Ma? Do I Hafta Add the Veg Too?

Our Miss Hopeless Romantic is of course, indeed hopeless and excels at whiling away time by typing away in her keyboard always other than reading romance novels that her mother totally gave up hope of trying to teach her anything; leave alone cooking!

So, one fine day when her dad called up abruptly and said “Am coming home in 10 minutes i want lunch to be ready”, her mum freaked out as obviously, lunch was far from being ready. Unfortunately and frustratingly for our romantic, her mum turned to her and hurriedly said

“Ok you gotta help me in this i’ll quickly take a shower n come meanwhile you put the kadai on the stove and put the oil n kadugu (mustard) and fry i’ll tell you the rest” and she quick as a flash she disappeared.

Now, HR was eagerly giving finishing touches to her latest blog post that day and she gets super pissed whenever her vetti-velai is interrupted by her mum or/and dad asking for a glass of water or to turn on/off the damn motor or to get the door. She gets very pissed. So when her mum had called her, she stomped furiously into the stuffy kitchen which is forever hot. She was literally fuming.

“Ok ma am frying the kadugu in oil what comes next?”

She yells from the shower “add the onions n curry leaves n fry them too”

(by this time everything was super cooked and turning a slight black colour with additional steam coming off the kadai)

“Next ma?”

(all the while she’s swishing the slotted spoon  furiously)

“……with a pinch of salt and chilli powder”

(Disgustedly and frustrated) “how much salt do i put ma?”

“A tablespoon” she yells back.

HR hunts for the salt (which is under her very nose all the while) and adds the salt……..

……before realizing something.

Perplexed and confused, she yells “Ma? Do i add the paavakka (bitter gourd) too?”


“Paavakka ma! Do i add that too???”

“You mean you dint put it yet? How’d you put the salt and chilli powder then woman???”

“Oh. Ok i’ll put it now” and THEN she adds the bitter gourd and chilli powder and cooks them. The mixture has already turned into a dark brown colour and upon adding the paavakka, i dont even want to think of the colour it turned to.

Then mum returns, takes one look at the kadai and says “nee po ma naa paathukiraen” (you get lost i’ll take care of it 😛 )

Vitta podhum nu she gets outta there as fast as possible and gets back to her blog post! Phew! That was one funny and scary experience!

She then casually strolls towards her dad later who’s just about to begin his meal.

She looks at the dish she made in the table.

Guess how it looks? Over cooked and crisp. A little too crisp. AND, black in colour.

Mum later said its far from what it should have been.

She bursts out laughing at the little joke she’d made 😛

Mum to dad “Nice daughter we have. I wonder who she will kuppai-kottify with”

At that (which she’s been hearing pretty much for a long time now) she couldn’t control her laughter! 😀

So much for cooking eh? 😉

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  1. 😛 Nice to hear that my blogging reminds you of the famous sims! 🙂

  2. XD! Although, a Hopeless Romantic blogging… reminds me of The Sims.

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