Lovestruck! :D

For all the hopeless romantics (like me) here goes a typical lovestruck poem (Written by me once upon a time)


This is what i do,

When the world sleeps;

I look at you silently.

I take in every angle of you,

I look at your eyes,

And picture my image in your pupil-

An image i’ll never forget.

I look at your palm and then mine,

Thinking of when i can intertwine both;

Thinking of that feeling i get,

On intertwining our fingers.

Isn’t it beautiful, the way it fits perfectly?

I look at your shoulders;

And assure myself that,

The safest place where i can

Rest my head is your shoulder.

And to think of crying my heart out

In your shirt?

You never complain of wetting your shirt…

I smile to myself,

Thinking of how lucky i am

To be blessed with a soul like you…

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