I write this post as I listen to Status Excesses D by Armin Van Buuren under his Gaia Pseudonym.

One thing that never ceases to amazes me is how fresh Armin’s music sounds.

Armin’s music has so much energy and vibe to it,a very soulful form of music. No doubt about that.

The reason I got hooked onto Trance is TIESTO.

I was just mind blown listening to his tracks.

Especially his “Adagio for strings“.

Probably his best ever track.

There is something to that song which words cannot describe.

Ok , so the big question here.

Who is better , TIESTO or ARMIN.

I’ve seen a lotta forums and discussions dedicated to it.


Comparing ARMIN to TIESTO is pretty stupid.

For one,they have totally different styles.

And two,it’s like comparing,your right hand to your left.

You can never say which one’s better and you need both for normal function.

Tiesto was the reason a lot of people started listening to trance.

People like me,who had no idea,trance existed.

His music had something very different in it,which other forms of music lacked.

And Paul Van Dyk also helped in popularising in Trance to an extent.

His “For an angel” and “Crush” are Cult Classics !

Million times , still not bored of it ….

Whereas on the other hand,Armin Van Buuren is the reason people keep listenin to trance today.

And ARMIN’s ASOT popularised trance to a large extent.

In case you dint know, ASOT is “A State Of Trance“. A weekly radio show hosted by Armin.

Played in over 40 countries,listened by a staggering 30 million people weekly,making it the most listened to Radio Show.

And Armin spends huge amounts of time listening to track’s by other artists and compiling them.

He is more of a producer than a DJ artist. He is the reason why there are so many young artists have become popular.

Also,I read forums which said Armin and Tiesto seem to hate each other and they dont play each other’s stuff.

Which is totally false.

In fact AVB and Tiesto are good friends !

HERE . A collaboration between ARMIN and TIESTO :

Also,the reason why TIESTO doesnt play ARMIN’s track is because Tiesto has moved away from the TRANCE scene.

In an interview to DJ MAG , he said :

“The biggest thing to happen for me this year is my change in style. I play more eclectic, much more house-driven, and like, indie pop music. The whole trance part is deleted from my set now. It is completely gone. It was a revolutionary thing for me.”

And,ARMIN still plays TIESTO’s stuff in his sets.

So stop making stupid assumptions.


Moving on….

Today,the TRANCE scene has really picked up.

Lotta young DJ’s cropping up everywhere.

Orjan Nilsen a.k.a DJ Governor has impressed me with his brilliant variations and his diverse form of music.

Listen to this amazing piece of TRANCE with an acoustic guitar work :

Cosmic GateGareth EmeryFerry CorstenATB,Markus Schulz,Above & Beyond are some of the TRANCE artists who make amazing TRANCE music !

And there are a lot more amazing TRANCE artists you would have never heard of ! Just go to youtube and see the amount of talent !

Here are some of the most popular trance songs which are truly mind-blowing :

Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sharon Den Adel – In and Out Of Love

ATB – Esctacy

Markus Schulz – The new world

Gareth Emery Feat. Lucy Sanders – Sanctuary

Above and Beyond – Can’t Sleep

Cosmic Gate – Wave

Ferry Corsten Feat. Betsie Larkin – Made Of Love

Dj Shah Feat. Aruna – Now or Never ( Acoustic )

And my personal opinion , ARUNA is probably the best TRANCE singer out there …..

Just enjoy the music.

Melt in it.

Forget yourself.


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  1. Even though personal preferences shall exist, I like the way this post is written with such neutrality and admiration for the great artists as well as the evergreen music we call TRANCE! 🙂

    • One Very Annoyed Dude

      Yes, I love both Armin and Tiesto and it hates to see people argue over who’s better. Enough with the arguments and just enjoy the music.

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