Quickest Post : The Horror called the Digit Ratio Theory

I first saw this on cracked.com, and basically, it says the ratio of the lengths of your 2D (forefinger) and 4D (ringfinger) determines a lot about who you wind up as in your life, whether its a :

1. transsexual diabetic misanthrope

2. straight stud

3. tough-love woman with a “thing” for other women AND men.

So to put it in a nutshell, when you’re in your mothers womb, exposure to certain things like testosterone really has a huge say on what you wind up as in real life.

If (I don’t need to say it) you inevitably measure the lengths of your ring and index/fore fingers and compare and notice that :

1. The ratio is more than one, then you’re straight. As in, if the ratio is far greater than one, you’re straight.

2. The ratio is less than or somewhat equal to 1, ie, your fingers are nearly the same height, then you might be gay. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it horrifies and disgusts the hell out of me to even think about it.

3. If the ratio is dramatically lesser than one, then you’re deformed and also straight, again. How can your ring finger be so much bigger than your index finger? You fraud.

Check out the Wiki post on this. I couldn’t make head or tail or anything out of it. I am still totally flummoxed by what it says, since it uses such horribly advanced medical jargon. Someone please translate?

Unfortunately, my fingers are more or less even, so if you’ll excuse me, I got some beards to grow and some flirting to do.

(Note : The author is not homophobic. He is phobic of being homo. He doesn’t care about gay people.)

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  1. shiiit….if it’s more or less equal, you’d seem to be more likely to have female hormones runnin through you….good luck sorting that shit out !

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