Quickpost : Subramaniam Swamy’s Anti-Muslim Tirade

I’m not really going to introduce Subramaniam Swamy here – if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 decades, go back there. Recently, he went on this ballistic rant, unarguably provoked by the Mumbai terror attacks.

Here’s a Tl;dr (Too long; didn’t read) version of his rant for all of you not really interested in reading all that :

First, he blames the Mumbai attacks on Muslims and then blames Hindus for not doing anything about (what I think is) the Muslims running all over the place here.

He then goes on to rant about :

  • Some examples of anti-Hindu forces that existed previously
  • Why the Maoists aren’t nearly as dangerous as Islamic terrorists
  • Why the Muslims are against India,
  • Why the educated intellectuals views of terrorists existing only because of poverty and other difficulties is utter and complete bullshit

And he finally provides “solutions” to the “goals” that the Islamic fundamentalists supposedly have in their minds :

Goal 1 of Evil Islamic Fundamentalists : Overawe India on Kashmir.

Strategy to be taken: Remove Article 370, and re-settle ex-servicemen in the Valley. Create Panun Kashmir for Hindu Pandit community. Look or create opportunity to take over PoK. If Pakistan continues to back terrorists, assist the Baluchis and Sindhis to struggle for independence.

Authors Evaluation : Won’t happen without creating chaos in India and abroad.

Goal 2 of EIF’s : Blast our temples and kill Hindu devotees.

Strategy to be taken : Remove the masjid in Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, and 300 others in other sites as a tit-for-tat.

Authors Evaluation : Pre-emptively doing this is stupid. It’s mad. It shows intolerance. This issue must not be handled with intolerance, it must be handled with smooth politics – like the way Sardar Patel did.

Goal 3 of EIF’s : Make India into Darul Islam.

Strategy: Implement Uniform Civil Code, make Sanskrit learning compulsory and singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India as Hindu Rashtra in which only those non-Hindus can vote if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors are Hindus. Re-name India as Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors are Hindus.

Authors Evaluation : I disagree with everything except the Uniform Civil Code. Seriously? India as a nation of and for Hindus? This is going back to the whole “intolerance” thing.

Goal 4 of EIF’s : Change India’s demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.

Strategy : Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hindu religion to any other religion. Re-conversion will not be banned. Declare caste is not birth-based but code of discipline based. Welcome non-Hindus to re-convert to the caste of their choice provided they adhere to the code of discipline. Annex land from Bangladesh in proportion to the illegal migrants from that country staying in India. At present, northern one-third from Sylhet to Khulna can be annexed to re-settle the illegal migrants.

Authors Evaluation : How the hell do you plan to implement this, even if it’s “completely correct”? It’s never going to happen.

Goal 5 of EIF’s : Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in mosques, madrassas, and churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and make them fit for capitulation.

Strategy: Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset (see my new book Hindutva and National Renaissance, Haranand, 2010).

Authors Evaluation : Hindu’s are too divided for a Hindu mindset to take place. We have let in so many invaders – Turks, Mughals, British, Portuguese, French, Dutch – only because of divisions. Once and if Hindu society is unified, we will be unbreakable.

India can solve its terrorist problem within five years by such a deterrent strategy, but for that we have to learn the four lessons outlined above, and have a Hindu mindset to take bold, risky, and hard decisions to defend the nation. If the Jews can be transformed from lambs walking meekly to the gas chambers to fiery lions in just 10 years, it is not difficult for Hindus in much better circumstances (after all we are 83 per cent of India), to do so in five years.

I’m not really sure what set him off – I’ve personally thought of Subramaniam Swamy as just another regular politician – a little crazy, sometimes good but mostly just politician.

I think his rant is distasteful and ill-timed. I’m not right wing (ie over zealously religious) or left wing (communist) or Centrist (populist). I’m just a common guy watching people get blown up around me and I dislike that.

At a time when Indians should be together and not accuse each other of being Satan spawn, we have this man saying all Muslims should either accept their Hindu ancestry or GTFO. And we have, on the other hand, livewire real-life troll Digvijay Singh accusing the RSS and other “saffron” parties of carrying out the attacks.

Arey !!

Does it look like I care who did it? People pay taxes, people want to earn money, people want to go to the hotel to eat dinner and people in general just want to live.

How does the religion and theology of a bunch of retards, who got together with explosives got together and killed people, matter? It doesn’t ! We’re paying the dudes working in intelligence to prevent exactly this. We’re paying the police and the Government to handle exactly this. And they fail miserably and also have the gall to say : “Absence of intelligence does not mean intelligence failure“.


Instead of preventing this from reoccurring and prosecuting the oxygen out of the fucking rats we have in our clutches already (like that leech Kasab), we have all these stupid ancient relics blabbering irrelevant nonsense.

My GOD shut up and do your job already !

I know nothing about religion or politics. I’m 20. All I know is, I want to go out and (eventually) have a sandwich and come back by train without worrying about my compartment randomly and spontaneously blowing up.

I’m sure that can be achieved without having to do whatever it is that Mr. Swamy is trying to say.

Is he accusing the Muslims of being Devil incarnate? I don’t think so and I don’t care ! I have Muslim friends and they’re nice people ! I’m pretty sure we don’t have a deep conspiracy that only Muslims know and Hindus must-not-ever-know. That just seems absurd, and he seems to suggest that in his paranoia.

Is he saying India is a Hindu state? Nu-uh. That’s exactly what its NOT. Yes, it is a Hindu-majority country, but that doesn’t mean it automatically becomes a Hindu state.

Anyway, that’s why we have Jews settled in and around the North East, Kolkata, Calicut and Mumbai. That’s why we have Parsis settled down in India for such a long time. That’s why India has the largest number of Bah’ai followers. That’s why 3 religions sprang up from India : Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

And whatever Mr. Swamy said goes directly against all that. He is spewing intolerance.

Let me just sum it up and put it this way : Once you’ve made a bomb and you’ve decided to blow someone up, irrelevant of who you are and what God you’ve been praying to, you’re a criminal and you will go to hell. Nothing else matters.

The Government should actually take a very, very stern line with these individuals and punish the crap out of them to deter other criminals. Instead of that, they’re doing this : playing into people’s anger. One of them playing for Muslim votes, and another crying for attention from anyone who’ll listen.

That’s what the “Jews” (Israel) are doing. Sure, they profile people a lot but they’re very unified. When it comes to Israeli security, nothing comes in their way. What if it means going ballistic and securing your airport with 300 times the normal airport security? Then go for it, they said. And today, Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport is (weirdly enough) the most secure airport in the world.

Will our politicians do that?

That’s the biggest problem India faces.

I think the political class has overwhelmingly failed on all counts and failed to understand the sentiments of Muslims and Hindus alike in their stupid, retarded and relentless pursuit of votes. By themselves, they’re not unified to keep India secure. And they’re also trying to divide the populace to get their fucking votes.

That’s why we have problems. That’s why random families keep getting separated and broken up. Infact, they’re doing the exact same thing that India’s previous rulers (the Mughals and the British) did : Divide and rule.

And as long as they do that, Indians wont trust each other. And as long as there’s a trust deficit, nothing will get solved.

To sum up : I disagree with Mr. Swamy. He has just said some random drivel that doesn’t really apply in today’s India.

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  1. are u a muslim mydear wisetongue? if u r not then stfu

    • wisetongue19

      i like getting stupid annoying trolls here! its a welcome change from all the intelligent comments others type in. have you got any other useless-ly put together sentences you’d like to submit? im all eyes buddy.
      btw : this is MY blog, so “stfu” is null and void. i can say whatever the hell i like. i dont recall begging you to comment either, so you stfu if you dont like it.

  2. Your age is 20.I appreciate the pure heart u have got. But everybody in india are not good like you. Some Muslims are sent from Pakistan , to financially stabilize themselves and make hindu work under them or convert them . Yes india allows all other religion to safely have families here, but we should keep a eye on them on not becoming majority. As u know man is a monkey. I have been to Islamic countries , where u cannot Carry another god. Lot of blood is spent on last centuries to have india with Hindus . We are non voilent , adjustable And tolerant , others are not like that . Since swamy is talking bravely and courageously , while others even do not have guts to talk truth, try to speak like this in America , u will be nowhere . U have fear that what American can do . Do u want to create same fear to other religion people in india . I am 100% not supporting this idea , but what to do , nobody likes talking …..

    • wisetongue19

      with all due respect, i dont agree with what you say..i dont have a pure heart, im just blessed with common sense.
      i dont support right wing thoughts like urs or the norwegian guy who killed norwegian kids because he hated muslims (why??), or left wing people like the congress.
      i just want india to be a proper welfare state, like canada or new zealand or sweden.

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