Gaming Can Lead to A Better Future !


For Most Of Us guys today, Gaming has taken over complete chunks of our Lives.

Be it Radical Socializing or an Escape to a more tolerable Universe or a Stress Buster or For the single Dominating reason of avoiding studying/homework.

There is a Myriad of games out there for Every Insatiable appetite for Destruction,Construction,Racing, Hording,etc etc.

The Fast Gaining Multiplayer culture has given rise to Two of the Most Well known Titles in recent Gaming History::

Yo Broke Ass FIRED !

now, ANYBODY can be a hero..ANYBODY..

These Two Low Graphic Games are seen running on nearly every laptop in the Hostel and in  Gaming Parlors with gangs of kids shrieking,bellowing and COMPLETELY Losing their head over .

Be whatever it may, there’s an ever increasing influence on our daily lives…so much so, We’re not sure which is real anymore..

Aaaahh...Drug induced Psychedelia...ONLY for game characters <:P>

However, All through our lives we’ve been dismissed,condemned and told off with ‘You’re wasting time’ or ‘That is Completely Useless’.

That, coming from a whole generation of folks blowing up frogs or endlessly playing stuff like board games or some shit… In truth, it’s just the emotional baggage of being condemned in their own time which they associate with the constant need to Restrain our free will now…So IGNORE ALL THAT.

There are People on our side of course and that’s Not just the game developer dudes or the nice folks at Landmark who don’t have a clue if your configuration would support the game or not.


At this point, I have to quote a certain Superwoman, Jane McGonial who is Incredibly Beautiful , Confident and she’s on a mission…To convince the world that Playing Games IS The Single Most Productive way to Spend Our Time.

I know what you’re thinking, But This is NO JOKE…She really is Serious about this mission and If you’ve read This far and not Googled her picture already, Here is  her website:

DO watch that 20 minute lecture she gives in TED talks…FYI, that speech was ranked #16 best speech in TED…Who came #17 ?..The Guy who’s OS you run.

For those who find the lecture Too tedious(Not possible after 1.30) , Here’s an Excerpt from her speech as to Exactly How we’re influenced by Games :-


This is the feeling of Extreme Motivation and the desire to Tackle an Obstacle
combined with the belief that We have a Reasonable Hope Of Success.
This means we’re always willing To believe it’s Possible for an EPIC WIN and we’re not afraid of Trying and trying Now.
Playing Games Together Actually builds up Bonds of Trust and Co-Operation and it
enables us to Build stronger Social Relationships.
Seemingly It takes a lot of Trust to Play a game with someone…to trust that they’ll play by the same rules,value the same goal and hence,
We Bond even if the Other Person has Beaten us or otherwise.
Now that was a little hard to swallow for me but i realized I was still friends with the guy whose head I’d whacked with my PS2 controller for my ineptitude..
ADMIT IT,we KNOW when we’re playin a game, that we’re actually Happier
Working Hard than we are, Relaxing or Hanging out.
We Know, we’re optimized to do Hard,meaningful work(Diee Space Invaders !..I’ve killed a million of you by now, Die OUT already !!!)  AAAAND,  we’re willing to work hard, All the time, to do “The Right Work” .
We jus Looooove to be attached to Awe Inspiring missions, Inter Galactic War at a
Human-Planetary scale and Epic Stories which could Release us from the drab,morose and constantly judgmental and Skeptic world.
This, of all reasons Is the Biggest source for our escape, and Even if your Mom’s calling out to get ready to board the bus, or the constant torrent of “Reasons to Start Studying” , Our mind is filled with that Epic Story line and the Good feeling sustains us through the day…and puts us to sleep.

Do I look like some Pushover to YOU ?!

Just to say, There’s No Friggin Reason for Us to Stop Gaming further but instead, We have FOUR Concrete Reasons for us to continue !..And that’s not even getting into the abstract line between improved Hand-Eye Coordination and a prolonged finger sore.

And So, In the spirit of having Nothin Better To Do ,


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  1. Arvindh Mani

    nice! now excuse me while i get back to my “Fifa 09” 😉

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