So..The Mystery that is the “dead” Osama

I am back from my PC. Just thought I’d let you know. It’s no fun typing from a touchscreen. I may already have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anyway, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Or is he? No one knows. Atleast, no one outside the top level establishment in the United States intelligence/military knows.

Let me first give you a little background on why a rich cock like him became insanely retarded, forever ruining the name of Muslims and Islam in general around the world.

When Iraq attacked the tiny nation Kuwait, the US sent its troops to Saudi Arabia to back Kuwait up. Bin Laden was seething because, how the FUCK can American infidels enter the holy Islamic land?

Instead, he was kicked out by the Saudis, and he went to Somalia, where he was booted out again, and landed eventually in Afghanistan and became “frnz” with the equally retarded Taliban. Declaring numerous “fatwas” and calling upon his “mujahideen” to “eliminate the infidels and non-believers”, the Taliban-Bin Laden duality fast morphed into an unstoppable and scary entity.

They showed their malicious intent by bombing the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and by driving a small boat into the USS Cole, killing American sailors. But the most dastardly act of those retards came when they hijacked 4 airliners and crashed 3 into the WTC and the Pentagon. The last one crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania in the United States after the passengers apparently fought back. They blew up a nightclub in Bali, in Indonesia. They attacked the Metro in London. There were also numerous unreported attacks by Al Qaida and the Taliban on innocent people in Afghanistan itself.

This man was such a villain in everyones eyes that it was imperative that he be killed after torture. No human can do these things. No God preaches violence. He did not deserve to live. As I said earlier, it’s good that he’s dead.

So his motives were clear : he was a fucking retard. With guns and explosives and 14256345 retards following him, each of them armed as well.

Let me show you just how terrible his actions were, with some disturbing videos. You don’t need to watch if you don’t want to :

Fact of the matter is, he forced perfectly innocent people to do absolutely horrifying things and die a shocking death. I cannot reinforce how happy I am that HE is dead. His stupid minions are still out there, probably laughing evilly and planning something worse. Fuck them, I say.

But let me take a step back. Is he really dead? The US “shot” and killed him. This is what they claim. If you watch the news channels, you can see how little information they have, compared to when Saddam Hussien was caught. They just don’t have info. They’re hypothesizing. They’re worrying about future attacks. But they’re not “reporting” anything on Osamas death per se. This is because they don’t have info.

When they do have info, it turns out to be fake. This fake Osama-is-dead image started circulating on the Internet that was picked up by news channels, who apparently don’t have a process called “verify the fucking sources” in place.

Looks fake

That image came out way back, in 2009.

Ok back to topic. Let’s assume he is dead. Why did the US not give concrete proof to the media then? The Americans themselves “killed” him and confirmed that “after DNA testing, it is him”. What? That’s like refereeing a game you’re playing. That’s just not done. And they throw his body into the sea?

Americans claim this was done because no country wanted to keep him. So why not burn him? This is because burning him would still leave behind some residue that may contain DNA that can be used to any claim of identification later on. Dumping him into the sea is safest. No one is going to dive to look for a body. It’s a body. You can’t find it. It will probably be eaten by fish.

So that was smart, claiming they dumped him. But I still don’t buy it.

Let’s then assume he is NOT dead. This makes much more sense to me. If they claimed he was alive, the Taliban/Al Qaida would probably begin taking hostages and bargaining for Osama’s return. That’s a situation the Americans dont want.

So hypothetically, they could have taken him alive and are probably holding him in a supersecret military place somewhere. They’re probably trying to extract information out of him as to where the rest of his men are and what he is planning next. I think this is most highly likely, considering how he has managed to irritate the US for nearly 2 decades and killing so many American citizens. This is also possible because 9/11 could have been prevented. Obviously, they don’t want such a slip up to happen again.

By the way, I recommend you read what’s in that link. Don’t just skip it.

The Americans, no matter how furious they are with this guy, would have probably not killed him. That’s moot now, we will never know.

Regarding the whole shebang about his being in Pakistan.

He was 100 km away from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad and 100 yards away from the Pakistani Military Academy. How is it that the ISI and the PAkistani Government are claiming they did not know? How is all of that possible, unless he got assistance from inside the Pakistani establishment?

I don’t buy the part about his house being like an ISI safe house. Safe houses are meant to be nondescript. That’s the whole point. If you’re going to lay low, you need a regular place to be in, which is why it’s called a “safe house” and not “Buckhingam fucking palace”. So Times Now, fuck you. Use your logic. ISI safe houses especially will not stand out like sore thumbs. Osama’s was 8 times as big, apparently. What’s with the 8 times. Did they measure?

Even assuming it was N times as big, its big and therefore not a safehouse. He was put there by someone very powerful who was protecting him. It remains to be seen as to who that “someone” is.

Also, how did the Americans know he was in Pakistan? A courier? I don’t..there’s something that’s just not fitting here. I don’t know what, but I smell a rat.

And how did they just land in Pakistan with 3 helicopters near a Military Academy, engage in combat and leave? How? Pakistan has enough and more radars, considering this is a few couple of hundred kilometres away from the Indian border. It doesn’t fit.

So what the fuck happened?

I have one hypothetical scenario that could have happened. The ISI Chief went to the United States last week to talk to CIA Chief Leon Panetta. It’s possible he revealed Osama’s location in that meeting (which would be very insulting for the CIA, so this may not have happened) and would have traded wiping the ISI’s name off the list of terror organizations (LOL HAHAHA SUCKERS) with that information. Highly unlikely? I don’t know. It’s just a theory.

So the Americans went in hard, deepsixed Osama and got the fuck out of Pakistan. The ISI which is the Military’s intelligence, looked the other way. The Government was kept in the dark. Now Pakistan is in a precarious situation : if they accept they helped the Americans, the rest of the Islamic world and the Taliban will go apeshit. If they deny helping the Americans, no one will believe them and the citizens will go apeshit.

Of course, as I have reiterated before, India needs an external combat team that can totally do what the Americans, Israelis, British and even the fucking Colombians have done before. Then, we can say RIP Hafis Saeed and RIP Dawood Ibrahim.

Let’s see what happens.

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  1. Also, RIP Ajmal Kasab :@

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