THE RISE OF ADOLF HITLER – Making of the political genius

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 to Alois (a civil servant) and Karla. He was 4th among six children. He did his high schooling in a place called Linz and then shifted to Vienna. I will not venture further into other historical aspects of Adolf Hitler (as you can just wiki them anytime).

This post concentrates on the years he spent in Vienna (1909-1913) which he describes as the “saddest part of his life” in Mein Kampf, and how these experiences were vital in the making of the political genius.

Hitler left his hometown and came to Vienna to become a painter, which is very unexpected,  because this is a man who murdered 6.5 million people. He arrived at Vienna in order to join an architecture school, but never made efforts to join one. He was ill fed, ill clothed and had to opt for odd jobs like shoveling snow, beating carpets, carrying bags and as construction laborer.

About these days, he writes in Mein Kampf as :

“Hunger was the my faithful bodyguard, He never left me for a second and partook all I had. My life was a continual struggle with this friend”.

So Hitler’s youth was pretty much only filled with 3 things – poverty, loneliness and disappointment. In spite of all these hardships he had all the time at his disposal to analyse the current political scenario.

Back the there was three major political parties – Social democrats, Christan socialists and Pan-German nationalists.

Hitlers greatest strength was his ability to coldly analyze just about anything. So on analyzing the scenario in Germany, he arrived at 3 principle conclusions and they were :-

  •  He was principally against democracy right from his teenage years as he was convinced people could not take the correct decisions and clever propaganda could fool them (Bulls eye, he was right). He even calls it the ‘whore’ dressed up as an angel.
  • No political party can bring about a religious reform. In attempting to do so, it loses popularity. The Pan-Germans always fought with the church, which led to their downfall.
  • “Search for the inner desires of the people.” : by which he means even though everyone are communal deep within, they would not admit it openly. But if a political party adheres to their communal interests they would support it and the sense of racial superiority is inevitable.

These are the first few recorded political observations of the mastermind back in his youth. Then came the war (WW1) in which he was recruited to serve his most beloved country. For Hitler the past with all its shabbiness, loneliness and disappointments was to remain in the shadows, though it shaped his mind and character forever afterwards. The war which would bring death to millions brought him (at 25) a new start in life, and many millions, their subsequent ends.

Wisetongue19 : To further advance your knowledge as to how the entire Israel-Palestine conflict would not have existed if a man did not suddenly want a sandwich back in 1914, read this and #2 in this.  It’s interesting as hell.

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