Friendship. Not For Nothing.


“Sollu da” (temme da)

“Enaku epdi solradhu nu therila da. She called again. Seems like she won’t let it go….” (i dunno how to say it)

A long pause. “I dunno da. Your wish. Not my problem. You take care of it.”

A longer pause. “Seri da. Whatever you say” Click.

He threw his phone away disgusted, and lit up a cig. A hectic week, things going wrong, and on top of all those, this. Sometimes he felt men handled hormones better than women. What nerve she’s got. Or maybe its his fault too. He wanted to wring his neck. And slap her hard across her face. But sitting miles away from botha them, he couldn’t do shit. Leave alone instruct her to stay away from him. Not like she’ll listen to him and do as he says. Rebellious souls are hard to handle. Him not being there scared him. He couldn’t entirely trust him or her. His friend. His sister. It was decent of him to call up and tell him. So it looked like he’s staying away from her as much as possible. Or he might just be lying. To throw him off the track. He sat down devastated and ran his fingers through his hair. He dint know what to do. He dint know how to handle her and her silly emotions anymore. He dint know how to control her and guide her. Hell, why should he even bother guiding her? He couldn’t bear the thought of letting her be at this damn age. Being miles away from her and not able to do anything except for a damn cell phone, made him want to simply break things.

It all started with a casual relative meeting. He always wondered how as kids they never used to talk to each other but from that day, the relationship was built again. He never dreamed that it’d come up to this level but. She behaved uncannily like a 5 year old. And he couldn’t, just couldn’t spank her. He dint have the heart to. Over time, he grew fond of her and loved her for her everything. Her acting like a baby, confiding in him, running to him when things went wrong for her, etc. He patiently put up with her and never once lost his temper on her. He dint feel the need to. Despite having an elder sister, he felt the brotherly love and feeling overwhelming over his younger sis more. And he had only her to thank for. Right now though, he wanted to randomly yell at her.

Now he felt it was all his fault. He never should have been his own self to her. He shouldn’t have been this all loving, sweet brother he was now. And now this is what he gets for being himself. Damn. A slight strictness perhaps should’ve done it. I’ve been a fool he thought. Nodding my goddamn head for every damn thing she said and asked. He couldn’t refuse things she asked him for. She meant the world to him, from that day. Understanding him like nobody, getting dating tips from her, trying to understand the code language of women, confiding in her. Telling her about the women he dated. What he felt about them. Everything. Surprisingly. He was surprised initially at how free flowingly he opened up to her. Something he dint do much to everyone. But she was different. Her maturity level peaked during times of understanding him, strangely. She understood him like no one else. She was in her right mind then. And she consoled him, advised him, told him he was acting stupid (he would’ve slapped anybody else). It was only when she was at her lovely best that she annoyingly acted like a baby. But he still put up with her. He dint want to upset her or yell at her. But he wished he did now.

And him. A friend indeed. A very good friend indeed. He should’ve known. The way he looked at her. He dint think much of it then. Brushed it aside as just another guy-on-a-girl-look. Now he understood. The nerve to talk to her. His sister. He wanted to slap him right now. No, he wanted to kill him. How dare he. Damn this place. He couldn’t do shit sitting here. He wanted to tear him to pieces. The nerve he has to call him up and tell him after getting her to like him. And now it finally occurred to the bastard that she’s his friend’s sister. Now. After provoking her into liking him. And now he’s got second thoughts. Poor her. He wanted to tell her to stop it all right now, not to trust him, not to go out with him. He wanted to warn her. To tell her to be her brother’s sister always.

Choosing between them both, was hell. He dint know whom to support. He loved her, but at the same time he dint want his friendship with him to die either. He had known him for 10 years now. And her, just recently. He decided the best thing to do would be to purse his lips. Ignore them both and leave them both to figure it out. His interference would just complicate things. God knows if she’ll even listen to him. Being the rebellious one, she’d do the exact opposite of what he’ll instruct her to do. Yes, the best thing to do is to act as if nothing’s happened at all.

A text in his phone. “Sorry da macha….its over between her and me. You’r more important for me. I don’t want to spoil our relationship. Am sorry for her.” And another one. From her. “Anna 😦 I need to talk to you now 😦 please can I call you now? :(”

He wanted to murder him. But no. Not worth it.

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  1. I never knew men were capable of producing such emotions, until I read this :D. Great job.

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