Satisfaction : can it ever happen?

Here everyone wakes up in the morning like they do in other countries with an aim to do something productive and earn money.

Money : That is what we all are madly behind.
Each one us is earning it in a different way. Some properly, some by unfair means. : but the point to be noted here is each and everyone makes an honest effort to get it. It never comes easily.

Once the money flows in we wanna spend it.
We spend.
A lot.
Irrespective of how much we have…okay thats a different issue.

THE question is…
Do we really get the satisfaction from the money we spend??

The way money comes in is so tough but the way it just slips out of  our hands without a control is pretty sad.
Picture a smooth, metal slide in a park. Now picture you have smooth sand in your hand. You climb up this slide and place the sand on the slide. It glides down like, I don’t know, really really fast?

This is a metaphor for what happens to your money. Some actual ways money just goes down the drain :

  • VAT esp when your having pizza
  • Parking fee at big malls

Okay. Here we can convince ourselves saying that that money is probably utilized on the development of something.

I study engg in a supposedly “prestigious” institute in the city of Chennai.
I..okay not me exactly…pay nearly a lakh an annum as fees.
A lakh!!
Even if you pay a penny less you don’t have the seat.
The kind of teachers you get is just pathetic! A compromise from our side can never be made but anything can happen in the other side. You can’t complain if you get a horrible teacher. You just can’t.  But your seat is surely snatched if you do not pay the fees quoted by the college!


Why do things have to work like that?
Okay the college – teacher example was a very basic one! There are so many other worse situations.

Book banks!! A bunch of ass holes run them!
Even after paying all the money they want they make you lick their feet till the last day before exams for proper books. Happened to me. True story *Barney Stinson style*

I wanted to complain about them to the consumer forum/court. My dad said just go do something else, dont waste your time. You can’t doanything to them!

WHY?? Why can’t I do anything? Why is it so difficult in our country??
It’s because of this that people think they can get away with anything.

For example if I had threatened to pull out from the book bank or my college they won’t care, they have hundred people waiting to fill my place!

Fuck this country [Editor : Hey hey, fuck the system in our country. India is badass. People in control of it suck.]

It’s our hard earned money and we cannot have a say on what happens to/with/from/for it! Awesome right?
This is one of the main reasons for people getting tensed. Because it a big pinch on the one who has put in his blood and sweat!

Is there really nothing we can do about things like this? Will we ever get the satisfaction from the money we spend??
Leave your replies and comments 🙂


Editor : turbosexaphonic is the new resident mouse of our blog who just moved in. Say hi to this person, everyone.

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  1. Haha !! I shouldn’t be typing that , but i am forced to ! Not for me , but for any Indian ! Get 50 % or get 96 % … all they want is a 4L or 5L as capitation. They’re just hungry for money .. and we are forced to be at the receiving end , really can’t help it ! And VAT – a shocker every time you see the bill !

  2. So true . Anything less than 97% and you pay shit loads to get into a college and once you get in bloody you suffer with horrible teacher . Story of today’s youth and now you also have 100% cut off for science students in a commerce college ,.WOW .
    Indian Education System is going to the dogs and we cant help it .

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