Pakistan and Osama

After all the recent astonishing and also a little hard to believe events, I sat wondering how the hell all this would affect India.

I mean, let me be direct : For Pakistan, the game is up. Osama was caught there and killed.

Their double standards, double-speak and fraud is slowly coming to light with the Western world. The same Western world did not react to India’s comments immediately after 26/11 about Pakistan’s prolonged harboring of terrorists.

So, Osama was in a mansion for 5 years, something that people have written elaborately about. There are 3 possibilities here when you consider that :

  • He was in the mansion and the entire Pakistani establishment knew about it and protected him.
  • He was in the mansion and a few rogue elements within the Pakistani establishment like the ISI and the Military knew about it
  • He was in the mansion and no one in Pakistan knew about it

Let’s see how each of those possibilities works out for India and the rest of the world.

1. He was in the mansion and the entire Pakistani establishment knew about it and protected him.

This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for India, then the US, then Afghanistan and possibly the entire world. In big, bold, red letters. If this is true, as most laymen think it is, then what would the motives be?

The first thing that comes to my mind is aid. The Pakistanis hid him so that they can still get aid from the US, which they will in turn use against India. It’s no secret that Pakistanis use up most of their military aid not in the Northwestern region of their country, which is plagued by utter lawlessness and the idiots from the Haqqani Network, but against India. They seriously have an Indophobia no one but themselves can cure.

Or so my logic says.

The Af-Pak region is exceptionally volatile and prone to terrorism. The US, which was in pursuit of Osama and intent on finishing off or causing some damage to all his supporting networks and allies, is the main player here.

Pakistan is fully aware of that. So they took in Osama while his ass was on the line, hid him, made him continuously provoke the US and other countries, got US aid to “protect” them from “terrorists”, and used this money and muscle against India, probably preparing for an “Operation Liberation of Kashmir from Infidels”.

But what about the numerous terror attacks that have happened in Pakistan since 2001?

I can safely assume that only the top establishment and Osama knew about this arrangement (if it existed). There is a big chance Osama’s minions did not know of it and kept up their pursuit of killing people for whatever retarded reasons they had. It was actually imperative that there were a bunch of attacks on innocent Pakistani civilians, otherwise things might have gotten a little too suspicious.

A big conspiracy, and I have no proof to back this up. These are all pure hypotheses.

But why the continuous stance against India?

I have no logical explanation to that. It probably started with a part of Sindh during Partition, which was Hindu majority but ruled by a Muslim and went to Pakistan during Partition.

Then the problems started in J&K, whose leader refused to accede to either India or Pakistan initially. After Pakistan showed signs of an invasion, he promptly signed a deal with India and acceded to India, which pissed Pakistan off so bad that they’re still fighting for it.

I’m not absolving India of anything either : the Jammu-Kashmiris are treated in the worst possible way, they have no job opportunities and its been FUCKED UP for a long, long time. I’m sure they just want to be left alone and both Governments seem unwilling to get this fucked up issue resolved. Such a beautiful place too. It’s sad.

Anyway, yeah.

Pakistan has an ego problem about Kashmir, where they accuse Indian soldiers of massacring innocent “Muslim” Kashmiri people. I don’t know how often this happens, and when it does, the Army says they acted out of self defense. I don’t know who to believe. I just sympathize with the people of J&K who are missing the “economic boom” bus that India is on.

So yeah, its a communal + ego + pride + retarded clusterfuck created by the FUCKING British (as they have a record of doing : Israel-Palestine, Koreas, Australia) that’s mostly the cause of the problems today.

This is absolutely bad for India because it shows to what length the Pakistanis are willing to go to get back at India. If it is true, that is. Let’s not forget for even a second that Pakistani now has more nuclear weapons than India and they don’t have a NFU or a No First Use policy like India has. For India, our weapons are mainly for deterrence. For Pakistan, its for actually using it.

If that country is retarded enough to let a crazed bastard live in it so that they’ll get to go against India, then they’re just dangerous.

They’re phenomenally dangerous. I don’t know how much longer Manmohan Singh can keep downplaying this. Pakistan doesn’t want peace. It’s a fact.

We have to arm ourselves to the tooth and also probably get the Americans/Russians to have some military base in India. That would be deterrent enough for the Pakistanis and a strategic win (even China will STFU after that), but the Communists and the BJP will not at all agree.


2. He was in the mansion and a few rogue elements within the Pakistani establishment like the ISI and the Military knew about it.

This probably spells even more trouble for India than anything else, because it shows a few elements in Pakistan have gone rogue for the reasons mentioned earlier, while a few more are actually good and intent on keeping the peace and calm intact.

The problem is : who is who?

We can assume here that the ISI is good, probably anti-India a little (like the RAW is anti-Pakistan. It’s all geopolitics), but a few jihadist elements have gone way beyond the call of duty and taken things into their own hands. That is, without official sanction.

I’m not sure if the ISI is stupid (or good) enough to do the whole 26/11 things. I mean, sure, maybe they’re good, but how long will it take us to trace it back to Pakistan? They do stuff and then they deny it?

That is what they’re doing now, anyway.

For example, they want access to Kasab, but will not hand over Hafiz Saeed and his looney-army because “all of India’s dossiers of evidence have been more literature than evidence”. They’ve rejected our evidence chargesheets umpteen times, citing mistakes all the fucking time. I wonder when (and if) MMS will wake up and open his freaking eyes, because we’ve got a rapidly failing State right there.

So anyway, these rogue people within the ISI or the Pakistani Military decide to do the exact same stuff mentioned previously for the exact same reasons, and this somehow seems more plausible because of one thing : the fewer people know about any secrets, the more likely it is to remain a secret.

You can visualize it now, a bunch of spooks dealing with a bunch of bearded guys, each trying to fulfill their ultimate aim : Crazy spooks vs India, and Crazy bearded guys trying to set up their interpretation of a “pure Islamic” State in Pakistan first, then the rest of the world.

That’s another reason why this alliance, if it exists, may not always work out.

The ISI can only indulge in a covert war with India. They can try to spy on Indians, find out what they’re talking about, and generally indulge in real life game-theory. But the terrorists are more open. They want to die.

They want to die for Kashmir.

They want to die for their God.

They want to die so that they can install Islam everywhere. Seriously, that’s how they’ve understood it. To them, everyone else in the world is an infidel or a kafir, and they’re going to fight a “holy crusade” to propagate their God’s mission to make sure Islam replaces everything else in the world.

How retarded does that sound?

By saying that, they’ve also made on thing clear : Even if India backs up on the whole Kashmir issue, which I highly doubt it will, they will still keep up against India to replace all Hindus with Muslims.

In simple language, they have just declared they’re fucking crazy.

Which is why this whole thing will backfire on the ISI itself, as it is happening now. Innocent people are being killed because these loonies are trying to first “purify” Pakistan, then move on. The ISI can only manipulate crazy people so much.

The situation is rapidly spiraling out of control and I’m not really sure as to how it will hold up in say, five years?

Of course, if Pakistan does fail because of its numerous economic and political woes, it again spells disaster for India because of nukes. Come on man!! Do an Israel and destroy their weapons. Then I can breathe easy.

Quite honestly, it’s not even the failing Pakistan I’m worried about. It’s the nukes that exist in there. If they did not exist, then I would totally not care and instead admonish the Indian government for not making our borders strong enough.

Nuclear weapons are devastating and unlike conventional bombs, you will instantly vaporize. Yes, I will become wisetongue oxide or if I survive, I’ll get cancer. And the reach is pretty fucked up too. One primitive nuke destroyed one city. Depending on the power they have today, they can destroy entire districts, or states, or countries. It’ll be utter, utter chaos and its not highly likely, but still possible.

But hey, those numbnut politicians of ours are too busy stealing our money to care right? When they can go to Switzerland and stash money there, why should they bother?

And then there’s China : Most annoying nation in the world today, if there is such a rank. They’re just economically strong. Other countries may care, but India doesn’t care about it. Sure we depend on them for our imports. But if we piss them off and they stop exporting to us (like they did to Japan recently), it’s not like we’ll crumble and collapse or anything. We can pick up where they left off and frankly, I think we should do that. That’s how the US and Russia developed as 2 independent economic powers in the early 20th century.

I digressed, sorry. Back to topic.

We have to get out of this China bubble, because of their constant and incessant support to Pakistan with the sole aim of pissing us off, because of their constant harping over Arunachal and the Tibetians; and give them a long finger.

Fuck you, China. I hate you.

3. He was in the mansion and no one in Pakistan knew about it.

How loudly this screams about the incompetency of the Pakistanis, if it is true, is exceptional.

And the Pakistanis are claiming that this is, in fact, true.

That they had NO idea that Osama was there, right there, next to a military academy, quite far away from the Afghanistan border and close to the capital.

If this is true, then we have nothing to worry about. Go in, Indian troops, I say. Go in, kidnap that loser Dawood Ibrahim, the other loser Hafiz Saeed and come back. I doubt if they have any radar switched on at all, given how the Americans flew in and out. Or if they have anyone manning their nuclear silos, waiting to fire at us.

Sure they scrambled jets when they knew “some shit was going down” in Abbottabad, but hey. This is India. We can just walk in, presumably along the beach that connects Gujarat and the state Karachi is in.

If they are incompetent, that is.

I see no reason to believe they actually are, with India being next to them and all. Incompetency is one thing the Pakistani military and intelligence is sure-as-hell not.

So why are they claiming to be incompetent when all other evidence points the other way?

Beats me. It’s not like the Pakistanis care about their civilians. I’m thinking they declare ignorance because of what the potential repercussions could be – from the Taliban and other mentals with guns.

If they said, “Yeah we totally allowed the Americans to do this dude.”, then the Taliban will absolutely explode – literally, all over the place. In a country already plagued by chaos, this is something they couldn’t afford.

If they said, “No, we did not know about this”, like they did now, then there’s this teensy-tiny bit of doubt and the Taliban probably won’t go crazy. Add to that the American statements that they did not tell the Pakistani’s and the Taliban still have one primary enemy – America.

In other words, they’re just protecting their asses. I can think of no other reason.

How this will affect India isn’t so hard to ponder, if at all they’re actually so incompetent and useless. We can just walk in, destroy nuclear weapons, get all our enemies and walk out. Everyone is happy and lives happily ever after.

I hope you note that #3 is particularly dripping with heavy cynicism. I call bullshit on Pakistan.

Which do you think it is?

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  1. It is undoubtedly, unanimously the 1st cos, that fucker Gilani showed absolutely no frown or remorse in his face n the statements he made. He just stated things as a matter of factly and again pointed mistakes on everyone’s part. He’s such a B******.

    Secondly, you are too good man simply amazing but i think you’r typing a lil too hysterically here that there are some errors n spelling mistakes run spell check before posting it finally; its partition right in the 6th para under the 1st heading? Just thought i’d let you know! 🙂

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