Quickpost : Australian RJ Sandilands bigotry, now on air.

It’s no secret that ButtChocolate deplores Australians and think they should just sit in their desert of a (formerly prisoners only) island and re-instate their “White Australia” policy again.

“Why do people want to go there?”, he asked me , “It’s empty, it’s hot and they like rugby, football, tennis and cricket there. What can Indians even relate to?”

Unfortunately, I don’t endorse/support his rather immature views on this topic. Everyman to his own, right? It’s a free world ! It’s a glorious democracy out there !

Yeah, that’s what I thought, until this guy opened his mouth over radio to say some pretty insensitive things.

I have two ways of analyzing this whole hoo-haa and here they are :


For starters, he was immediately slammed by Hindu groups for basically insulting Hinduism’s most sacred river (the Ganga) and Hindus themselves. According to the Council of Indian Australians’ President Yadu Singh, who said he was hurt by the insensitive, insulting, unwarranted and hurtful statements by the RJ, Hindus are one of the most tolerant communities in the world and they don’t attack or provoke or instigate anyone till they are instigated themselves.

I agree with this view – not because I think we’re tolerant but because Hindus are just too lackadaisical about..just about everything. Why attack a peaceful community that has done little wrong to Australians and Australian society?

Why are these white people always such a bunch of racist pigs? Why can’t they be more tolerant? Why are they such blatant hypocrites? Weren’t the Australians among the ones who effectively bought about an end to South African cricket because of the Apartheid Regime?

Then why can’t they treat their own minorities with respect? That too peaceful, humane and hardworking minorities like Indians?

And if you say RJs views don’t endorse the views of Australians as a whole, what is the proof for that? Haven’t Indians been attacked and killed/maimed all over Australia?

Doesn’t all this prove that Australia, which had a “Whites only” regime till the 70’s, is not ready for such a large influx of immigrants yet? Doesn’t all this prove that Australians can’t really comprehend that other people from other countries very different to their own with different beliefs, exist?

Aussies might say “It’s a privilege to enter my country”, and if it’s a “privilege“, then treat us with respect.

Anyway if all this is true, with what balls did a bunch of Aussies come over and meet our HRD minister? Kapil Sibal then said that “Australia is an attractive destination for Indian students.”

Either he is out of sync with what’s actually the ground reality (as all our politicians are), or he’s been convinced by the money hungry Australians and he also doesn’t give a damn, because he doesn’t do anything for India anyway.

Otherwise wouldn’t he or the Government have summoned the Aussie Ambassador and protested and even kicked him out? Make this a diplomatic incident and shut those Australians up. They need our money and investment anyway, so they will shut up.

I also question why people repeatedly keep choosing to go TO Australia to study/work, while there are other attractive international destinations around. Is it like Australia is a last resort (because you want to leave India badly)?

2. That’s true

Based on what the RJ said, I must confess that there’s a little part of me (known as common sense) that agrees with the RJ. Make no mistake, I don’t forgive an RJ (of all people) to make such comments on air. How does anyone even become an RJ if they don’t know what they should say?

But lets look at what he said. First, he said India was a “shithole”. Infact, Google “India is a” and see the search options that come up.

This is a commonly used insult on India, and Indians are insulted with words such as “curry muncher” or “smelly” or “slumdog” or “slumdog millionaire” (thrown at rich Indians). But think about it.

India is freaking filthy. When non-Indian media organizations come here, they are tempted to film the very real and non-glorious part of the much celebrated Indian Growth Phenomenon.

In that filth is people. It’s all around you. You maybe tempted to look at the wonderful glass and concrete buildings around you, or the new Jaaaaguar that your friends’ uncles’ politician friend received as a “gift”. But slums exist. Trash is there everywhere. Poor people exist.

All this gives an impression (not too incorrectly) that India is, infact, a shithole. This view was not really assisted by Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, which brought out everything India is secretly ashamed of and displayed it to the world.

“So what”, you say, “every country has gone through this stage. Plus the British robbed us dry.” Sure, but we’ve had 65 years to change that and make back all the money that the British took. But the actual change began occurring only 10-15 years back, when fucking socialism was finally given the middle finger.

Also, yeah, every country has gone through this stage. Victorian-era England was infamous for its slums, poor working conditions and worker oppression. When the US went through this stage, it was called “The Gilded Age” and everything is nearly identical when you compare the India of now and the US of the 1870’s. I don’t give a crap about Aussie history to Google it, but I’m positive they also had pathetic conditions for their citizens at one point.


Don’t tell me they were a glourious, free welfare state full of rich, peaceful and educated people right from the word “Go”. Then they’re Utopia ! Let’s go there everyone !

Yeah that was sarcastic, for those of you sarcasm impaired souls.

So the Aussies should not actually be so haughty, and the Indians should not get so butthurt everytime someone says “slum”.

Secondly, as far as the Ganges thing goes – that’s fucking true. Shutup about it, Aussie RJ, because you don’t know shit and you’ve probably never seen a river in your fucking dry as a bone country.

But it’s true – its a junkyard because of all the shit (literal) that goes in it, all the human corpses that are floated in it, all the sewage and industrial effluents that are let into it, all the clothes that are washed in it, and all the trash dumped and thrown in it.

If it’s so sacred, protect it instead of being angry when an Australian points out the true nature of the Ganges. Isn’t that what Baba Ramdev has been clamoring for, for a long time?

In response to Baba Ramdevs hollering, at the risk of losing votes (from people who dump trash, bodies and shit and wash their clothes in the Ganges) and losing money (from the kickbacks from companies along the Ganges), the Government stayed characteristically mute.

So let the stupid RJ go, he is a stupid white bigot, like every other vocal white bigot who exists. They’re like mosquitoes. They exist for reasons that cannot be explained, and they are annoying as hell.

If you should be angry with anyone here, its yourself, for ignoring the truth around you. You should also be angry with The Indian Man a.k.a the Government, because he’s just fucking pathetically and obtusely useless.

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  1. We dont respect our country in the first place only if we respect our country and actually do something about it can we defend ourselves ellarum “am going abroad, am going abroad” nu solli if they runaway…….this’ll continue.

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