Justice?! In Your Dreams!!!

He saw me! Wow! He’s coming towards me! Shit shit shit! *heart pounding loudly* He’s coming he’s coming!!!!!!! Omg am gonna die of nervousness! Aww he looks so- is that a ROSE he’s got in his hands?! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am gonna-

Loud, very loud fireworks jolt me outta my noon nap. What the heck’s going on man, i grumble and try to get back to my beautiful-prince-charming-dream but as it works dreams cannot be continued especially when you’r rudely awaken outta your sleep. I try to see what the commotion is all about and since i couldn’t, i switch on the tv where, EVERY channel, and i mean every single channel displays:

BREAKING NEWS: A.Raja, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, Karunanidhi are found guilty of the various scams and are prosecuted; the punishment being…….cleaning toilets or instant death by the Guillotine. Special revival of the guillotine for the purpose of the above mentioned politicians’ executions are being ordered.

 P.S. Its has also been widely rumored that the afore mentioned people have chosen the former punishment. Further reports coming in.

I drop the remote and my jaw drops. For a minute am dumbstruck. And then i snap outta my stupor and jump around the house  screaming in joy at the wonderful wonderful news. Every channel shows crowds erupting, tears of happiness, and what not! It sure is an epic day for India! Justice delivered finally! Another Independence! And damn what the heck, am actually alive to see it all! Woot! This evokes very strong response and has twitters tweeting, fb statuses roaring, etc and etc.

A little while later, it is also revealed that the IGP S.P.S. Rathore accused in the Ruchika Grihotra case is found guilty and will also be sent to the guillotine along with our very own Mr.Suresh Kalmadi. A day is fixed for the public prosecution viewing. The day arrives with much hype and controversies (where there were atleast two attempts of escape by the said prisoners) but thankfully were averted. And of course live coverage for all the prosecution were announced and asusual every tv channel fought for the rights and there must’ve been scams there too.

On the day of execution:

The prisoners are being led to towards the guillotine (taking place in delhi before the parliamentary house) where there’s obviously a huge huge crowd gathered, hungry eyes watching the guillotine very intently, biting nails, anticipation, exchanging of glances, cameras ready to click the epic moment, etc.

The prisoners are being fastened to the device. There’s utter silence in the crowd. Every eye is fixed upon the device, unmoving. Any moment now, the prosecutor will announce ‘and, three’ wherein the blade will be dropped. And finally, after what seemed like ages, somewhere far away, the man announces “and….three”-

Splat! Water sprinkling on my face

“Eruma maadu panandu mani aagudhu……..thoongudhu paaru elundhiri maadae …….pombala pulla maadhiriya nadandhukura……panandu mani varaikkuum ipdi thoongi vazhiyira……indha latchanathula irundha veedu epdi velangum?….”

Translation: Buffalo its 12o clock woman wake up, are you even behaving like a female in a house? If this is the way you’r gonna be then how’ll things fare?!

I wake up with a start. And look around. Its noon. And its just another day in my same old life. *Facepalms*

Just another stupid, weird dream of mine again. No wonder it was fueled by my very wild imagination; i mean where else and how else can someone bring back the bloody guillotine? *I walk to the bathroom shaking my head slowly*

Over breakfast, i tell mum what i dreamt of. She says, “nenappu dhan.  Poi velaiya paaru po” 

Translation: In your dreams only. Go get going

And i stare into the tv screen shaking my head and sigh at my list of weird dreams that keeps mounting…..

Posted on May 6, 2011, in Personal Musings. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. wisetongue19

    we’ve all been there 😦

  2. You really want some change?

    • wisetongue19

      depends on who you are. im generally suspicious of people from new delhi, with all the bad people living there and whatnot.

  3. Y0u really want some change?

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Obviously we want a change ! I really dont know why someone would ask such a stupid question ! 😐

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