Communal Violence Bill – An extremist approach

Timor (as the legend says) is the first invader of India from the Middle East. The treasures he brought back to Afghanistan further attracted people like Mohammad Gori and so on and so forth.

Well, the strange irony of history repeating itself might well come true if we do not, atleast now start to identify ourselves as Hindus and our nation as HINDUSTAN.

The recent draft of Antonio Maino’s Communal Violence Bill (technically its drafted by the National Advisory Council a.k.a NAC) poses a serious threat to our nation and the identity of our country.

Antonio Maino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi is the original name of the Italian who is shadow ruling us.

Objectionable Dynamics of the Bill

Definition of “communal violence” :- This Bill suggests that a person of majority community can never be a victim of communal violence. If you have guts,  go tell this to a child who’s father was chard to death in Godhra (2002). In Gujarat, Hindus are a majority. That doesn’t deny the fact that Godhra was a clear case of communal violence. Flesh is flesh, blood is blood and life is life.

For example, in pre-partition India, Hindus comprised 70 percent of the population making them numerically a majority. Yet this perceived advantage did not protect them from becoming the victims of what is arguably the worst communal fracas in the history of the subcontinent — the massacre at Noakhali in 1946 : over 5,000 Hindus were butchered, hundreds of women were raped and thousands more were forcibly converted to Islam.

Closer to recent times is the plight of the Kashmiri Hindus. Nearly a quarter million Kashmiri Hindus have been driven out of their homes permanently negating the hypothesis that a majority identity guarantees security.

“Violence Creation Bill” instead :- The Bill suggests that when a ‘group’ consisting of religious or linguistic minority comes under attack, the Centre must intervene to solve the law and order crisis. Well, its a nice gesture of goodwill but with repercusions all over the country.

Hypothetically a Muslim is attacked over a land issue/property issue in Uslampaati. The Centre then intervenes to imprison the hindus.

Hindus all-over Haridwar will be attacked by the all powerful Ulema (who has wepons even the US-army does not have) as a reaction to this event at Uslaampaati. The former which involved sticks or knives was an act of communal violence but the later which involved AK-47 or INSAS is just an act of homicide or perhaps terror (which they are least afride of as they face them day-in and day-out).

An offence is an offence irrespective of origin of the offender. Here is a proposed law being legislated in the 21st century where caste and religion of an offender wipe out the culpability under this law.

Why penalize the already oppressed.

Its our country after all :- I know no way to be categorical and a say this with a very heavy heart, numerically the number of terror attacks till date, faced by India by Muslims is far far more than what it has faced by Hindus. Earlier even I said that terrorism has no religion, But I am afraid the numbers suggest the other way round. So this Bill gives massive scope to abuse an already obnoxious group of people.

Unnecessary misadventure. 

We treat OUR Muslims better than they are treated anywhere in the world. Countries like Pakistan or Afghanistan are hostile to an educated mind. Indian Muslim women are one of the most happiest people in the planet, look at their counterparts all over the world, with Pardha, absolutely no education and honour killings. So what is the need of the Bill?

A clear political mandate (that’s bound to fail)

Well then the Communal Violence Bill is just a humbuk or pre election (2014) stunt by the Congress, hoping to tilt their fortune post the ‘era of scams’.  So was the Afzal guru case and innumerable examples that follow.

Et tu Maino?

For years Hindustan has been attacked by foreign beliefs or foreign people. But only one at a time – The Turks, then the Mughals, then the Britishers. But now is a different case. It can be dramtized like the famous scene from Julius Ceasar (Hindustan) where he can take all the inital blows but this Bill is like the dagger of Brutus (Maino) which will finish Ceasar once and for all.

What is the way out??

Simple, as a responsible citizen of Hindustan go and vote for Baratiya Janata Party (BJP) and bring Narendara Modi to power. Identify yourself as Hindu and do not fall for this educated/secularism thing as this Bill will be the most unsecular act in post-independent India.

This post is a lay-man approch towards the communal violence bill. Read the article by Arun Jaitley for a technical approch.

Editor : And for a completely divergent view on a similar topic, check this out. Seriously, this blog has it all – even contradictory views from its posters.

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