Quickpost : 26/11 Conviction in the US.

Everyone knows about the horrors that happened in Mumbai on 26th of November, 2008.

It happened partly because of this guy called David Coleman Headley, who was a US spy also involved in terrorist activities. He basically researched all these areas where the terrorists could possibly strike and gave the information back to lunatics in Pakistan.

Let me rack your memory a little bit more. Sometime back, a Danish newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet, which led to outrage all across the Islamic world as any physical representation of the Prophet is forbidden by Islamic law.

In revenge, another guy called Tahawwur Hussain Rana, plotted with David Headley to attack the office of the Danish newspaper, hold people hostage and then kill all of them. He was charged, along with Headley, of plotting the attacks on the Danish newspaper and in Mumbai, and of supporting the LeT.

Background story complete.

So families of the American victims of 26/11 sued Headley, Rana, the ISI and the Pakistani military in a Chicago based court and from what I read, I understand that Headley agreed to turn informer in return for :

  • No chance of extradition to India, Pakistan or Denmark.
  • No death penalty in the US if convicted.

Because this case involved American citizens abroad, the US court took it up and proceeded to lawyer the hell out of the two fuckers.

Today, however, Rana was acquitted of the Mumbai attacks charges, though the other charges stick and he faces 30 years in prison for plotting terrorist attacks from American soil and assisting a terror group (the LeT).

Now there’s a huge hue and cry by the media who claim “the US has betrayed/failed India again” and that “Obama’s statement in November in Mumbai is of little value” and “the American courts have given a clean chit to the ISI”

I’m calling bullshit on all this, because :

1. American courts are not influenced by anything. They don’t operate like Indian courts. Even assuming the US gave a “clean chit” to the ISI, whatever the hell that means, what is in it for them? There is nothing mutually beneficial from any deal with Pakistan (from what I know of), so this is garbage. If they deemed the ISI to be “clean”, so be it.

2. The Americans were suing all those parties mentioned above not for the terror attack, but for the terror attack that killed Americans. When will those media dorks realize that this isn’t the International Crimial Court at The Hague, it’s a local court in Chicago. They’re doing it purely for themselves, not to “close a chapter on the 26/11 attack” or whatever.

I would attempt to do it, if any of my relatives were killed/injured abroad (GOD FORBID and purely for the sake of discussion). Does that mean I am representing everyone who has been killed/injured abroad? What nonsense.

3. Tax-payers money is keeping the one guy we can actually do something to, alive, all comfy in Mumbai. Also, Mumbai is the city where he came to go on a shitfucking rampage. For 2 years, this dude’s been kept alive. The court has gone on long breaks, judges have been changed, lawyers have been changed and killed, and Amir Ajmal Kasab is still alive.

People are worried about being unable to extradite Headley/Rana when Ajmal Kasab is alive? Sheikh Khwaja, one of the handlers of 26/11, was kidnapped from Colombo by the R&AW and is in our custody now.


When will those responsible and in our custody get judicially approved punishments?

Logically, we should bother about this shit later. The US has already displayed to us, in entirely different circumstances, that they are unwilling to release any prisoners to us. Yeah, I’m talking about Warren Anderson of the infamous Dow Chemicals, involved in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Instead of that, we should worry about making sure this kind of shit doesn’t happen again by improving our intelligence and beefing up our existing security, and not depend on the US for every little goddamned thing.

Again, I reiterate that this case was filed by the FBI and American civilians because AMERICAN CITIZENS died in 26/11. If American citizens were not there, they would have kept quiet.

Everything else is moot. Rana is still going to jail, for entirely different reasons. He’s not walking free. Headley has always been under the thumb of the US and he continues to remain so.



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