The tiny things that make us feel ultracool

Tiny things in life always makes us feel cool : whether its carrying an umbrella on a sunny day and laughing at people running when it surprisingly rains, or predicting when the signal will change from green to red, or catching a glass that slipped out of your hand before it hits the ground. All these tiny, unimportant things in life makes everyone of us feel like unstoppable ninjas.

Except me of course.

I AM an unstoppable ninja.

This is unarguably and undeniably me.

For those of you who have read this far and not just stopped with the comic, I don’t need to ask you to check out the previous one – its right there on the home page.

But do scroll down and read some of the *text* I’ve typed. Yes, I asked you to -read- something instead of just comics.

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