More on the Osama Affair

I may have sounded exceptionally biased against Pakistan in my last post, so let me make things clear by producing a number of possible scenarios on what went down and how.

Scenario 1 : Pakistan knew about Osama and protected him from the Americans. The Americans found out and killed him. Now Pakistan is feeling the heat.

This is most likely simply due to the fact that Pakistan has already built up a reputation for being directly or indirectly involved with terrorists and terror organizations. The whole world knows about this. You can’t deny it, Pakistan. You’re a breeding ground for terror.

The LET, for example, is based in Pakistan and is fighting for the “liberation” of Kashmir. The Pakistani Army and ISI support the LET because its a thorn in India’s flesh. They don’t expect it to actually cause great damage here. But they still discreetly support it because it annoys India to the core.

And that’s what they do all the time. The Pakistanis seem to exist to just PISS India off. They’re forever positioned against India in a aggressive stance. Not even once have they just turned the other side and worried about their own country. For them, India is a BIG threat and they will do whatever they can for whatever reasons to annoy the hell out of India.

Case in point : After hearing that shit was going down in Abbottabad, Pakistanis scrambled their fighter jets thinking India was attacking. Thank God the Americans left in one hour, otherwise things would have gotten very messy, probably even war. Very, very stupid and risky on part of the Americans to not even tell the Indians.

Or they may have. God knows.

So, well, if any Pakistanis are reading this : No. We don’t care about your country. Indians bother only about themselves and no one else.

This is why, despite getting so much of aid from the US, Pakistan is simply not moving on and changing that tag of “failing State”. Heck, you can even say they deliberately hid Osama from the US just to get American weapons and money, which they can in turn use against India. That’s a solidly strong possibility.

It also gives me the chills to think that Pakistan is a nuclear state and the worlds most hated terrorist was in that nuclear state. Holy crap.

There is no other way Osama could have been in Pakistan without the Pakistani’s knowing about it. It just doesn’t seem possible, despite what Zardari claims. And he doesn’t have any real power anyway. I want that fucker Kayani to talk now.

One more thing to note is that China is pissed that the Americans did not tell them about this. China? What do they think of themselves? Hahahaha.

And they have also said they condemn this violation of Pakistani sovereignty and that they stand by the Pakistanis. Hooray! Good for you, Pakistan. Now you can still get cheap, trashy, second-hand Chinese fighter jet knockoffs. Be happy!

I fucking hate China.

Scenario 2 : The Pakistanis did not know about it and they’re just as surprised as everyone is.

I don’t see how this is possible, but lets hypothesize. So Osama materializes in Pakistan with the help of evil elements who are in the ISI without the ISI’s knowledge. They support him and all that blah.

How does that explain the size of the mansion? According to reports, it was pretty big. To get a house that big, you need some money. Especially in a town that probably pays the role of Chandigarh in India. You need pull as well. “Evil elements” in the ISI now certainly becomes a wider group that may include people at the very top. This further reinforces the fact that Pakistan is seriously fucked up.

Ok weak argument, you say.

How does that explain his location? Considering how Pakistan and India are similar on some levels, this was a small town. If you go to a small town in India, you’ll most probably know your neighbors. Judging by the fact that his neighbors were shocked, whoever hid him there has done an exceptionally good job of it.

This is again not possible without the necessary resources and effort that can only be taken by people who know the country. Yes, my arguments in this scenario are weak. This is because of the entire nature of the current events. I just don’t know enough.

Scenario 3 : Osama is alive in American custody, and never killed. This was just a political ploy by the Obama administration, keeping in mind the elections in 2012.

This is very much possible. I mean think about it. He suddenly appears in Pakistan, an American team goes over the border, violates Pakistans sovereignty and “kills” him. They then dump his body into the sea as they don’t want it to become a terrorist shrine and no country was willing to accept it. Islamic tradition calls for a dead Muslims body to be buried in 24 hours, and burial in the sea is only done under exceptional circumstances.

So, I ask. Why not preserve him in some museum? In some secret location? Why not bury him in the United States? Why not burn him? Why throw him in the water? We will never know what really happened, but I feel strongly that whatever the US claimed to have happened, mostly did not.

So they took him alive, either this year or much, much before and have held him in captivity since. That surely doesn’t explain a lot of things, but then again, neither does this whole episode.

If they took him alive now, then he’s probably being having information extracted from him by interrogation and continuous torture. Remember, the Taliban have claimed they have a bomb in Europe which they will detonate if Osama is truly dead. So there is absolutely no way any elite team like Seal 6 can just kill Osama without proper answers. Also, Al-Zawhiri is around. He is Osama’s second in command and its probable that the United States will look to capture him as well.

Osama is worth more alive to the United States than dead, in so many ways.

Scenario 4 : Osama died a long time back, and this was just..God knows what.

Many people claim that Osama has infact, been dead for a long time, and that this is just a publicity stunt by Obama to get votes? To get his popularity back on track? Could be anything. I mean, look at this picture :

The entrance to this room in CIA HQ at Langley, is probably behind the woman who is standing, and the video is playing on the left. This brings into question the position of the photographer. Who stands to the right of the TV/video feed when the President is watching it?

This was a “top secret” operation. Why did they photograph it without knowing if it will be successful or not? Why was there even a camera in the room? It could be a posed propaganda picture.

I know, I know, I’m thinking too hard. But shit, think about it.

If you have any possibilities and hypothetical scenarios on what may have happened, then comment below.

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  1. Brilliant thinking right there at the end ! 😮
    Outta the world !

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