The Next Major Financial Crunch for Humanity.

Welcome To Reality

Today,we’re goin out into the streets shelling out more and more cash each day For The major one of our basic necessities..Fuel.

Do you ever stop to think why exactly you do so..ever questioned the CAUSE ?

There is a simple enough explanation for the fact…and it’s a tactic which has driven the rapid expansion of certain disdainful individuals all through the course of our history giving rise to Pitiful Hypocrisy like Religion .

PROFIT by The Propagation Of SCARCITY

Even now, this very Minute, There are powerful people out there exploiting your sorry ass by making you shell out for a Very Basic Necessity…Fuel.

There are Alternatives (any lessons from school come to mind ??).

But unfortunately the people trying to benefit humanity are being Hunted.and i Mean Hunted and exterminated by these Fucked up motherfuckes..I’ll name them..

Shell,BP,A multitude of those oil trafficking middle east Sheiks,and possibly our very own Indian Oil and them bullshit Corporations.

The Basic fact is that Oil and Petroleum as a source for energy generation became a redundant concept when they launched space programs powered by Hydrogen Fuel cells, When the discovered the Means to generate power from the most prevalent element on Earth..Silicon.

It’s still Being Forced upon us..The polluting,wasteful Inefficient Engine clogging source of generation which should have been discarded as a useless relic in a bygone age. Still running Our LIVES and livelihood.

Our vehicles, Our Electricity. Our Way OF life.

These Corporations Think they can get away with Anything by oppressing the Whole of humanity and you know what…They’re Massively successful..

All the Wars and The Proxy Terrorism which you see out in the Media(wow,Thought control MEDIA) and the whole mania they create impressing the NEED for us to “feel” the urge to support the Filthy concept of Militarism and Armament…To Fight WHO exactly..??

To fight Each OTHER,when they keep busy robbing us blind with their Propaganda while selling us redundant technology..not for years…DECADES.

This Adverse Situation has Been prolonging through the years with the single motive of Them Huge Corps Running the things the way they way they LIKED and were comfortable in…A safe way to make profit.

I Mean, C’moooon….Self Reliance by individual People is something Upsetting and Completely throws the Profit Stream Haywire.

LET ME paint you a Picture of How Life is gonna be With this level of Irrepressible Decadence Goin ON.

This Could Be You..Or me...Or AnyBody

When,and IF the day comes :-

All transportation stops and knowin no fuckin politician will get you Anywhere..not even past your block..

Food Supply is Cut..Electricity becomes NonExistent..Every Piece of human comfort you every grew up to experience Disappears


Guess the few fat asses living their life in insatiable comfort with generators and food supplies which takes up the enormity of Value..not the greens and browns of fabric in our wallets.

Here’s an Incident which happened last week.

Venue: IIT Powai Entrance

Incident : Reporter shot dead..aayutha ezhuthu fashion by some thugs with pistols.

The Why : He was investigating the Murder of the CEO of a Non-Conventional Energy Corporation.

The Whole Tactic for them to handle this Dangerous Situation(for themselves) is of course as mentioned above, by blatant assassination or by certain subtle and undetectable methods such as muscling in, Seizing the stocks of the companies, Threatening/bribing and forcible purchases of Patents for Crucial Inventions and Innovations and Suppressing them..Never letting them see the light of day..

The Whole point of this is To be aware…And to Take Action by Propagating This information to Every other person…cos we’re on the march to DOOM.

You know for a Fact the people of America knew the Whole Deal with the way the ‘Wall Street Types’ were pilfering money with their little Ponzi schemes like credit defaults and False collateral and their million other techniques their thieving harvard minds could come up with…

Failure to take action Presented you a Test situation of the True Dread To Come.

Watch out for could be as dead as that bird up there….heck, think we already are.

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