Quickpost : Why the SlutWalk is very relevant in India.

First, a little background. Constable Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto police officer speaking to a safety forum in York University said,

“In order to not be victimized, women should avoid dressing like sluts”.

Sheila Dixit, Delhis CM, said the same thing sometime back, for those who don’t have a functioning memory. Anyway, the good constable has since apologized for his comments, but this has set off a shitstorm, with women all over the industrialized world going up in arms and down in clothes and saying basically the same thing :

“Teach men not to molest, not us how to dress.”

The good constable must have (hopefully) actually meant : Women, stop attracting attention because men are stupid horny jerks.

He wasn’t very diplomatic about it though. Or maybe I’m wrong.

So far, SlutWalks have been held in the United States, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands and Denmark. It’s also scheduled to be held in India in Delhi (where its super relevant) today. God knows if that happened or not.

Despite the name (SlutWalk), its not about women going out and proclaiming they’re proud to be sluts. They’re going out and challenging the perception of being viewed as sluts because they dress liberally.

They want one thing to be absolutely clear : Just because they don’t say no doesn’t mean its a yes. And if they do say no, some men view it as a maybe. They’re saying a no is a no.

And I agree.

But that’s not always how all men think, right?

Anthropologically, we’re animals and therefore want to mate. An attractive looking member of the opposite sex gives us the impression that our own offspring will be attractive.

But see, we’re also animals with cognitive abilities and with emotions. We can recognize ourselves in a mirror, something very very few animals can actually do. Right now, you know you’re thinking, something no animal can do. You know you’re thinking about you thinking. I know you’re thinking about you thinking, about you thinking. See how that works?

We’re advanced is what I’m trying to say. We’re not primitive gorillas and dogs to go and want to mate with every female we see.

If we are so advanced, why did so many rapes happen in that stupid Mayawati’s UP last week? Did the media even report it? So many rapes in a week, one of them nearly a 13 year old girl. That’s an 8th std kid. A kid was nearly raped. She resisted and became blind.

Why do so many rapes happen in Delhi? Why is nothing being done about it? Why is the policeman blaming the rapes on Delhi’s summer heat? What about the winter months then? I remember a German woman who was raped in a car park in December a couple of years back. What about her?

You can easily say “hey women dress provocatively and show off their mammary glands”. Seriously? What does a kid who is 13 know about all this? Have men become so depraved and psychotic that they’re sinking to this level?

So what even if women dress provocatively? So what? You don’t see women coming and attempting to molest you if you’re barechested, right rapist? You don’t see women whistling at guys who are shirtless (except if that guy is Salman Khan, true story). You don’t see them pointing and laughing at guys who are barechested, or staring at them from top to bottom.

So why do the ones with the external genitalia do it?

You can blame the huge number of rapes/molestations/traumatizing incidents on any number of factors if you want to, such as :

  • Most rapes are committed by known family members, who take advantage of the younger and weaker victims and rape them.
  • Some molestations and rapes in Delhi are committed by immigrants from Bihar and UP, areas where women are not traditionally given the status they are in urban India.
  • Everyone in Delhi is connected to someone, which prevents a conviction from actually taking place. This gives men undue confidence in all the wrong areas and they go do shit.
  • Men are sexually repressed and the culture on TV/films, where women are objectified, gives them false impressions that women are truly like that.
  • It’s a one off incident, doesn’t happen all the time. A very tiny percentage. Rapes happen everywhere.

But that’s all outrageous bullshit.

It all comes down to the way men look at women in a society that is mostly patriarchal. Men want to dominate over women and make them submissive to them. They want to show them their “power” and demonstrate how much physically stronger to them they are. So basically, it could be boiled down to an ego thing or a superiority complex thing.

In the end, whatever the retarded reason for the behavior of certain men, women end up getting traumatized. That’s why the SlutWalk is relevant not just Delhi, but all over India. It’s a very personal thing, like guys would feel if someone said, “hey man, yours is really tiny ha ha ha.”

You can’t come and do what you want to other humans because you’re retarded. So women need to put their foot down. Women aren’t second class humans who exist purely for the sake of procreation. They’re just another gender of humans. Why treat them like shit then? Seriously, is there any excuse for this? (Click on it and feel the rage).

So instead of saying “ooh, half naked women, lets go and enjoy this” or “that chick is hot, lets freak her out by staring at her”, I think it’s better if we (people with balls) went ahead and supported and respected women, because we exist due to one.

(I wrote this because I have a mother (obviously), an elder sister, a best friend who is female and a lot of other close female friends.)

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  1. The Media’s negative influence is a very Valid point….Obviously creates delusions among a great many number of people..

  2. Rajneesh Malhotra

    Nice blog.

    I am putting up the link of ur article on my blog. Definately worth reading. 🙂

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