Yo, Lord Indira. Sup?

To be noted first is the fact that I moved to Mumbai from Chennai. I know what heat is. Chennai has 10 months of it. So when I saw live temperatures on NDTV or Times Now, and when they said Mumbai is 33’c or 34’C, I was like “whoa, I’m going to a relatively cooler place”.

MAN was I wrong.

It’s not even kind of close to “cool”. It’s freaking hot. The heat is oppressive. It’s even hotter because of all the shitty traffic.

Also, dusty.

Also, humid.

So I don’t enjoy moving around in Mumbai much. If I do go anywhere, it’ll be really early in the morning (6-7 am) and otherwise I try and limit my movement as much as possible.

You’ll be like, “dude you’re from Chennai. How can you find Mumbai worse?”

Good question. Maybe it is worse, maybe its not. Maybe I have a complex. I’ll illustrate the effect of Mumbai’s heat with the following image :

A crow, seen here giving precisely zero shits about the heat or humans.


It was SO hot that even a crow decided to hang in the most intelligent and smartest of places : A potted plant below trees below buildings. This crow was giving the metaphorical middle finger to the sun (and me) because it absolutely did not budge. It cawed. But it refused to move.

It’s that hot. In my society, where I live, dogs disappear during the day to the 2 underground parking levels and they hide under cars. 2 levels of concrete is not enough to protect them from Mumbai’s heat. They need to hide under a car even then.

So imagine the delight I felt along with the dogs, the crows and some random kids, when we realized it was ACTUALLY clouding up. I live in a location where the city is to the west and its flat and open to the east. No buildings exist east of where I live.

I observed clouds gathering in the distance and pretty soon, the gathered above where I was standing. You just know it’s going to rain when all the hot air is replaced by a soothing, cooler breeze that picks up all the dust and miscellaneous gunk lying around and flings it on unsuspecting citizens.

Obviously, this is delightful. For once I’m happy I’m in Mumbai because hahaha to @Chennaicitizens, you have to wait for proper rains till November. LOL!! Enjoy the heat, suckers!!

Right now the sky is yellow, as I type, which is weird but it’s raining, so its also awesome.

I was not going to be outdone by little badassthings like rain, so I clicked pictures for all of you to enjoy and probably seethe at :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeah I know the picture of the crow re-appeared, but WP has no feature to exlude images from slideshows for some reason.

Anyway, rain is absolutely delightful. I just love it. It IS going to become hotter tomorrow, and the humidity will increase, what with all the water on the ground evaporating and all. But whatever, this is the “first rains”, the first spontaneous precipitation of di-hydrogen oxide from the heavens, so it’s a relief.

I reinforce to all of you baking in Delhi, Chennai, wherever : hahahahahahahahaha! Here is a completely pointless video of a baby laughing :





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  1. Its raining in Chennai too,buddy. 😀 Or atleast,it rained yester !

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