Obsession Night

I have a habit of recalling and thinking over all that i did in a day just before I go to sleep every night. I have to do it everyday, it’s like an obsession for me. Something like a mind diary, instead of penning it down i just store it in my mind.

I was thinking about this day which just came to my mind. It was a very special day because I went out on a date with the guy I loved. I was seeing him after months which made it all  the more special. After weeks of planning and waiting, the day finally arrived and I wanted everything to be perfect.

We chose to meet at a coffee shop, safe place. The stupid perfectionist me was there 5 minutes earlier to find out that he was half an hour late. I was very angry that my perfect day was getting ruined even before it started.

I walked out of the coffee shop and walked aimlessly forward and backwards waiting for him. Very restlessly I picked my phone and sent him a text message:

Sid, wher are you?

After 5 minutes I got a reply from him saying:

will be ther in 15 mins Meera. sorrry 😦

Aaaarrgghh. I just shut my phone and continued my aimless walk.

Suddenly someone just clung on to me from the back, holding me in my waist and lifted me into the air swinging me around. It was him! He was pulling my leg by making me wait for such a long time. Just looking at his face and his smile the anger and the restlessness in me just  vanished! We gave each other a nice long tight hug. It was so nice.

We walked in and got a place to sit. We sat facing each other and talked for hours together over a mug of coffee.

It started with petty fights like- “Why didn’t you reply to my messages?”, “Why didn’t you pick my calls?” to what movies we saw recently, who looks hot and who doesn’t to just silence and staring into each other’s eyes and holding hands.  I pulled him and made him sit next to me on my couch. It wasn’t very comfortable squeezing into one, but it was awesome.

“Sid, you seriuosly didn’t get anything else to wear?” I said, looking at his clothes.

“I told you na, all my clothes have gone for wash, I didn’t wash anything last week as i was coming home.” he said.

He still looked like a hero in a shaggy old t-short and his dirty shorts. I was brushing his unkempt hair with my fingers to make them look better. He was smiling like a pup who loved getting stroked. He looked awesome, more than anything, he smelt awesome that I just couldn’t resist pulling his face and kissing his cheeks. He came closer, so close that there was no space between us. Seconds later I found his lips on mine. They were too soft to be a guy’s. We kept kissing for a long time like no one existed around us.

I regained consciousness after my head went for a super tornado like spin. It was time. I had to leave. We left the place and walked on the road.

I don’t know how to cross the road. Very stupid of me, I know. He helped me cross the road holding my hands after seeing me struggle for 5 minutes trying to cross the road. He gave me another tight good-bye hug and left.

Thinking about that tonight just makes me choke. Eyes red and watery, nose blocked. You may wonder how whatever happened three months back came into my mind tonight when i was thinking about today. I happened to cross that road today alone and all these thoughts just flooded my head like a tsunami creating a havoc inside.

I learnt how to cross the road without any help.

Posted on July 13, 2011, in Everything Else. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Really good one dear…….. was touched 🙂

  2. umm… this post is expressive.
    mixed emotions. thats wt love gives. pain and joy! in all aspects 🙂

  3. very very … um… well i cant find words… anyway enjoyed it!! 🙂

  4. *sigh*
    simple, yet so refreshing and nice! 🙂

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