The Multifarious Presence In Classrooms.

We’re All Just Another… . .

Of Course This we gotta go through this motion everyday…Fuckin classes..The usual day starts off with us remarking to each other on

the drab,morose and the Total Redundancy of Classes..yadayada..

Then as people get settled and a good number of us fall asleep does the fun begin.

I call this Fun as I’ve recently taken a deep interest in Psychology and like some individuals,realize too late while inside the solid quicksand of Engineering,their true calling.

All that aside, the point here is to note how each person reacts and behaves once the teachers’ back is turned and each are left to

pursue their individual interests/activities…Under the shroud of Total sincerity and devotion to the class at hand..Of Couuurse.

Standard Reaction Once The Cellphone is seized.

Now everyone naturally tends to occupy the seat next to their best friend for the period of time in order to have some interesting

discussion . This is pretty normal, me especially,I love to sit and ridicule everything going on..Thanks to a certain friend of mine who’s curse in life is never to stop talking and making me laugh..usually to our incarceration and The Ultimate Threat the teacher can pull on Us..No attendance..(The get out of class routine didn’t work, I promptly got up and ran off..much to their dismay..muhahaha..)

That’s most of most times..Now for the main sketch::

  • The Newspaper Men

Typical, The same Fools,who wouldn’t be seen within 10 feet of a newspaper except to tear it up and line their shelves or to clean up a mess made by the nube who got a taste of booze the previous night would all of a sudden get a rush in checking out the Foreign minister of Pakistan or the random model next to another vehicle released by some company(god forbid who they made stand next to a Tata Ace) . They would usually have it lain across their lap and usually react with moderate vehemence of you see an article you’d like to read and ask for it.Typically they enter the dream world in 10 minutes tops.

  • The Studious Sincere Jack Offs

These types are usually the first to turn up in class every morning and sportively compete for the first set of benches(irony in mentioning sportive in their regard).It amazes me there are people who can look as fresh as they do and maintain notes and always make notes of assignments and projects and whatever nonsense the teachers feel obligated to entrust upon us.This category involves most girls I guess..stay strong y’all, the guy with vermillion stains all over his exposed skin just might take away your crucial proximity to the Tomes of  knowledge employed by the management to bountifully shower you with marks..Remember !..

Proximity Gives Grades..That’s all that Matters in LIFE.

Here’s 8 stages of your life,for more referance,check rajini’s song in Baasha.
  • The Cellphone Users:

An Indispensable tool in our battle, agreed..but usually people tend to take it too far and to start leading double lives in class with their reverent and maniacal phone usage..In broad categories they either would be sending sms to their “loved one” what manner or form is always out of question..both, of what each expect out of  the other and the form(flirting and trying to flirt)..It’s a waste of time,unless committed..If you are…good luck not having your personal life interrupted.

Does 6909 of them have “missing you <3” in them ?

  The other category are the mobile Facebookers..another pure waste of time..what with the internet speeds in 2g the way they are(no F*** way i’m shelling out my months’ allowance for 3g)..they are the most patient lot among them..waiting for that totally irrelevant comment on a totally irrelevant photo(loadiiing…loaaaadiiiiiing) to appear …There is some form of devotion to the screen which usually leads these dudes to be the first whose phones get seized and pocketed by the “Teachers”..heck,you’re reading shit..It happens.

  • The Nature Lovers and Introspects:

These are a nice lot..the ones whose thoughts either stat blank while they enjoy the simple delights of the distant tree swaying in the breeze ..or the more frequent,to see if a ‘hot chick’ might pass by the window(Here it pays to be alert..the whole class  electrifies for a couple seconds and the teachers can take this as a false sign that they’re getting through..riiiiiiight..).

The Introspects on the other hand ponder on the deepest of  life’s mysteries and may have thoughts transcending various boundaries and suddenly have the habit of  bewildering people sitting next to them with totally irrelevant questions which throws us off balance and make us wonder how discussing the structure of  Sonakshi sinha over Anushka Sharma could have sparked him off to wonder about the future of  us Humans as a Co-existing species.Could throw you off…or just start talking about it anyway,where’s the rest of the 50 mins  gonna lead us to anyway ?..

And here are the best of the lot,the True Gentlemen..The Finest academics and diplomats of the future :-

  • The Irrepressible Hornies:

This is much more prevalent among guys for obvious reasons and these are possibly the Only people in the whole class who’s heart rate and circulation is abnormally high and their hands keep mysteriously going under and their mouth don’t stay shut for the entire hour as they go on and ON and onn about the certain female sitting couple benches away or random models or whatever on the different techniques and the sickest,grossest things they come up with on how to get them in bed…or some other unimaginable object and the things they would do and their megalomaniac feeling of the ultimate playboy for a brief span of time.

These, I can honestly tell you are fun at times…(hey,we all are guilty of  it at some point), but then things get outta control and I can’t but edge away when I realize how vivid their imagination actually gets when it pertains to this issue.Cautionary warning…it’s not good for you to know the guy has a boner for no reason and he KEEPS TALKING TO YOU ! IS unfortunately, an interesting topic for discussion.

In conclusion, The best thing to do…is to Sleep.

Here’s the various archetypes i mentioned…assign em yourselves.

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  1. I donno which time period you are mentioning. Hmm.. it seems a lot has been changed in 5 years. My college is also a prison when I studied. Well, a different kind like mexican prisons ala “Get the gringo”.My own college (RVS) also became a school and students are made into sissies.

  2. You seem to be missing two key persons in all this:

    A) The one who’s always reading some book or the other. (And I mean reading, not studying).
    B) The non-talkies : Who just won’t talk. But not nerds either.

  3. Entertaining! Real and quirky; your interest in psychology is validated 🙂

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