6 Rare (and Mindblowingly Expensive) Cars

Why look at fictional cars that one can never have when there are a bunch of real life cars so exclusive, you wont be allowed to think of one lest they get scratches from your vicious, impure, unrefined thoughts?

“In a cosmic perspective, most human concerns seem insignificant, even petty” – Carl Sagan

Suuure Mr. Sagan, easy for you to say. You could have gotten each of these cars by just appearing at the dealership and snapping your little toes together.

Not me though. And I am sure none of you either.

How does it make me feel that I am not only insignificant in a cosmic perspective but also insignificant in a earthly perspective? Not good.

Bascially, these cars are utterly difficult to get. Let’s do the only thing we measly pathetic insignificant mortals can : drool at them on WordPress.

6. Ferrari Enzo.

The Ferrari Enzo is a car from Ferrari (Ed : thank you, Captain Obvious) and is named after its owner, Enzo Ferrari. It’s built using F1 technology and technologies not allowed in F1, like traction control and aerodynamics. When it reaches its top speed, its rear spoiler will come up and bring in the downforce, keeping it on the ground.

The company built the car and sent invitations to existing customers of Ferrari cars, particularly the owners of the Ferrari F40s and F50s. Using this method, 349 cars were sold. Later, after numerous requests (presumably from guys like my but with fatter fatter fatter wallets), 50 more were made. The last one was made and auctioned off to raise money for the victims of the devastating tsunami in 2004.

You have to understand that to buy certain cars from Ferrari, you have to be some recognized figure in the world. You can’t just walk into some Ferrari store (there are none, I think) and ask for a car. They have to come to you and offer you a car. It’s that exclusive.

Cost : $670000

How many made?


5. Bugatti Veyron.

Till this car was made, the McLaren F1 was the worlds fastest car and frequently reached speeds above 350 kmph, which is really really fast. With that speed, you could theoretically go from Bangalore to Chennai in little over an hour. This car broke that record, then ate it, then excreted it to the Mars, then destroyed Mars and went back to its garage. It’s really really fast : it tops 430 kmph.

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were so impressed by it (they all drove it in different episodes, first time that happened), they named it the Car of the Decade 2000-09. And I don’t see why not. It was a loss making venture by Bugatti, which is owned by Volkswagen. They will never make back the money they invested in that car, not even with that high price tag. It costs more to make than to sell.

They made it purely to show that, yeah, cars can go this fast if you applied yourself, got 2 narrow V8’s and 10 radiators, supercharged and turbocharged the engine and got 1000 brake horse power out of it. It’s that simple, yaar.

Cost : $2.7 million

How many made?


4. Pagani Zonda.

Pagani is an Italian company, much like Ferrari or Lambhorgini and I must admit I’ve never heard of them until I started watching Top Gear on BBC in 2005.

They make some mean looking cars that will bite your head off and then spit it out with contempt if they were alive. They also make these cars exclusive and expensive, which makes you want to bite your own head off and spit it out with contempt for having been born in India and not to some rich, Italian family.

Cost : Upto $2 million

How many made?


3. Lambhorgini Reventon.

Now we have moved into the super exclusive part of this list. This car is, quite frankly, my favorite. Just look at it. Are you blind? No? Then look at it. LOOK AT IT !

Honestly, I breathed in sharply for the first time upon seeing any car, (that reaction is usually reserved for gorgeous girls) because that car really is that good looking. It is also powerful, packing a V12, which can give it speeds of above 320 kmph.

But WHY on earth would you want to drive it? Why? To break the hearts of guys like me? FFFFUUUU, Reventon owners.

Cost : ~$1.7 million

How many made?


2. Maybach Exelero.

What more can I say, apart from the fact that it is :

  1. A Maybach, which is an already difficult-to-procure label.
  2. German, which means its fucking awesome.
  3. Expensive. For 8 million, I could get 1.5 Learjets. Yes, those really really fast planes.
  4. Freaking Rare. Super Exclusive. Mouth is watering.

Cost : $ 8 million

How many made?


1. Koenigsegg Trevita.

Koenigsegg. Yes, it’s a weird sounding word. It’s also Swedish. Sweden, for all of you not given the gift of understanding geography, is a really really cold place that has fewer people than the neighborhood you’re in right now. And they’ve made this gem. Literally. It’s made out of carbon fibre and diamond.

This isn’t just some random superrich collectors items either – it can actualy touch 400 kmph. Oh yeah, it also runs on ethanol. 400 kmph on ethanol. Now I really have seen everything (metaphorically of course).

Cost : $2.21 million

How many made?


Yes. Just 3. We wont even see this car, much less actually own it. As you read this, these cars are probably in 3 different garages across the world, just sitting, waiting, basking in their exclusivity.

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