Getting Over My Fear Of Ghosts

I’m not really sure how many of you believe in spooky shit, but I mostly do : 60% of me does, 40% of me does not. I don’t scare easily..or do I? I probably do.

Above : Me, 60% of the time

Honestly, I am absolutely terrified of :

  • Wasps/bees/hornets,
  • Those transgenders you see waiting at traffic signals,
  • Aliens (who should statistically exist),
  • Shit like this and this,
  • Ghosts/Phantoms/Anomalous Phenomena that makes me pee in my pants.

But why do I opt to write only about getting over ghosts?

1. Because wasps/bees/hornets are insects, and I’m 20, so I have to man up and get over it. And I will. After getting over ghosts and after making sure I’m not allergic to wasp/bee/hornet sting.

2. Because transgenders are just fundamentally screwed up and being scary is their thing. This means they’re just good at what they are supposed to do : scare people.

3. Because aliens do exist and if they had any common sense, they would stay away from Earth. And since they inevitably will, I have nothing to fear. If they don’t and come to Earth anyway, they won’t be very “intelligent extra-terrestrial life forms” and won’t pose a threat. And I will subsequently end them.

4. Because cosmic events are just beyond my control and I can’t even begin to calculate the odds of any of that happening.

So ghosts it is.


I’ve had my share of spooky experiences. Here I will attempt to get over my fear of the souls of dead people. If these “ghosts” existed, they have to be made of something.

Science doesn’t say anything about this. Till I find an answer to this, I refuse to be a little girl who runs away with the tail between the leg every time I think something is a “ghost”. Let’s get on with this thigamajig eh :

1. I lived in this apartment when I was in my 7th std. I often saw these fast moving black objects just dart across the floor. I kept claiming to have seen them, to no avail. You know how parents are right?

“You saw a what?”

“Something black and moving fast across the floor”

“Oh you imagined it. Do your homework”

Then one day, while I was in my kitchen with my mother, both of us saw it. This prompted my mother to think it was a mouse and she asked me to check the storage area in my kitchen, which I did. I found nothing.

Now you see it, now you don't.

Then of course I had to Google it when Google became the norm of the day and apparently, it may have been this. For those of you not really interested in clicking on that, Wikipedia basically says “Dude, your brain is screwing with you. It’s an illusion, fool”. Still, it spooked my hair into being curly forever.

Lesson Learned : You brain fucks with you and laughs about it later.

2. This was in the same house. So there I was, asleep on this night (as I mostly am on all nights), when I suddenly wake up (as I mostly do on all nights) and notice that the night light is off. My mother always left it on, and since it was off, I was puzzled. Then, yes, it turned on. And off. And on. And off. I was terrified into being frozen solid like one of those cement park benches you see everywhere.


I mean, imagine waking up from sleep and wondering why something is not the way its supposed to be. And suddenly, it becomes the way its supposed to be. I just froze and waited for the torture to stop. It did, and I woke my mother up and narrated the incident to her. She shrugged and said “it’s nothing” and unbelievably, asked me to go back to sleep (before sleeping off 2 seconds later). And even worse, I did.

The next morning, my sister said there was a malfunction in the switch and so the switch must be repaired. I shat bricks and she sums it up to a simple electric mishap?

I was permanently spooked anyway.

The same thing happened where I stay in Mumbai. So I’m asleep and I wake up after noticing my fan is off and my tubelight was on. I was exceptionally puzzled and confused, when the fan suddenly came to life and the light went off and came back on again. I fled and woke up my father, who saw it happen and wanted to figure out just what the fuck was going on.

Fortunately, it wasn’t ghosts (naturally). Unfortunately, it was some problem with the shit electric systems India seems to have in all of its cities, and my rooms switchboard actually started burning. Like, fire.

Then it was chaos, with me rushing to pull the curtains and then rushing to turn the electricity of the entire house off, while my dad got a bucket of water, waited till I did all that and poured it on the burning plastic.

I was a hero.

Lesson Learned : Your brain likes fucking around with you.

So there you go. Three stupid experiences each with absurdly simple explanations.

But why do I even think ghosts exist?

I attribute that to popular culture : all the horror movies and generally easily available spooky stuff (I watched Ghost hunters on Discovery when I was a kid even though I was shit scared). Also, I found Courage the Cowardly Dog a little disturbing.

So I’m blaming all this on TV? Apparently so.

Also, I never knew this (you just have to read this fully). Basically, I was a misinformed, over imaginative, cowardly young chap. That’s all changed now.

That's me. True story.

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  1. Courage, the cowardly dog – Disturbing !? LOL !

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