What am I doing now?

There once was a fisherman

Basking in the noon-day sun,

Up walked a businessman

“Are you already done?”

“Yes” he replied lazily,

“I have already caught today’s fill”

“Well that’s really silly,

You shouldn’t just sit still.

Go on out, catch some more fish:

More money, everyman’s fondest wish.

After that get a bigger net,

And a larger haul I‘ll bet.

Soon, with the increased profit,

And scrounging around a bit,

Another boat you could own,

Now your capacity will have grown!

Keep working hard and you will have a fleet!

Same as I wouldn’t that be neat?

Don’t be satisfied give into the itch!

Don’t give up, and you will be rich!”

The fisherman raised his head,

Bemused, he scratched his hat,

Then, glumly he said,

“What shall I do after that?”

“You can enjoy life, and how!”

“What am I doing now?”

Posted on July 16, 2011, in Everything Else. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. i likey man, i likey 😛 rofl….

  2. HopelessRomantic

    Beautiful n meaningful last line!

  3. Hahaha ! :-D.
    That was brilliant !

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