Rick scowled at the pouring rain. He couldn’t get it. How is it that it has to always rain only when he makes a plan which is totally outta the blue? And the damn thing wasn’t even supposed to be down at this time of the year! It was 3 months away! He cursed bitterly at his misfortune.

And hell, it screwed up royally. Either my luck is running out or my stars have been shifted he thought bitterly; for, when the rain subsided, he hurriedly climbed down the stairs and started his bike- the cursed thing vroomed, raced and skid off the street thanks to the rain. He suffered from minor yet gut-wrenching bruises in his hands legs and knee. Thus making it impossible for him to basically take his bike anywhere for the next few weeks. Leave alone to the mechanic to cure of its scratches 😛 And now he had to limp.

He let out an exasperated sigh. All he could do right now was to supposedly enjoy the heaven-on-earth feeling that the sky was radiating at the moment. It was beautiful nevertheless. The sky was full of bluish gray clouds moving slowly engulfing the city completely and casting shadows everywhere as it moved. The clouds itself looked heavenly against the sky. He smiled for the first time which dint last for more than a second as he accidently hit his hand in the window sill and cursed loudly.

Finally the rain stopped. Atleast i could stare at the sky as long as i want by getting out he thought grabbing his diary and pen and quickly put on his flip flops to leave for the park. “Ma am getting outta here see ya” he notified her.

“Be careful honey be sure to gimme a call if anything goes wrong i’ll pick you up from there when you’r done ok?” his mother yelled out to him.

“Sure mom thanks i love you” he yelled back at her. She smiled at his reply. She could never keep him under her surveillance for more than an hour. Restless kid she thought and went back to her reading.

Rick limped patiently to the park which was just around the corner of the street and tried to find a secluded spot. At times like these it wasn’t difficult to find one but today, despite the rain, there were……couples. Another frustrating and nerve-wracking sight he couldn’t endure. He stomped off as fast (in his best pace) as he could and found his secluded spot. He finally smiled and lay looking up at the sky with his ears plugged  on to his ipod. Wow, this is heaven he thought.

He closed his eyes and marveled at the sight above him willing for it to never  leave his mind, when he was rudely shaken outta his reverie. . . . . . .

. . . . .by. . . .an angel bending over him. It must be an angel. Cos she looked like one. Almond shaped eyes. Luscious pink lips, a perfectly shaped face with the innocence of a child and a smile that made him forget his pains…..he was dumbstruck at the woman bending over him. Suddenly realizing that she was saying some thing to him he sat up and de-plugged  his ears to hear her lovely nightingale voice “Hey, i don’t mean to intrude but i saw this book of yours slipping outta your hand i picked it up before it could get drench- hey are you alright? You hear what am saying? Hello?”

Oh what could he say he was mesmerized by her that none of it reached his ears. Instead, music reached his ears. he suddenly snapped out of his stupor and said “Huh? Sorry i wasn’t listening could you please..?” He was in for a surprise when she actually smiled and repeated her what she said and he suddenly realized that he’d dropped his book in his disgust at the couple infested park. He smiled a very unusual bright smile at her and said “Thank yo- ow!” he yelped when his hand again hit the ground on trying to get up. “Here lemme help you” she said and gently helped him stand.

Finally when they were facing each other, she said “Hi, i am Evelyn..and here’s your book. Are you alright now?”

“Yes yes am fine thank you for the timely help am Rick btw it sure as hell is nice to’ve met you at this awkward moment”

She laughed at his reply “Oh thats nothing you seem like you could use some company mind if i buy you a cuppa?” she asked and all world seemed to lay still to him except for that her mouth that formed the words; he was mesmerized by her…

“Sure i’d love one but am not sure if i can walk in this state” he gestured at his many bruises shrugging helplessly.

He was surprised again when she smiled again and said “That wont be a problem i’ll give you a ride” and that was when his heart started beating rapidly at the thought of riding with her, her face, the meeting which seemed totally random….

….”Hell then lets get going!” he replied full of adrenaline.

As they were riding, he fished out his phone and typed a text message to his mom “Hey mom, guess what? I found serendipity today! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You dont’ve to come pick me up i’ll get home safe! ^_^”. On pressing the ‘send’ button, he looked heaven-ward and said “Boy am glad it rained today! If it weren’t for the lil accident, lord knows where i’d have wound up!” Thank God! he said aloud and smiled to himself thinking of what lay ahead.

Doesn’t always come in a bag 🙂

Feedback please! 🙂

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  1. Thank you, turbosexaphonic am honoured *bows* 😛

  2. wisetongue19

    and here i was thinking serendipity means “snake”. its a woman who comes to you when it rains! DAMNIT!! IVE BEEN LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACES!

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