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That’s Baba Ramdev. He is trending on Twitter. He is giving Congress nightmares. He’s making the BJP nervous. Also, he’s the butt of some unclassy jokes like :

“The Government is deciding to pass a bill banning fasts-unto-deaths”

Basically, he has sworn to take a fast unto death to prevent the loot of money happening in our country and also to give the death penalty for those accused of corruption. Laughably naive, you say.

I beg to differ. China has the death penalty for corruption, and more than one Government executive has been executed for looting money.

Yeah, China is still exceptionally corrupt. However, this is because of the fact that China has a one party system. India has a million-party system.

So..yeah..it’s actually easier to be corrupt in China than in India, though that’s not really the case.

Unless all the parties here are in cahoots and jointly looting money and just putting on all this fasting bullshit as an act. Then that would be a total mindfuck.

Anyway, the Congress is playing good cop-bad cop with this Baba Ramdev issue.

On one hand, they greet Baba Ramdev in the airport, 5 bigwig ministers and all. This is “significant” because it potrays that the Congress is “serious” about tackling corruption.

On the other hand, you have India’s male Paris Hilton Digvijay Singh blabbering nonsense like “Baba Ramdev is being backed by the RSS” and “How did he get so much money for this if he did not have enough money for his cycle when he was a kid?”

I’ll quickly rebut Mr.Singh’s statements :

1) So what if he’s being backed by the RSS? It’s a democracy. Anyone can support anyone. Also, Baba Ramdev is NOT doing this to divert attention from Hindutva terror. That’s superlame. You have to learn how to properly mudsling, sir.

2) Mr.Singh claimed that he had information about “unscrupulous elements” who donated to Ramdev’s cause. You fail to note the operator here : donated. Anyone can donate. Hell, even Obama can donate. So what? It does not necessarily prove that Baba Ramdev is in cahoots with whoever these elements are, if they exist. This is absolutely ridiculous.

For all we know, you could have coerced these “unscruplous elements”, if they exist, to donate and then totally and gleefully claim that “I said so”.

Such is the nature of Indian politics that even the average 20 year old can totally wrap his head around whatever the hell it is that the politicians these days are trying to do.

Anyway, Mr.Singh also called him a “businessman” who should stick to teaching yoga and not get involved in politics.

Isn’t that being a little personal?

How would he feel if Baba Ramdev said, “Who? I don’t need to talk or answer to unimportant Congress people.”?

Wait. Baba Ramdev totally said that.


AND punk'd

When Arnab Goswami asked Mr.Singh why Rahul Gandhi was silent, his response was unbelievable : “Why should Rahul Gandhi (or Raul Vinci) respond to all issues? He will respond only when the issue is important enough.”

Rahul Gandhi can go toe-to-toe with Mayawati in UP, but he can’t comment on issues that are important in the national light? What should happen for Congress’ “young blood” to react? When will he comment? What is keeping him from commenting?

So did he comment on the UP issue solely to win votes? Is that what this whole shebang has come down to?


If you don’t have the collective amnesia every Indian seems to suffer from, you’ll be able to remember that Gandhi kept quiet even during Anna Hazare’s campaign.

I’m mostly unsure of where this shit is headed.

Even now Digvijay Singh is commenting on CNN-IBN (yeah he came over from Times-Now in 20 minutes :|) that Baba Ramdev is corrupt. He is just blatantly accusing Ramdev on national television.

The Government is actually desperately trying to save its face. Digvijay Singh is the idiot who comes and blabbers stuff (with full permission from Sonia Gandhi) whenever something is happening.

It happened during that issue involving the fake CD of Shanti Bhushan back in April, it happened now, it happened during the Mayawati issue, and it’ll keep happening.

Digvijay Singh isn’t the Congress’ man friday, as opposed to that, he is the Congress’ slanderer. He just randomly says stuff without basis or proof and diverts the focus to something else entirely. First he questioned the credibility of the 5 member civil-society for the Lokpal Bill. Now he’s doing this.

I see what’s going on here.

Of course you do, you dumb pear.

Anyway, as I was saying (before I digressed), I don’t know shit about Baba Ramdev. All I do know is, he is incredibly popular and has the backing of thousands and thousands of honest citizens. He was open and vocal in his support for Anna Hazare and Mr. Hazare is going to support him back when his fast starts.

Apart from that I don’t know anything.

I do know the Congress is horrible, and that all politicians never answer anything directly, that all politicians have huge ego’s and never admit to their faults, that all politicians play suckups to their leaders, that all politicians will do anything to discredit other people.

I also know that India is not headed in the right direction. If Dayanidhi Maran can get 323 ISDN lines for SUN HQ and make taxpayers pay for that (he totally did that and did not pay a single buck), and no one is bothered, then this says any of the following 2 things  :

1) India is tired of corruption : Too many scams, nothing has happened till now and nothing will happen.

2) India is used to corruption and is thick-skinned : So what? You’re complaining about this as if you’re some big cherubic angel. Have you never paid a bribe before? You have? Then STFU. Even you’re corrupt.

I mean, I can just see what the Government is doing : They’re trying to make it look like no one is above corruption in this country because they know the ones who ARE totally above corruption are weak and un-supported. Like you, or me. And if someone does oppose them, then the mudslinging promptly starts.

They also know the ones who are NOT aware of corruption are the ones who are uneducated and in the rural areas.

I feel ever so strongly that exactly zero shits are being given about those poor people because successive Governments know that’s where their votes come from, and that the votes will dry up if education “occurs”. They’re doing this deliberately.

India is like this because of the politicians, but I might as well just be some nutcase conspiracy theorist as I have no proof whatsoever. This just seems intuitive to me.

Back to topic.

If the Lokpal Bill IS passed as promised (the Monsoon session is due to begin shortly) with full powers, and the death penalty IS given, then it won’t kill corruption, it will just act as a deterrent to it.

I’d like to see all our money got back from wherever the fuck they’re stored : Switzerland, Bahamas, Maldives, Liechenstien, whatever.

I’d also like to see smugassed fucks like *Insert Tihar inmate name here* totally die. Like, 100%.

You know, I’m bored, to be seething like this always. It just has no effect. People will be like “hey politician” or whatever, and it just makes me feel helpless.

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  1. Balram Gulati Dr

    Hats off to Ramdev for bringing out such important issues. He could as well like most of indians be in deep slumber and enjoy his closeness to celebrities.this is the time whole nation should stand behind such Souls.it was the most dictaterial act of the present govt nd Delhi police to lathicharge nd Gas peaceful people in the middle of night. surely i am embaressed totally to be an Indian. Shame on all of us. Letus get up nd support Anna Hazare..let the govt. not subjugate his honest struggle towards rooting out the CANCER CORRUPTION…

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