How To Call Bullshit on Fake Facebook Profiles [CHART]

click on it to see it in fullsize

The Facts :

  • I know that picture is small. That’s because of the theme you’re using now. Click on it. It’ll be bigger.
  • Read it horizontally, from left to right. I hope it makes sense.
  • There are a lot of fake FB profiles, and as I’ve said before, some of them are for the funnies while others are purely to make a big fool of you.
  • I hope this chart will help you decipher which is which.
  • Fake profiles are annoying and irritating. For a fake IDs, people need alternate email IDs. Judging by the sheer volume of fake profiles on Facebook, I can say safely that email IDs aren’t being used for their intended purpose.
  • I was once accused of being fake because my profile was closed – you can’t even send me friend requests if you’re not a friend of a friend. Obviously, that means this chart is not all encompassing. Sometimes, you just have to use your logic.

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