised anything. They did not show even one clip from 9/11.
The Indian media, on the other hand, is using this as a chance to bash Pakistan, show their viewers how awesome they are, add dramatic music and make a carnival out of it.
They suck.

More to come later.

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