India is racist. But why?

I’ve had it upto here with all the absurd fairness cream ads on TV. Just look at all this BULLSHIT :

Have I made my point? If I haven’t managed to do that yet, just watch TV. A fairness ad will inevitably turn up. To help you compare, I’ll give you a synopsis of every fairness ad, ever :

1) Unhappy person with ambitions : either to get girls or a job or to play sports, like tennis. No seriously.

2) Unhappy person is introduced to MAGICAL FAIRNESS CREAM made of UNICORN TEARS AND RAINBOW JUICE which will turn you FAIR.

3) Now fair and happy person AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFE because his skin tone (Note : only face. I don’t know if idiots apply this shit all over their body) is different.

And it’s getting worse. I am unable to find it on Youtube, but one ad goes like this :

“Did you know that dark cells are hiding beneath your skin? Buy XYZ and shift_delete these cells which are not visible to anyone.”

Shit’s actually getting worse. Do any of you watch Hindi mega serials? Have you seen the actors? All of them (bar none) are fair – and I mean unnaturally fair. It’s not just TV either. It’s also movies. Usually, the villain in a movie (if he should be despised by the audience), is a semi-dark, sleazy guy.

However, if the villain should be respected by the audience, then he is portrayed as the result of what you’ll have if an A-4 sheet and a white tub of poster paint made love.


It’s just meaningless, absurd garbage that’s being marketed and sold by multinationals like Proctor and Gamble; and Unilever, who seem to have figured out that every fucking Indian is secretly bigoted.

Have you even seen the matrimonial section in any newspaper?

I can guarantee that if there are 700 people who want to get married and are asking for suitors, 680 would have mentioned “fair complexion” or “wheatish complexion” or stuff like that. Guarantee.

I don’t even know where to go from here.

Are dark skinned people bad? Are they stupid apes from 100 AD? Are they unqualified because they are dark skinned? Should being dark skinned reduce my confidence to the extent where I am a blithering mess of organic matter? I don’t get it ! I DON’T !

I mean, the obsession with fair skin has reached seriously unhealthy levels. This is a post made by a guy who goes by the name “Pagal Patrakar”, which translates to “Mad Newsguy”. The sites name is “Faking News”. So if you had any sense at all, you’ll be able to figure out that the post is satirical, either because of the authors name or because of the sites name.

Not the case here. These are the glorious comments that followed :

He wrote something so absurd (fairness cream for babies) that it couldn’t have been real in any dimension. But all that skipped the eyes of these idiots (who don’t deserve to be parents, by the way), and now they think “fair and cuddly” is real. That’s how much they want their babies to be fair. BUT WHY ?!

I also remember reading the disgusting comments of people on various forums (like Pakistani forums, Nepali forums, and general websites) where they say “Ugly black south Indians” or “Ugly black Indians” and stuff like that. You can expand that how much ever you want (and believe me, the racial abuses got really bad), but the basic thing is : they feel being black is being ugly.

I need to really understand why this perception exists and why multinationals are allowed to play into peoples feelings about this issue and make money from it.

My first guess is, is that milk is associated with purity and cleanliness. That’s why they pour milk on idols during religious festivals, I guess. Also, milk is white. This leads to the understanding that anything that is white, is pure and clean. Therefore if our skin tone is fair (relatively), then you are pure.

That shit is absurd, right? If you asked a Punjabi who thinks himself as fair as milk, to stand next to a Swede, then he’s still “dark”. What’s he going to do then?

My second guess is will be the fact that being dark somehow associates itself to hard labor. I mean think about it. A shirtless farmer who works his arse off trying to plant seeds in his fields is likely to be darker than some corporate highflyer who doesn’t go out in the sun that often.

Also, that farmer will be poorer than the corporate highflyer. He works in the sun, he’s dark and he’s poor. Mr. Corporate stays indoors, is fair and rich. AHA ! Mr. Corporate is better ! Therefore being fair is better.

This shit is also absurd, right? Of course it is !

So what can be done about this? Nothing much, because this is so very deeply ingrained in the minds of the Indian people. On one hand, they make it very difficult for people with a darker complexion to get married to their “fair” children, on the other hand they start protesting if Indians are singled out and attacked in Australia.

I respect Ranbir Kapoor for saying he wont act in those shitty fairness ads because he thinks they’re wrong. But people like him are few and far between. Otherwise Indians are mostly stupid hypocrites.

I see kids calling other kids “kalia”, which either means crow or darkie. Why should kids do that? My mother takes English classes for small kids, who are mostly 6-8 year olds. A grandmother of one of these kids told the kid, “don’t go near dark people, they are bad”. What?

Infact, people in my own college do that. That’s how they describe someone. Think about it. 20 somethings, who, in 5-6 years will have kids of their own, thinking being dark is insulting.

And as I’ve mentioned here, that may also be a reason why people hate Chennai.

Do you have any theories as to why being fair is so important to us Indians? Then please be gracious and comment below, because I really really want to know.

Icing on the cake that proves my point about anything and everything :

See this ABSURDITY and decide if you really want to live anymore. You can borrow my gun after 30 seconds :

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  1. One final thing. What would happen if you turned the tables and started calling the Punjabis ugly white bitches? They’d say LOLWUT. Ideally, that should be our reaction every time someone makes a derogatory reference to our dark skin colour. The insult doesn’t really strike home unless, on some level, we have an insecurity about it.
    If they start taking away my rights, hell yes I have a problem. Until then – well, the fact is that you can’t force people to think you’re attractive or not ugly. Just dismiss them as retards, that’s all.

  2. Hey, I do agree with everything in the article. But isn’t there a slight difference between shallowness and racism? See, if the only thing that matters to you is looks, that’s shallowness. That’s a terrible thing of course, but it doesn’t equal racism. Racism has much worse things, like human rights violations. When you don’t allow someone to live a decent life (like isolating them, denying them food and shelter, etc.) because they’re from a different race, that’s racism. Thinking dark girls aren’t attractive isn’t racism any more than thinking the same thing about fat girls is.
    It’s a real pity that skin complexion is a factor in how a person’s overall appearance is evaluated. But since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can’t do much about it.
    Personally I give minimal importance to a person’s appearance. I’m only pointing out that such people are stupid, not racists. That’s a sensitive word.

    • wisetongue19

      thats how it seems to most people, but the deranged levels to which this has gone makes me want to think it is, infact, a kind of color based bigotry which i call racism.

      its not as simple as being shallow, thats the racism thats happening in the us – where being orange and tanned is seen as “cool” and being pale is “uncool”.

      now im not sure if i have used the right word (racism), since you’ve interpreted it this way.

      • I get what you mean, of course. I’m aware that you’re concerned about how much people are obsessed with fair skin.
        But if you showed this to a guy who has suffered under the apartheid regime in South Africa, he’d say, “Racism? Dude, please tell me you’re having a laugh.”
        To my knowledge, people in India don’t jump queues and demand privileges just on account of their lighter skin tone – yet. If that starts happening, time to mention the r-word.
        Until then, we can only grit our teeth and accept that this is just one of the ways in which the world is frustratingly unfair (weak pun not intended). I appreciate the fact that you’ve ranted about it in this space, and I’m sorry to sound like a cynic, but we’ve got to let it go at that because it’s very deeply ingrained and some things are hard to change. And this isn’t worth bothering that much about. There are plenty of educated people who will not give a damn about your complexion and evaluate you on merit alone. At least, I hope so.

        • wisetongue19

          im not really sure. this isn’t racism per se – the british can exhibit racism towards nigerians because theyre not from the same race. this is skin based racism. is there a word for it? then ill use that.

  3. White’s features are bright and attractive so prolly thats why there’s so much hype about it whereas black is dark and the concept of darkness was perceived as bad by our ancient geniuses. And apparently the features of the colour was taken forward and associated with the colour of people’s skin its so foolish n ridiculous but as you all know the narrow mindedness in india never budges….

    When we’r so bothered about indians being murdered in australia, we ought to trash the racist in ourselves first only if we be the change we want to see, all that bullshit will continue it can start with the obsession of ‘going abroad n studying’ toning down a bit cos everyone thinks its cool to go to foreign universities to study that in itself is so freaking biased and racist! At times it looks like we dont value n trust our own country on its education n stuff and those students are ambassadors of our country when they go study there so when they study there it gives the impression that india isn’t all that good and those dumbasses take it from there and proclaim that ‘india is a……’ like said in ” Australian RJ Sandilands bigotry, now on air.”

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