The Eye Contact!

You are very unlucky if your internship gets over at THREE in the afternoon!

ThREE!! That is when the sun is a perfect bitch!

You run for the nearest shade to escape the sun’s rays roasting your poor skin. Just then, a cool breeze blows on your face. You instantly turn to see where it came from. Most of the time, to our disappointment,  it’s the a/c from a car which opened it’s door/window, but today it was a little different. when i turned to see what it was, it was no a/c or cooler or anything that gives out cool air but, a guy! A real super cute good looking guy!

And guess what! He was looking at me. When i saw him seeing me, the cool breeze grew stronger!!

Intense eye contact  like we knew each other for years. His eyes were beautiful and they refused to stop seeing mine. Mine were happily seeing his 🙂

The cool breeze kept gathering strength till it got really cold. It got us back to reality and the fact that we were two random people randomly staring each other in the middle of nowhere.

The eyes moved away. The cheeks blushed a little. The face grew hot adding on the already existing heat in the surrounding. There was a minute of awkwardness and both the pair of eyes were searching for other pairs  of eyes looking at them. Luckily none.

The awkwardness still remained. My hands automatically went to pull the strand of hair back which came out from behind  my ear. His eyes were searching the ground for ants while his hands were scratching his head. After thinking a lot I finally gathered little strength to look up and see his face one more time to notice that he was already looking at me. We managed a small smile.

WOW. His smile looked so good.


It was a share auto to Guindy, the place where i had to go. I had to go 😦

I started walking towards the auto, heart feeling little heavy. I sat inside and turned to look at him, he was looking at me smiling.

Oh GOD!! definitely was not that close! :"

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  1. Vital Question.. Would you girls recoil or give Friday the 13th-like reactions if approached by and asked out ?!

  2. I wish thr whr cute guys in my coconut land..sadly! i am stared at by Lungi clas uncles riding pulsar 😦

  3. haha, nice!…why can’t the random girls in whom my eyes seem to get lost replicate that bang!

  4. turbosexaphonic

    okay…part-2 shall release soon 🙂

  5. Sigh. So perfect. I miss ’em all 😥
    PLEASE continue :/ I dont like paadhilae-vittutu-pora-story :/

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