India – 65 And Led By Ineffective Trolls

It’s Independence day ! It’s been 65 long years since we overthrew those imperialist limey poms with utter non-violence.

Who's with me?

Then the biggest mistake of the millennium happened : We were partitioned into Pakistan and India. Seriously, that’s just so horrible. I read the special edition of the Times of India today, and it had copies of the paper they released immediately after Independence. And they talk about “Dacca” and “Lahore burning” and Jinnah saying stuff and I am actually wondering how cool it would have been if India wasn’t partitioned.

Hypothetically, if Pakistan was a special state (like Hong Kong/Macau in China or Quebec in Canada), it would have still been a part of India and been a special place for all the Muslims in India. How hard could that have been to devise up?

Fuck those Britishers, and I’m very sorry to say Jinnah went mad asking for all this. Anyway, he might have had his reasons to demand Partition and it’s too late to talk about it now.

So, the Britishers were overthrown only for India to be led by another Party/dynasty/family business – the Congress. In the 64 years that we’ve been Independent, I can safely say the Congress has been in charge for atleast 50.

Emphsasis on ATLEAST.

This is why their rhetoric on corruption just sounds so absurd to me. They’ve mostly been in charge of India and if India is corrupt now, it’s their fault. Not BJP’s, not anyone elses but theirs. 90%. Which is why I find it mildly irritating that they lashed out at Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal yesterday.

Those Congress people are smart. They’ve figured out that Indians don’t have a leader and they can’t let anyone establish himself as a leader. Naturally, in any crusade against corruption we common people expect the main crusader to be as clean and taint-free as a diamond.

They’ve figured all that out, and they suddenly pointed fingers at Anna Hazare, saying he’s totally corrupt, so he has no authority to dictate terms on corruption. This has to be the stupidest statement I’ve heard. This also confuses the people, who may now be unsure of supporting Anna Hazare (or so the Congress hopes).

I don’t even know where to start.

Overground Maoists, armchair fascists and closet anarchists

They accused Anna Hazare of being rightist in April. They said “He was supported by the RSS”, as if that’s a crime. Yesterday, Manish Tewari accused him (and other civil society members) of being Maoists and fascists and anarchists. Basically, according to the Congress, if you’re leftist OR rightist, you’re bad. First they accused him of being an RSS-stooge out to displace the Congress, then they accuse him of being a Maoist, out to displace the Congress.

Let’s look all this up by definition :

1. Overground Maoist :  Maoism, as you may know, is a form of communism developed by Chinese communist crazyguy Mao Zedong. So calling civil society members overground Maoists makes no sense – it means they are the people who are killing cops in Jharkand and Chattisgarh.

2. Armchair Fascist : Armchair means “lacking practical experience” or “not actively a part of” in this context. Fascist? This is insulting and akin to calling civil society members “Nazis”. Basically a fascist is a guy who wants a dictatorship in place and the entire population to live for the country and its leader. Armchair Fascist, therefore, makes little to no sense. It means Anna and co are wannabe inexperienced fascists. Wow, that was stupid, actually.

3. Closet Anarchist : Anarchist means they don’t want or like the established authority. Closet? That means secret. This basically means Manish Tewari is accusing Anna of wanting to overthrow the Indian State (not Government but State). This is absurd because Anna Hazare isn’t going against authority neither does he hate authority. They want an authority to get rid of corruption, and they want to do it with the Centre and other parties.

Also, he called them “A-company”, which means he’s accusing them of being a company, and not a group of people as they potray themselves.

Conclusion : This point is null and void. I think Manish Tewari just randomly assembled words together and spat them out. Does he think before he talks?

Anna Hazare is corrupt

If you clicked on that link, you may have read something about the Justice Sawant report, which the Congress says “indicts Anna” and “tears apart the moral fabric on which they were basing their anti-Corruption crusade on”.

In the end of that article, here’s what Justice Sawant himself said :

“What I probed was certainly a case of corruption. But Hazare accepted that it was a mistake, so he can certainly go ahead with the agitation.”

Infact, even the Justice is backing Anna’s campaign against corruption.

Let’s just see what the Congress said. They said, more or less, that : Anna Hazare is corrupt, so how can he be a crusader against corruption?

Give all emphasis to the word “corruption” and nothing else in that above statement. Manish Tewari just accepted corruption exists, and that the Congress has recognized (and now questions the legitimacy of) Anna Hazare crusading against corruption.

Then what’s the problem? The old man doesn’t like corruption, he wants something done about it, so instead of trolling and saying shit about him, get your act together, Congress.

Congress is infamous for its trolls.

And even if what the Congress says is true, who says people should be completely clean to fight corruption? That’s not possible in India, EVERYONE’S corrupt. And if someone from that everyone steps up, then either support them or mind your own business.

The Congress is just being childish, by saying “Oh you’re corrupt, so how can you say anything against corruption?”

By that logic, even the Congress can’t say anything against corruption. Infact no politician can even breathe a micron of a word about corruption. I know its a pot-calling-a-kettle-black-situation, but seriously, when the Congress is not being subjective about Anna Hazare (Is he as corrupt as the DMK or Sharad Pawar?) and being objective only (Corruption is corruption, so GTFO Anna), then it shows their maturity level. No seriously, that’s how it seems to me.

And for God’s sake, if Anna and Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi were corrupt, do you think they’ll have the balls to actually go up, in the public limelight and ask for an anti-corruption law? That’s insulting the intelligence of these people, really. They’re not stupid, Congress, and they’re not politicians. They’re normal people.

Again, even if everything the Congress says is true, why wait until now (2 days before Anna Hazare’s fast), to actually come out with all this? Why not, say, in July or June or May? Why now? Timing matters, and as politicians, I’m sure they know that. What do they hope to achieve with this “news”?

Conclusion : This just reeks of so much desperation that I have to wear a mask and sit at home. Seriously, to me it looks like the Congress is desperate and trying to create confusion in the minds of the people.

Anna Hazare is undermining the Parliamentary democracy that is India

Anna Hazare wants a law against corruption. That is all. He wants an ombudsman that can properly prosecute corrupt officials. Even the President accepted that corruption is a disease. Even the PM accepted that corruption is endemic in India. Then why are they, the Congress, coughing and dragging their feet and whining?

Forget it’s Anna and Civil society members asking for it. It’s the people. People are civilians, which means we are also part of civil society. We support Anna because he’s asking for something which we think is necessary, right?

We can’t be leaders ourselves (because we don’t have the balls and because we’re selfish), so we’re asking a judge, his judge son, an old man, an RTI activist and a retired cop to do everything for us. They represent us, and they’re doing what they think is necessary to improve India.

They’re not doing it to serve any ulterior motive. They don’t have any vendetta. Arvind Kejriwal said 100’s of times that the media is incorrectly portraying this whole thing as a “Team Anna” vs “Government” thing, when its actually “Team Anna AND Government” together forming a proper anti-corruption law.

Forget that shit, the media sucks.

"No YOU suck" : A very hurt news media.

The politicians say that his movement is undermining the Parliament, and that he is blackmailing the Parliament. The Parliament is made up of MP’s. The Lok Sabha MP’s represent the people directly. That’s why its called “Lok Sabha”. Lok = people?

So when they say he is undermining the Parliament, it indirectly means he is undermining the wishes of the people, because each Lok Sabha MP represents a constituency, which has people in it. In fact, Arvind Kejriwal went to Kapil Sibals constituency and found out that 97% of the people there want an anti-corruption law.

When they say Anna Hazare’s movement undermines the Parliament, its not true because people actually do want a fucking strong anti-corruption law. We’re sick of paying bribes to every Tom, Dick and Harry to get our things done and to make them do their job right. Enough of that shit already.

All that is true, of course, if you take what they say literally.

Otherwise what they actually mean is : “We are the Parliament, we are politicians and powerful people, we have power, no common person, not especially some 70 year old, can tell us what to do. We won’t do it anyway because its like asking us to write our own suicide note.”

"...and they want all of us to go to JAIL LMAO.."

Not for one second do these topshots think of themselves representing the people. They keep saying “Democracy hurr durr” and “Parliament derp derpity hurr” but they’re just into saving themselves.

If that’s not true, then why don’t they just go the fuck ahead and create the Jan Lokpal? What are they afraid of?

Conclusion : The Congress is so afraid (my feeling) because they know they’re in for a rough ride sooner or later, so they’re just being whiny little babies about the whole thing.

Corruption is deeply rooted in Indian society itself, something I’m not happy to say on our 65th birthday, but it is true.

I remember reading an article written by a lawyer who writes for Mumbai Mirror.

He said that if you try to get into politics, you’ll have to do immoral stuff. If you resist and instead try to clean up politics in India, then you’ll be kicked out and defamed. If you have worked your way to the top, which you can’t do without being dirty, then you can’t try to clean it up because if the politicians go down, they’ll take you down with them.

So Indian politics can be visualized as a type of a physical entity, which just clenches and shuts itself when something it doesn’t like (a clean, honest person) tries to enter it.

When someone tries to do something about Indian politics and the big mindfuck of a tight knit nexus that it is, you immediately have armchair commentators (like me) who support them. You have other people, who say all this isn’t necessary. And then you have the majority of the population, which doesn’t give a fuck, or can’t afford to give a fuck because giving a fuck means no food for the day.

If this is the scenario with India now, what change can possibly happen? It’s becoming similar to what’s happening in China, where the people don’t want to protest for democracy because they’re happy and prosperous. Ironically, this means we have to wait for India to go through the inevitable economic downturn for any change to happen.

I hope it comes down to this.

On that bombshell, enjoy your 65th Independence from British rule, or as some of you may call it : “Just another public holiday”, because we aren’t truly free yet. Yes, corny but true.

Read some of our other posts on corruption, such as :

Update : Look at the first comment on this post by a “Brindha”. She has accused me of being a “Hindu extremist”. If you’re familiar with the blog, you’ll know I’m no such thing. If you are unfamiliar with this, then again, I’m no such thing.

I don’t like the communists (because communism will never work), I don’t like the religious idiots (because religion should be kept aside from politics) and I don’t like the so called “centrist socialists” or the Congress, who claim to work for uplifting the masses via social welfare. That also doesn’t work – if it did, India would be better than it is now.

I just hate the Congress because they’re incharge right now. I would have bashed the BJP if they were incharge. I don’t care who is in charge – if they do their job properly, I won’t have anything to blog about. Unfortunately, no one in authority seems to do their job properly, and they all seem to take the people for a big ride.

Personally I think it’s sad that people have been pushed to such a level where they become hardened cynics, who promptly accuse someone bugged and irritated with the Congress of being “A Hindu extremist who puts down the congress at every given chance”.

Ms.Brindha, you’re in Australia (thats what the IP tracer says). You have no clue about the ground realities here. You may support the Congress (that’s your opinion and discretion), but please don’t accuse me of being someone I’m not.

I’d rather eat my fucking toenails than be associated with anyone – the Congress, the BJP/RSS/Hindutva, the Communists.

This blog is a medium for me to vent out my feelings about the way India is right now. This is all I can do, as a 20 year old. If you can’t understand that, leave immediately. You’re not welcome here.

Update 2 : Check this out, its simple and easy to read and understand, just to know what the Government is trying to do here. AND CHECK out our “FACEBOOK FAN PAGE” too.








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  1. One Very Annoyed Dude

    One FULL year since this BLOGPOST.
    And Sadly nothing has changed! Absolutely nothing!

  2. wisetongue are you a just another hindu extremist who puts down congress every chance he gets?

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