13 ways how How I Met Your Mother is similar to FRIENDS.

Friends was an epic sitcom in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It was itself accused of being a ripoff of Seinfeld, the best TV show ever made. In 2005 came a new sitcom called How I Met Your Mother and lots of Friends loyalists and sharp eyed viewers (and jobless people like me) have observed a number of similarities between Friends and How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM, as I shall call it now).

1. Funny guy mostly in suits.

Chandler Bing, or Ms.Chenandler Bong.

Barnabus Stinson, AKA What Every Guy Wants To Be.

Chandler’s style of funny is different from Barneys. Barneys is mostly hyperbole and exaggerated humor, while Chandlers is more situational and sarcastic.

Whatever, they’re equally funny.

2. Other ensemble characters have no clue what the Funny Suited Guy does.

Watch that on youtube and skip to 04:00.

3. A guy great with women.

How you doin'?

Barnabus Stinson (again)

Joey is so phenomenal with women that he’s never been stood-up for a date or turned down. He can also remove bras by looking at them, as he did to Monica’s once.

Barney Stinson is just awesome. End of story.

4. A hot tempered, boring nerd guy.


PURE RAGE - Ted Mosby

They have boring jobs too : Ross is a paleontologist while Ted is an architect. They’re also extremely boring and go into details most people don’t even care about, when they are in conversation.

They also don’t settle down until late in life : Ross gets divorced 3 times and finally settles down with Rachel (or so it is implied) after the final episode of Friends ends. Ted keeps searching for his ideal woman and refuses to settle down until he does.

 5. A will they – wont they relationship.

Ross and Rachel - the most annoying relationship ever.

Ted and Robin.

6. A hang out place.

Central Perk Coffee House

McLarens Pub

If you ask me which of these places I’d visit, Ill say Central Perk – its got a more homely feel to it + its got muffins.

7. Set in NYC.

Monicas Apartment, where most of the show takes place.

Ted Mosby's more accurate rendition of an NYC apartment.

8. Both are accused of being ripoffs. Yes stupid point, but still a point.

Friends is accused of copying Seinfeld, atleast mostly for the first two seasons(my personal feeling), and HIMYM is accused of ripping off Friends totally.

9. Exceedingly hot woman who is awesome with guys.

Rachel Green - never been rejected and always got called back.

Robin Scherbatsky - just look at her.

10. Guys terrible with women marry someone hot.

Chandler marries Monica.

Marshall marries Lily.

11. Guys in suits are rich as hell.

In more than one episode in Friends, it is subtly stated that Chandler is pretty rich. Infact, when Monica realizes her parents have spent all her marriage money on a beachhouse, Chandler offers to bear the entire cost of their wedding, which amounts to around $10K.

It is more than clear in the above video (if you watched it on Youtube), that Barney is rich. He has a huge collection of classy suits, and has a huge flatscreen TV occupying the entire wall in his bedroom.

12. Guys in suits come from broken homes.

Chandler comes from a home where his father becomes gay and divorces his mother on Thanksgiving,  leaving Chandler to forever crack sarcastic jokes whenever he gets uncomfortable.

Barney comes from a single-mom household and has a black brother, making me infer that he was probably adopted.

13. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Monica’s OCD is well known : she has to keep everything neat and in order.

Lily’s OCD is well known too : She keeps spending money from her credit card which almost led to her and Marshall not being able to afford their dream home.

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  1. friends is WAY WAY better than himym. friends was mature. ppl imitating barneys “legendary” is annoying. it was cool when barney did it. not cool when every guy on the block does it. get a life people. and get your own line.

  2. Ted and Rachel have a spoiled sister

  3. Pwahahah! I love the similarity!
    But i am a HYMYM fan for life!

    SUIT UP!

  4. vijay charan

    No you cant compare ross with ted….

  5. come on .. there are 2 more things i noticed .. the name of ross’s mother is the same as the name of marshal’s mom ..

    and there is an episode where chandler and joey fights over naming the 3rd child that phoebe carries .. there joey says ‘ Barney suits you ‘ to chandler .. and BOOM in himym copies yet again .. its in FRIENDS S04E18

    • wisetongue19

      yeah i noticed the phoebe thing too..but i dont think thats a similarity. its probably an accidental coincidence..but i had no clue about the ross mom/marshals mom thing.

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