India? Democracy? Hahahahaha!

Irrelevant of how people feel about Baba Ramdev and his integrity, what happened very early this morning was wrong.

People were sleeping. Police came in. Teargassed the fucking hell out of sleeping people. Why? Because they had information that “the location was at risk of a terror attack“. They beat people up. They evicted Baba Ramdev and threw him in Uttarakhand.

They also declared Section 144 all over Delhi and later, Mayawati prevented him from entering even UP.

You teargas innocent people? You teargas sleeping people? Isn’t it law to bring female cops to deal with female individuals? Where were the female cops? Why were there riot police? Why was there a need to do this at night? At midfuckingnight?!

This Government has lost all its moral right to operate because they did not just this, but reacted arrogantly too. Even now, they’re mudslinging at Baba as if the people are inconsequential. They seem to be “pooh-pooh”ing everything away.

This is wrong.

That’s it. Wrong.

Also, I’m not here to pass judgement as to whether Baba Ramdev is right or wrong. That’s not the issue here.

Baba Ramdev was protesting corruption by fasting, something the whole world (and the fucking Indian media) knew before June 3rd. He started his “fast unto death” to :

  1. Eradicate corruption
  2. Bring back black money
  3. Declare black money as national assets
  4. Give death penalty to those who are involved in corruption
  5. And other concerns involving corruption.

He landed at Delhi and was received by 5 Congress politicians – 4 members of the Cabinet and Kapil Sibal and Pranab Mukherjee.

Then started the negotiations on one hand, with the Congress trying to assure him that they’ll take legitimate steps to prevent corruption (1425th time they’re saying that this June alone).

They wanted him to not fast. He said he will fast.

Then on the other hand, Digvijay Singh was openly accusing the Baba of forwarding RSS interests in the name of anti-corruption. If it’s not Mr. Manish Tiwary blabbering, its Digvijay Singh and some Singhvi guy.

Good cop, bad cop much, Congress? Or should I say, “Scamgress”? I hope Mahatma Gandhiji is not seeing all this from heaven, because he’s going to be very, very hurt.

Anyway, according to Digvijay Singh,

  • Baba Ramdev got illegitimate funds for his fast from unscrupulous elements
  • Baba Ramdev was being backed by the RSS, who are trying to divert attention away from Saffron Terror into minor things like corruption.

Before I proceed : I have to make it absolutely clear that Digvijay Singh has a history of catering to the Muslim votes for the Congress. Yes, even on issues like this, he caters to his Muslim vote bank. He’s done this before :

  • In 2010, he claimed he got a call from the late Hemant Karkare before he died, telling him about how 26/11 was carried out by RSS agents. Way to treat a dead hero, buddy. +1 to you.
  • He said “Osamaji” should have been given a proper Islamic burial. According to him, all criminals, irrelevant of religion, should be given a proper burial.
  • He kept quiet during the Anna Hazare campaign but started blabbering during Baba Ramdev’s. If you remember right, Manish Tiwary was blabbering this RSS nonsense when Anna Hazare started fasting.

So this became that and that became WHAT? and the Congress unleashed their personal bitches (the Delhi police) on Baba Ramdev and his innocent (and sleeping) followers.

No seriously, this happened. Why?

  • On one hand, Ramdev says the Congress gave him false assurances about the whole corruption thing. He says they threatened him.
  • The Congress claims that Baba Ramdev had no permission to conduct a fast unto death (???) and that he had permission only to teach yoga (??!), and that he was a threat to basic law and order in Delhi (?!!). So, they unleashed the cops on people fasting at night, because, just fuck it.

I’ve so many questions :

1) The whole fucking world knew he was taking a fast unto death for corruption, even fucking BBC.  How can the Government claim it did not know about it? Who gave him the approval for sitting in Ramlila ground then? How can the Government say he had permission only to teach yoga when he made his intentions perfectly clear on live national television so many times?

Who the fuck are they trying to fool?

2) Where the fuck is Rahul Gandhi? Where the fucking fuck is Manmohan Singh? Where the fuckity fucking fuck is the President? What the actual fuck is happening?

3) If the Congress is going to squash dissent like this by using that freak lawyer Kapil Sibal and the troll Digvijay Singh at every step, how are we to believe they’re serious about eradicating corruption? Is India a still democracy ? Or is it becoming like China?

For those of you not regular to the blog (read : all of you), here’s what is the scenario regarding the rules of internet in India. I’d say India is becoming like China. Oh my God.

4) How can the Congress even squash dissent? No law was broken, and even if laws were broken, wasn’t it their responsibility to handle this situation better instead of banning the Baba from Delhi and injuring innocent people? How can you beat up people at 3 am for protesting?

How dare they do this?

I have no answers to this. All I know is, this is a scene eerily similar to what happened in Rang De Basanti. For those of you who saw the film, you’ll know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t :

In context, they’re protesting against corruption that caused the death of an innocent IAF pilot (Madhavan), when the police comes and lathicharges them.

Deja vu, deja vu, fuck India, I’m outta here. I don’t want my kids to rage behind a monitor like this when they’re 20, because no one cares and they’ll be wasting their time and energy.

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  1. Nice post my friend. But getting out of India isn’t the solution. You pointed out the similarity of last night’s events with those in movie RDB, but tell me did they left India at the end? Did they even try? Congress is fucked up, so is BJP and most of other parties. But believe me when I say there are still few good men out there who can change things if voted to power. The problem is identifying them and voting them to victory. I’m sure there are many leaders right now both in Congress and opposition who are thinking exactly like you. But they’re outnumbered and hands tied. I think raising voice, toppling the current government, and something like an authoritarian rule is required. You among others can help this cause.

    • wisetongue19

      im not cut out for this as im too emotional, and no one is cut out for politics because they’re too clean and they actually have and use their conscience.

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